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Presenters: Rashid Attar, Jun Wang. 3GPP2 Technology Webinar  m2m is at the cusp of a major growth spurt…like wireless data in 1997 and Smartphones in.

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1 Presenters: Rashid Attar, Jun Wang

2 3GPP2 Technology Webinar  m2m is at the cusp of a major growth spurt…like wireless data in 1997 and Smartphones in 2006 Slide 26/19/2013

3  How is cdma2000 (1x, HRPD) being used for m2m today ?  m2m – what really matters ?  How do we enable explosive growth in m2m with 3GPP2 technology ?  Air-Interface Enhancements  Network Evolution 6/19/20133GPP2 Technology WebinarSlide 3

4 6/19/20133GPP2 Technology Webinar HRPD/1x Remote Patient Monitoring and Health Care The success of CardioNet’s solution has driven a host of other remote patient monitoring solution providers into the market Consumer Telematics DriveCam has helped save lives & reduce teen driving collisions by 70% Digital Payment Technologies Many parking operators report a very short cycle for return on their investment – typically 12-15 months Remotely Monitor Dispersed Assets Re-moving the need to send personnel to “checkup” on distant assets and infrastructure Logging, Mining, Oil & Gas Reporting Reduced Truck “Rolls” On average, the SmartTrash system saves customers between 25 to 70% on waste management costs People and Asset Monitoring 800k children go missing in the US each year, over 5M elderly adults are suffering from Alzheimer’s/dementia Track high-value mobile assets including bank bags, laptops, vehicles & retail goods whether they are indoors, outdoors, traveling or at a fixed location. E-Readers Eliminate ~50% of publishers’ operational expenditures. Smart Grid Tata’s CDMA2000 solution downloads data in 6-8 hours, previous solution took 4-5 days to make the same data available Sea transport & shipping Companies need costal coverage with an increasing demand for high data speed Fishing, Passenger, Leisure, Freight Source: Slide 4

5  Lower power consumption + excellent coverage  Increases in total addressable market (TAM)  Reduces cost for a target battery life  Higher connection capacity  Enables operators to support more direct cellular m2m nodes with a given amount of network resource  Solution cost  Module cost is just a component;  Network + Service + Maintenance cost are critical 6/19/20133GPP2 Technology WebinarSlide 5

6  Promote use of existing technologies (and leverage coverage + network)  Enhance the air-interface to improve battery life and connection capacity  Evolve network architecture 6/19/21033GPP2 Technology WebinarSlide 6

7 Battery LifeCongestion and Overload ControlEfficient handling of infrequent data transfersm2m server and network control of m2m clientFast re-authentication 6/19/20133GPP2 Technology WebinarSlide 7

8 Communication w/ m2m devices without an IP addressAn external m2m device identifierGroup addressing, communication, and billingEfficient test and certification processes 6/19/21033GPP2 Technology WebinarSlide 8

9 6/19/20133GPP2 Technology Webinar9

10  1x air-interface is optimized for low-rate (voice, data) communications and 1x deployments (at 800MHz or below) have excellent coverage  Most m2m apps are characterized by low-rate data and require good link budget  1x offers a cost-effective solution to meet the needs of a large portion of m2m applications Slide 106/19/2013

11 3GPP2 Technology Webinar  Lower network cost + Higher network capacity + Improved module battery life enables 3GPP2 operators to aggressively promote use of m2m AND target new market segments  Operators can leverage existing networks and maximize ROI by using 1x for m2m Slide 116/19/2013

12 Characteristics 450, 800- 900MHz bands Licensed spectrum Widely deployed for voice communication s Mature Networks Benefits Excellent coverage No interference from unlicensed usage Limitations Not designed for m2m 6/19/20133GPP2 Technology WebinarSlide 12

13  Simple app: 1x, m2m module uploads report (200 bytes) daily 6/19/20133GPP2 Technology WebinarSlide 13

14  Simple app: 1x, m2m module uploads report (200 bytes) daily 6/19/20133GPP2 Technology WebinarSlide 14

15 3GPP2 Technology Webinar  The 1x air-interface is amenable to simple changes that enable an extremely efficient air-interface for m2m Slide 156/19/2013

