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Why?. Why do you share your faith? I want to share my praise.

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1 Why?

2 Why do you share your faith?

3 I want to share my praise.

4 I want to encounter the God of creation anew.

5 I want to walk alongside women of faith.

6 I want to know that I am not alone in this journey.

7 I want to help women around the world.

8 I want to share God’s love with others as it was shared with me.

9 Yo comparto mi fe a causa de la profunda obligación a Dios.

10 How?

11 How can Disciple Women share our faith?

12 Just Women Magazine can help…

13 connects you with Disciples sisters in 33 regions and around the world.

14 Connects us with different praise and worship opportunities at home or on the go.

15 And gives you worship resources to share in your groups and regional gatherings.

16 Provides you with year long bible study resources for your ministries

17 and supplements your study with faith based articles and information three additional times per year.

18 has articles like “Ask the Counselor” to discuss issues and find faithful guidance and resolutions.

19 is the exclusive provider of information for the Woman to Woman Worldwide Experience 2010 Turkey 2009 Venezuela/Columbia 2008 Israel/Palestine 2007 Bosnia Croatia

20 is a resource you’ve been asking for to reach young women and young mothers in ways that meet their spiritual needs.

21 is a wonderful resource tool to get the word of God into Women’s hands and hearts who don’t normally come to church.

22 Helps us spread the Gospel as Christ commanded, welcoming all to the Table, as Christ has welcomed us.

23 So, what are you standing around waiting for?

24 Telling Our Stories as Disciples Women

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