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1 © ARC Advisory Group Achieving excellence through IT and Automation a Bharat Forge Experience Ninth ARC India Forum, Pune August, 2011 Achieving Operational.

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1 1 © ARC Advisory Group Achieving excellence through IT and Automation a Bharat Forge Experience Ninth ARC India Forum, Pune August, 2011 Achieving Operational Excellence Through IT and Automation Solutions Mukund V Mavalankar Director Technical Bharat Forge Limited Photograph of Speaker

2 2 © ARC Advisory Group. CHINAUSA INDIA Key Companies in the Group EUROPE Marsing, Denmark Hikal Chemicals Ltd Specialty Chemicals Kalyani Steels Ltd Kalyani Carpenter Special Steels Kalyani Gerdau Engineering Steel FAW Bharat Forge BF America CDP Bharat Forge GmbH, Germany Bharat Forge Daun GmbH, Germany Bharat Forge Aluminiumtechnik GmbH, Germany Bharat Forge Kilsta AB, Sweden Bharat Forge Ltd Kalyani Thermal Forgings Auto Components Automotive Axles Ltd Kalyani Lemmerz BF Utilities Kenersys India BF Alstom Khed Earth – The City Energy & Infrastructure Global Profile of Kalyani Group Kenersys GmbH, Germany

3 3 © ARC Advisory Group 4 6 5 31 2 BFL Bharat Forge – Global Profile Capacity over 750,000 Tons per annum Crankshaft machining capacity of over 1,200,000 nos. Capacity to machine 500,000 FAB & 750,000 steering knuckles CAPACITY 60,000 tons Strong Foray in the largest auto market USA Strong customer relationship Dual Shore manufacturing Manpower: 83 People CAPACITY 200,000 tons Production base close to the customer Proximity to large marquee Customers Dual Shore manufacturing Manpower: 1060 People CAPACITY 365,000 tons Worlds largest single location forging facility Technologically advanced, flexible forging & machining facility Proximity to fast growing Auto markets of China & india Dual Shore manufacturing Manpower: 4700 People BF AMERICA Lansing 4 6 BHARAT FORGE KILSTA, Sweden 5 CDP BHARAT FORGE Ennepetal, Germany 1 BF ALUMINIUMTECHNIK Dresden, Germany 3 CDP FORGE Daun, Germany 2 FAW BF (Changchun) Co. Ltd. Changchun, China CAPACITY 135,000 tons JV with FAW in China with 52% stake Foothold into fastest growing market Dual Shore Manufacturing Manpower: 1500 People

4 4 © ARC Advisory Group Objectives Till 1989 BFL was using manually operated pneumatic hammers for making forged parts. Under the technology up-gradation initiative investment in two large completely Automatic forging lines. The benefits envisaged Improvement in Quality Improvement in Productivity Reduction in costs Saving in Energy Saving in Raw material

5 5 © ARC Advisory Group Layout of First Fully Automatic forging line

6 6 © ARC Advisory Group Scheme Sequential control for forging line

7 7 © ARC Advisory Group Integration of diverse programmable controllers. Ease of sequential control and programming multiple part types. Ease of diagnostics. Ease of monitoring complete line. Consistent process parameters leading to consistent quality and higher OEE. Advantages of hierarchical control

8 8 © ARC Advisory Group Second wave of automation 1997 Automatic, programmable screw press with controlled energy for every blow and regenerative braking. Judicious use of combination of Fully programmable Hydraulic Robots First use of Electric robots, Dedicated manipulators Power and conveyors and walking beams. Complete line integration with Animated displays Single Console Operation First Use of Profibus Hierarchical PLC controls Use of Automatic application of Die lubricant

9 9 © ARC Advisory Group Up-gradation of Central Control 2011

10 10 © ARC Advisory Group Third wave of automation The Kurimoto line was set up in 2006. This has taken BFL to next level of Automation. The salient features are First Use of High speed Carbide saws First Use of Transfer Presses First fully integrated single flow line in BFL Power and free cooling conveyor and over head gantries. Robots 6 Axis all Electric Reduced cycle time 8 sec untwisted/ 12 sec twisted cranks Increased productivity Mass production of passenger car cranks.

11 11 © ARC Advisory Group

12 12 © ARC Advisory Group Next level of automation with remote I/Os

13 13 © ARC Advisory Group Case Studies in machined components division Cooling tower Flow control through automation to achieve Energy Conservation. Automatic Monitoring of machine Parameters & pop up error messages on machine screen. Two case studies

14 14 © ARC Advisory Group Flow Control in Cooling tower Per Day Energy Consumption @ 3000 Units Sudden Starting tend to reduce Switch-gear life. Also Flow control adjustment required. No Control on Real Time Basis Before Implementation Before 3000 Cooling Tower is used for Cooling the Electrical switch- gear as well as quenching media. In MCD1 we have used single cooling tower for more than 15 machines.

15 15 © ARC Advisory Group DRIVE PANEL MOTOR CONTROL Drive PLC Interface M/C Temperature Sensor WATER IN WATER OUT COOLING TOWER Sense the number of machine running & decide the flow requirement Sense the Difference in Temperature of Incoming & outgoing lines & Decide the Flow & Exhaust Fan requirement On Real Time basis switch On & off the Cooling tower in Lunch / Dinner time Flow Control in Cooling tower

16 16 © ARC Advisory Group Sr NoParameterBeforeAfter* 1Power by the Cooling tower120 KW72 KW 2Power Factor0.8784>0.94 3Unit Consumption per month65000 Units35000 Units 4 Energy Cost (per Month) ` 325,000/- ` 175,000/- 5Savings in Energy cost46% Per Million Contribution reduced by ` 1000 for MCD1 Flow Control in Cooling tower After 1750

17 17 © ARC Advisory Group Manual monitoring of Machine Parameters Machine Parameters are monitored for Predictive / Preventive Maintenance Plan. This was done manually by the operator and relevant data was entered in the logbook. Action Plan is communicated manually by each operator. No interlock with machine Logic if any parameter is out of range.

18 18 © ARC Advisory Group Machine Pressure Temperature Oil Level Programmable Controller Machine CNC System Preventive Maintenance Machine Parameter Monitoring Machine CNC System (To generate Fault on machine screen) Separate Control System Designed & programmed for automatic monitoring of Machine Parameters

19 19 © ARC Advisory Group Summing up However we have challenges to overcome Challenging Environment for Automation products High Temperatures High level of Dust, Scale, Graphite and water High impacts and rough use We have huge scope to automate our forging lines by Automatic application of Die Lubricant Automatic control of Die Temperature Automatic monitoring of presses and motors Automatic inspection of Forged parts with Vision systems Automation of Post Forging operations We have consistently used Robots and automation effectively to be More Productive More cost Effective More Energy efficient More Environmental Friendly

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