16 3GPP2 Technology Webinar16

17 6/19/20133GPP2 Technology Webinar #EnhancementPrimary Benefit 1Set Network Dormancy Timer for Data Service Options to a smaller value (e.g., 4 seconds) i.Device Battery Life ii.Network Capacity 2Increase # of RACH channels (up to 6)i.Access Capacity Slide 17

18 6/19/20133GPP2 Technology Webinar #EnhancementPrimary Benefit 1Device-Driven Dormancyi.Battery Life ii.Network Capacity 2Network-friendly application development i.Minimize data transferred (e.g., update location for a tracking application only when the location changes) ii.Avoid application layer ACKs (where possible) i.Battery Life ii.Network Capacity Slide 18

19 6/19/20133GPP2 Technology Webinar #EnhancementSpecPrimary Benefit 1Increase PPP inactivity timer (for m2m devices) Ignore power down registration (from power- sensitive m2m devices) Ni.Device Battery Life ii.Network Signaling Load 2Hierarchical Paging (1 st page to last active set) + Direct Channel Assignment (over F-PCH) Yi.Paging Capacity ii.Device Battery Life 3Joint R-FCH and R-SCH request + assignment at connection setup Yi.Device Battery Life ii.Network Signaling Load 4Smart Blanking for data service optionYi.Device Battery Life ii.RL capacity Slide 19

20 3GPP2 Technology Webinar  m2m solutions have a much longer life-span than the typical voice/data devices and the proposed solutions will open new market opportunities in the m2m space Slide 206/19/2013

21 3GPP2 Technology Webinar21

22  Implementation only uses shorter preamble with R-ACH (reverse access channel)  Implementation + Stds  Data over signaling w/ 38.4k R-EACH (enhanced R-ACH) @ 0dBm  Connection w/ R-FCH (reverse fundamental channel) @ 20dBm 6/19/20133GPP2 Technology WebinarSlide 22

23  Device-Driven Dormancy gains require application developers to use the available modem API 6/19/20133GPP2 Technology WebinarSlide 23

24  RL Capacity defined at RoT(rise over thermal) > 10dB, 1% of the time  Similar relative gains are observed at RoT > 7dB, 1% of the time 6/19/20133GPP2 Technology WebinarSlide 24

25 6/19/20133GPP2 Technology Webinar25

26 6/19/20133GPP2 Technology WebinarSlide 26

27  Can support 1x-RevF air-interface without any network architecture changes  Required Configurations  Disable PPP session timer  Configure a long PPP session inactivity timer  Maintain PPP session through power-down registration ▪ Device and RAN keep radio session ▪ RAN keeps A10 so that PPP is maintained in the PDSN 6/19/20133GPP2 Technology WebinarSlide 27

28 6/19/20133GPP2 Technology WebinarSlide 28

29  M2M-IWF, the interface to the M2M operator’s system, hides 3GPP2 network topology and details  Shares common interface between IWF and M2M/MTC server  Allow both CS and PS device trigger for handling infrequent Data Transmissions  CS trigger via SMS, USSD, etc.  PS trigger via IP interface  AAA/HLR may store mapping between external ID and internal ID  IETF ERP (EAP Extensions for EAP-Re-authentication Protocol) based Fast Re-authentication  Speed up the data connection without requiring the PDSN to keep MS’s state 6/19/20133GPP2 Technology WebinarSlide 29

30 6/19/20133GPP2 Technology WebinarSlide 30 Thank You! For more information, please visit LINKS About 3GPP2 Partners Members Committees Specifications Procedures News/Events Contact us How to join Related Links

31 cdma2000® is the trademark for the technical nomenclature for certain specifications and standards of the Organizational Partners (OPs) of 3GPP2. Geographically (and as of the date of publication), cdma2000® is a registered trademark of the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA- USA) in the United States.

32 6/19/20133GPP2 Technology WebinarSlide 32

33 6/19/20133GPP2 Technology WebinarSlide 33 m2m numbering recommendations (SC.R4005) 1x-RevF (Enhanced Air- Interface for m2m) m2m system requirements m2m study report Enhanced m2m network specifications

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