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Broadband in Homewood Canyon Providing Last-Mile Broadband Service to Homewood Canyon John Rothgeb ESCRBC Board member, Julie Langou ESCRBC Project manager.

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1 Broadband in Homewood Canyon Providing Last-Mile Broadband Service to Homewood Canyon John Rothgeb ESCRBC Board member, Julie Langou ESCRBC Project manager October 2013Homewood Canyon Broadband Presentation1

2 Broadband = High speed Internet October 2013Homewood Canyon Broadband Meeting2 Why Broadband is so important?

3 Broadband  SB 740 – Senator Padilla  California goal October 2013Homewood Canyon Broadband Meeting3 98% of CONNECTED by December 2015 80% of ADOTERS by December 2015 Local government leadership is key to closing the Digital Divide and sustaining digital inclusion

4 About ESCRBC  ESCRBC is one of 14 regional consortia in the State of California.  The project is supported by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and is run by the Desert Mountain Resource Conservation and Development Council (RC&D).  Kennedy Meadows is part of San Joaquin Valley Broadband Consortium but the bandwidth will come from ESCRBC territory. July 2013Homewood Canyon Broadband Presentation4

5 Disclaimer  This presentation and feasibility study have been done of behalf of ESCRBC and is intended for Kennedy Meadows residents and Board member of Kennedy Meadows Homeowner association.  While every reasonable effort has been made to ensure that the information provided on this study is accurate, no guarantees for the accuracy of information are made.  The information in this feasibility study have been collected by John Rothgeb, ESCRBC Board Member. This theoretical analysis performed is given as “as is”. ESCRBC had no access to “on the ground data”, and as such cannot validate the study.  ESCRBC accepts no liability for the content of this presentation, or for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided in the feasibility study. July 2013Homewood Canyon Broadband Presentation5

6 Objective Looking at opportunity to bring Last-Mile Broadband Service to Homewood Canyon  To the community by the community  With Fixed Wireless Technology  At a low capital cost July 2013Homewood Canyon Broadband Presentation6

7 Current Situation 24 household without a Broadband connection  Only solution at the moment: Satellite  No Cellular September 2013Homewood Canyon Broadband Presentation7

8 The community October 2013Homewood Canyon Broadband Meeting8

9 What is that? October 2013Homewood Canyon Broadband Meeting9

10 Trona Situation  Trona is not likely to get connected NOW to D395  Over 2700 inhabitants  Trona has line of sight to Ridgecrest September 2013Homewood Canyon Broadband Presentation10

11 Road Map  Fixed Wireless Scenarios to HC  About  Option 1 : Getting the signal from Trona Airport  Scenario 1 with one hop scenario  Scenario 2 with one turn scenario  Right of ways  Alternate Option : Getting the signal from Keeler  Conclusion of studies  Conclusion July 2013Homewood Canyon Broadband Presentation11

12 About Fixed Wireless  Fixed Wireless  Use of wireless devices (antennas) used to connect two fixed locations (e.g., tower to building) with radios.  Fixed Wireless can use unlicensed spectrum – no FCC license.  Large selection of inexpensive equipment available which is easy to set up and easy to use. Point-to-Point Link = Bridge = From tower to tower Point-to-Multi Point Link = Access Point = From tower to houses July 2013Homewood Canyon Broadband Presentation12

13 Best option From There to Here..  There = Trona Airport  BLM operated Airport, managed by LESTER PHILLIPS  Connected to Internet (?)  Line of Sight to ridge  Here= Homewood Canyon  formed by  40 residents  Line of Sight to ridge  Scattered Houses through 5 miles radius July 2013Homewood Canyon Broadband Presentation13

14 Scenario 1 – One hop Trona Airport to RS3 Ridge to Homewood Canyon Antenna GPS COORDINATE 35° 57' 20 N / 118° 1' 4.6 W LINK 1 LINK 2 KM North July 2013Homewood Canyon Broadband Presentation14

15 Scenario 1 – One hop RS3 Ridge: - Name ? - Road access ? - Belong to ? - Can we see everybody from there? North July 2013Homewood Canyon Broadband Presentation15

16 Trona Airport RS 3 One hop – Link 1 July 2013Homewood Canyon Broadband Presentation16

17 One hop – Link 1Total Speed Bad Condition (bad weather, very limited visibility) Good Condition Perfect Condition (clear weather, unlimited visibility) October 2013Homewood Canyon Broadband Meeting17

18 One hop Results  For any kind of condition (bad weather)  simulation shows a total maximum throughput of 180Mbps  Integrating overhead, we can expect a very reliable Internet connection greater than 50 Mbps  Limitations:  Need Right of Way on RS5  Need Broadband Advocate October 2013Homewood Canyon Broadband Meeting18

19 Right of Ways, Permits  To place antennas, radios and solar power equipment, you need to apply for right of ways  For more information contact the appropriate agencies  Each agency has their own rights of way policies, some requires an annual fee – ESCRBC will not be able to discuss directly with the agencies, but we will gladly write letter of support. October 2013Homewood Canyon Broadband Meeting19 A Wilderness Area is a region where the land is in a natural state; where impacts from human activities are minimal – may be more challenging to get Right of Way

20 Alternate options  Instead of RS3, signal follows the canyon and the highway  Instead of using Trona Airport, can check with other locations (radio sites, golf, fire stations, searles valley community service council, schools, etc..) October 2013Homewood Canyon Broadband Meeting20 TRONA NEEDS BROADBAND!!!

21 Conclusion  Satellite best bet at the moment  Encourage your local officails to reach out outside of their district. Homewood Canyon needs Broadband to Trona.  What you can do to help:  Identify a champion  Collect Broadband Demand  Who want to subscribe, how much, what bandwidth October 2013Kennedy Meadows Boradband Feasibility Study21

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