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1 CDC Small Business Conference By: Dannie E. James Sr. President JE Group LLC/GBC LLC.

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1 1 CDC Small Business Conference By: Dannie E. James Sr. President JE Group LLC/GBC LLC

2 Purpose To provide a presentation on “A Strategic Approach” to government contracting. 2

3 Objectives  Bring awareness concerning the government contracting market place  Recognize the Game  Talk through a 10 step methodology for business growth  Identify the 5 Step Approach 3

4 About the Presenter 4

5 The Game Government Contracting 5

6 Required Tools to Play the Game 6

7 7

8 Trends of the Game Outsourcing on the rise Consolidation of similar work Multiple Award Schedule Contracts The use of Set-Aside Programs Sub-Contracting Opportunities Teaming, Joint Venture, Partnering 8

9 Mandatory Traits of the Game Dedicated Determined Persistent Able to read & follow instructions Detail oriented Computer literate Appropriately aggressive Passionate 9

10 How do you Win the Game Viable Business Quality product or service Delivered on time At a competitive price With a process Methodology 10

11 How Is Government Contracting Viewed? 11

12 Why Sell to the US Government World’s biggest customer Buys virtually everything Spends billions Checks never bounce Open to any business 12

13 US Government’s Goal A quality product or service Meet set-aside goals Delivered on time At a competitive price Best Value“Best Value” 13

14 Terms and Conditions Be committed to winning Want to “sell to the government” Have the potential to “sell to the government” Have good business practice Must be registered to do business with the government Know the rules 14

15 Government Acquisition Process Determination of Need Funding Acquisition Strategy Prepare Request for Acquisition Issue RFP Contract Award Contract Performance Contract Close Out 15

16 10 Step Methodology Process 1. Capability Assessment 2. Registration 3. Relationship 4. Education 5. Marketing Strategy 6. Prospecting 7. Opportunity Response 8. Performance 9. Contract Compliance/Administration/Management 10. Close Out and Follow Up 16

17 10 Step Methodology to 5 Step Approach 1. Capture Management 2. Business Development 3. Proposal Writing 4. Performance 5. Contract  Compliance  Administration  Management 17

18 Capture Management Assessment Registration Relationship Prospecting 18

19 Capture Management  What is Capture Management? Everything a company does to raise its win probability between the time it identify an opportunity and the time the RFP is released.  How does it work? After identifying an opportunity before the RFP is released, the company performs an early stage qualification review to make sure the deal fits the company and that there is a reasonable chance of winning. A capture team is then created from the line operation or from a standing group of capture executives. These are people who know how to orchestrate activities in the marketplace and in the company. They become the champions for the pursuit of the activity, bringing in technical experts, business development experts and consultants as needed. Together they form the capture team and go after the contract requirements. 19

20 Capture Management  What do you need to know about the contract that you’re going after?  They need to try to learn the competition’s strategy, challenge its price to win, build a teaming strategy, put that in place and deal with the risk in a proactive way. All of these elements, if they are enacted properly, increase the probability that the company will be selected.  Who are the best people in the company to make up a capture team?  Responsible corporate executive designates a capture executive to represent him or her on the team. It would also include the business executive involved with the client agency, perhaps an operations or service delivery manager, a program manager who will perform the contract, the person who will write the response to the RFP, and a few subject-matter experts who will join the team from time to time as needed. 20

21 Capture Management  How do you become a proficient capture manager?  You need to know how to win — and have the qualities of a great coach. It is someone who can help raise your level of competitiveness in the market, not just march through the process.  What pitfalls do companies need to avoid when forming a capture management team?  The capture executives must be the best and brightest employees in the company. Too often, companies don’t have that caliber of people or too few of them, and the task goes to people who aren’t ready to play at that level. Other pitfalls are assuming that capture managers can also perform other regular day jobs. 21

22 Capture Management  Reasons why you need Capture Management  Qualify the opportunity  Build the capture plan and resource the capture team  Understand the customer’s objectives and requirements  Develop a preliminary solution linked to objectives  Position with the customer  Assess the competition  Develop a win strategy  Establish a price to win  Plan and execute a teaming strategy  Assess risk 22

