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Location of the Korean Export Processing Zone (1009 ha)

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1 Location of the Korean Export Processing Zone (1009 ha)

2 KEPZ at the time of acquisition in 1999  Very sparse vegetation following unsustainable use of timber/wood, collection of soil/sand and erosion  Often bare and barren eroded sandy soils  No permanent water bodies

3 KEPZ today: after planting 1.7 M trees and grass on slopes and establishing17 water bodies EFFECTIVE

4 6 guidelines underpinning the principle of effective restoration 1.‘Do no harm’ by first identifying when active restoration is best option 2.Re-establish ecosystem structure, function and composition 3.Maximize the contribution of restoration to enhancing resilience 4.Restore connectivity within and beyond the boundaries of protected areas 5.Encourage and re-establish traditional cultural values and practices that contribute to the ecological, social and cultural sustainability of the protected area and its surroundings 6.Use research and monitoring, including from traditional ecological knowledge, to maximize restoration success Main opportunities and obstacles to building needed capacity Human Institutional Financial

5 Human capacity 1 2 3 Condition when acquired After development After dressing for buildable land preparation Suggestions Training  Holistic approach  E-learning modules Diverse expertise:  Engineers  Ecologists  Agronomists  Lawyers  Traditional knowledge Economists, etc. Challenging needs

6 Institutional capacity Suggestions  EIA report  PA plan of action  Management effectiveness plan  Legislations, regulations, national standards  Governance Challenging needs

7 Financial capacity Suggestions  GEF 4: 60% allocation to biodiversity is for PAs  Lifeweb Initiative  Innovative sources  High cost / investments with no obvious returns Challenging needs

8 is replicable for EFFECTIVE restoration Thank you Experience at

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