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Highland View Homeowners Association, Inc. Annual Meeting February 15 th, 2006.

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1 Highland View Homeowners Association, Inc. Annual Meeting February 15 th, 2006

2 Agenda  Introductions  Approval of preceding meeting's minutes  Association Overview  Reports of Officers  Reports of Committees  Nomination and election of Board of Directors  Unfinished Business  New Business  Adjournment

3 2005-2006 Highland View Organizational Structure Gil Hutchinson President 3 rd Year/3 Year Term Mario Crucini 1 Year Term Tom Doyle 1 Year Term Robert Collins Treasurer 2nd Year/3 Year Term Fred Kane Secretary 1st Year/ 3 Year Term Committee Support Architectural Committee Suzie Umphres, Chairman Grounds Committee Pier deJong, Chairman Orange Appeal Grounds Maintenance Sean Orange Hospitality/Social Carol Horan, Chairman Trail Committee Mike Soares, Chairman Westwood Property Management Hoil Crowe / Steve Pulk

4 Treasurer’s Report- 2005 Reserves

5 Treasurer’s Report 5 Year Change In Reserves  Change from $32,102 to $21,079 ($11,023)  Variance relates to planned capital improvements:  Landscape improvement plan  2002-2003 Balance sheet issue during transition from Ghertner to Westwood (double counted checking account transfer as an asset)

6 Treasurer’s Report Expenditures Since 2000 Average: $362/home Average: $29,316/home


8 2005 Committee Updates Architectural Review  Guideline review and revisions  Modified submission procedures to improve documentation and turn around times

9 2005 Committee Updates Grounds  During the year 2 cleanup sessions were held which focused on general cleanup and planting of bushes in the cul-de-sac’s.  The Cul-de-sac’s worked on were: Helmsdale Pl N, Roantree, Upper and Lower Highland Road Islands.  The tree line along the rear entrance was cleaned out in preparation for plantings and sign construction.  The area behind the Pool and Rear entrance were aerated and reseeded successfully. Now to keep that grass alive!  Preparations were made for planting during this winter:  Removal of dead pine in Helmsdale Pl N Island, preparation for replacement planting.  Removal of sick Pin Oak, preparation for new planting  Other projects worked on:  Planning and working with contractors for rear entrance sign quotations  Planning for additional light installation in front of the Pool pavilion  Drainage ditch improvement by City of Brentwood.  Interface with Trail Committee to build Highland View Ridge Trail

10 2005 Committee Updates Hospitality/Social  Easter Egg Hunt  Pool Party  4 th of July  New Neighbor welcome

11 2005 Committee Updates Trail  Formal plan developed in Feb 2005  Approved by Brentwood Planning in Codes in July 2005  Trail committee was formed in August. Mike Soares chair.  Laying out and clearing out of the trail from the pool pavilion to the  water tower is complete. Construction began Oct 05. Completed Feb 1,  2006. (Was anticipating 1 1/2 to 2 years!)  Switchback section (pool-ridge) Eagle Scout project planned, constructed and completed by Andrew deJong and his scout troop as part of Andrew's Eagle Scout project.  Neighborhood volunteers have volunteered on several scheduled workdays during this period.  Trailhead sign will be posted soon along with possible bench(s)  Budget established for maintenance.

12 2005 Updates Communications  Web site (  Online directories  Two Town Hall meetings this year  Email newsletters  Highland View is 100% electronic now!  Monthly Board meetings

13 2005 Updates Grave Site Research



16 2006 – New Business  Complete projects already in progress  Back entrance  Grounds:  Winter Tree plantings  Replacement Pin Oak at front entrance  Replacement Blue Spruce on South Berm  Leyland Cyprus to replace white Pine at Helmsdale Pl N Island  2 memorial Magnolias to be planted in Front entrance Berms  5 Prague Viburnum to be planted at rear entrance along tree line beside gate.  Spring and Fall Clean up to focus on clean ups and Landscape maintenance and improvement  Trim bushes and expand bed at rear entrance after sign is completed  Brick repair on entrance Walls and Bridge  Adding low wattage lighting to trees on Berms and Island

17 2006 – New Business (Continued)  Hospitality:  New neighbor and baby gifts  Shared parties with Waterford  Trail  Ongoing maintenance  Increase volunteerism

18 Have Fun!

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