23 Responsibilities of Capture Management Managing all projected and current opportunities which have been selected to pursue Identify agencies, funding, forecast and current opportunities that’s a good fit for the company Maximize the use of all procurement systems and relationships to identify opportunities Interact within company’s team members on all potential opportunities identified for pursuit decision Respond to Market Surveys, Sources Sought, RFI and Pre- solicitation with proper marketing material Coordinate with contracting representatives and inquire about opportunities and make recommended actions to government representative on behalf of client prior to release of opportunities 23

24 Business Development Assessment Relationship Education Market Strategy Prospecting 24

25 Business Development A plan or an approach to increase business growth Future Thinking Strategic Intents Strategic Planning Analysis Types of Strategy Corporate Culture 25

26 Strategic Planning Requires future planning supported by information to support growth model Vision Goals Aim/Objectives Analysis Development Evaluation 26

27 Corporate Culture The beliefs and values shared by people who work in an organization Beliefs/Ideal Mission Statements Vision Leadership Teamwork Logos/Image Flexibility Change Management 27

28 Responsibilities of Business Development Responsible for continuous efforts to create new business Coordinate with Capture Management to receive opportunities identified and government representatives to market the company’s services to Develop and execute marketing strategy that supports the company based upon services provided, targeted agencies, forecasted and current opportunities Represent company at selected events and properly market company’s services Coordinate with government agencies to set up and attend meetings with representatives to provide capability briefing and develop new business 28

29 Proposal Management Prospecting Coordination with Business Development Proposal Writing 29

30 5 Stages of Proposal Writing 1. Opportunity Identification and Assessment 2. Pursuit 3. Pre-Proposal Preparation 4. Proposal Development 5. Post-Submittal 30

31 1. Opportunity Identification and Assessment Identify opportunity Meet with customer Quality opportunity Start capture plan Prepare opportunity assessment package and conduct review 31

32 2. Pursuit Organize capture team Understand customer requirements and objectives Development preliminary solution Position solution with customer Assess competition Develop win strategy Build/execute teaming strategy Establish price to win Assess risk Conduct pursuit progress and preliminary bid decision gate reviews 32

33 3. Pre-Proposal Preparation Assign proposal resources Development straw-man RFP Review solution against RFP Review/approve storyboards Identify and develop early-stage proposal products Draft oral presentation Finalize proposal development plan Plan kickoff meeting Conduct pre-proposal gate review 33

34 4. Proposal Development Confirm bid decision Finalize and validate proposal outline, design and resources Conduct kickoff meeting Finalize solution Finalize storyboards and conduct Blue Team review Begin writing proposal Review/approve price proposal approach Conduct Pink/Red Team reviews and edit Conduct Gold Team review Produce and quality check proposal Conduct proposal submission gate review 34

35 5. Post-Submittal Conduct closure strategy Clean up proposal files and archive Receive award notice Attend debrief Assist with protests Conduct lessons-learned review Conduct continual improvement gate review Transition to operations 35

36 Responsibilities of Proposal Management Responsible to deliver the proposal that acceptable for award Coordinate with Capture Manager and Business Development to identify what opportunities to prepare proposals Coordinate with company’s team to prepare proposal Manage proposal writing process to ensure proposal exceed the sources selection team standards Submit accurate on time proposal 36

37 Performance Review Terms and Conditions Contract Compliance Contract Close Out Contract Administration/Management/Compliance 37

38 Responsibility to ensure company meet and exceeds all regulatory compliance requirement stated in the award Coordinate with Contracting Officer Representative (COR) to ensure terms, conditions and incorporated clauses of the contract is executed in accordance with the SOW Responsible to ensure all policies and procedures required to ensure performance meet the standards of the contract Responsible for developing and implementing a Quality Assurance Program that supports the performance of contract to meet the needs of the government Provide feedback to government agency to resolve any resolution needed to confirm to the requirements Responsibilities for Contract Compliance/Management/Administration 38

39 Which of the 5 Steps was not mentioned? 39

40 40 ? Questions

41 Thank You For Attending The Seminar CONTACT US 3350 Riverwood Parkway SE Suite 1900 Atlanta Ga. 30339 JE Group LLC GBC LLC

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