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Action Pour Les Enfants (APLE) MEMBERS MEETING NEW DAY ASIA, HONG KONG 26 November 2012.

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1 Action Pour Les Enfants (APLE) MEMBERS MEETING NEW DAY ASIA, HONG KONG 26 November 2012

2 Founded in 2003 with Spanish partner Humanitaria Branches in Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville and Siem Riep Mission: to reduce all forms of sexual abuse and exploitation through prevention, protection and promotion of prosecution and advocacy. APLE, through team of lawyers, investigators and social workers operating in Cambodia delivers on this mission through: Direct Investigation of sex crimes against children Direct Prosecution of perpetrators of these crimes Counseling and caring for the child victims directly and in partnership with Child Protection NGOs APLE 2

3 Referrals APLE receives referrals of suspicious cases by NGOs such as: –M’Lop Tapang –ChildSafe –Mith Samlanh/Friends International –World Vision –Riverkids –Angkor Hospital for Children –ECPAT

4 Partnership with other NGOs We do not replicate what other Child Protection charities do: –We don’t build schools –We don’t have centers with smiling children –WHAT WE DO IS TO help our partners to protect children by ensuring that abuse is stopped and children rescued. 4

5 Specific Objectives 2013 1.Reduce the number of children in virginity business by improving detection and prosecution. 2.Lessen the number of perpetrators released on bail, or having sentence suspended, especially those with power or wealth. 3.Increase the number of deportations of convicted sex offenders. 4.Increase awareness and capacity among parents, NGOs, local authorities and community services. 5.Prevent extra-judicial settlements. 6.Improve international collaboration to investigate and prosecute traveling sex offenders. 5

6  Annual Budget 2013 (USD)  Total amount needed$479,249  Phnom Penh Office $276,370  Sihanoukville Office $100,940  Siem Reap Office $101,939 _______________________  Total funds available$281,321  Global Humanitaria Spain $170,001  TdH Netherlands $81,527  New Day Asia HK $11,185  Swiss Embassy BKK $18,608 _______________________  Funding shortfall 2013 $197,928 Our accounts are audited yearly by firms such as Ernst and Young, KPMG Budget 6

7 Current Staffing 54 full time and part time employees –32 working as Investigators –3 Investigation Coordinators –3 lawyers –3 legal assistants –3 social workers –1 Operations manager –Management and support Team (10) 7

8 Investigation Department From 2003 to Oct 2012, APLE has worked with the Cambodian National Police and Foreign Law Enforcements to investigate more than 1,826 cases and referred 404 cases to the police Which has lead to arrest of 243 perpetrators InvestigationsNumber of Cases Opened Phnom Penh231 Sihanoukville98 Siem Reap68 Poipet7 TOTAL404 8

9 Legal Department  Since 2003 the Legal Department has supported 609 victims.  Provides legal counseling and representation  Actively lobbies courts for more consistent implementation of law.  Advocates implementation of child sensitive procedures among police, judges & hospital personnel  Fights corruption and injustice ResultNumber of Arrests Conviction163 Release51 Pending26 Death3 TOTAL243 9

10 Social Department  Through dedicated team of Social Workers and its partner NGOs, APLE strives to improve the situation for victims / families:  Provides counseling and emotional support  Ensures physical security and adequate rehabilitative support  Accompanies them in Court to prevent trauma and re-victimization  Supports their reintegration  A total of 676 victims were taken care of since 2003 10

11 A typical case Our investigators or partners spot suspicious behavior We collect evidence We engage the police when there is enough evidence We monitor the arrest We assist the victim and monitor the legal proceedings 11

12 Trofimov In 2012, notorious Russian businessman (managing US$300M) was deported from Cambodia to face justice in his home country.  Trofimov bought at least 20 girls for sex  Sentenced to 8 years in 2008 but released after serving slightly more than half by a Royal pardon.  Rearrested after 6 months and deported APLE Successes Sporich  Arrested in February 2009— APLE investigation  Found not guilty in Cambodia  Extradited to the US and pled guilty  Sentenced to 10 years in prison and compensation of 30,000$ for two victims. 12

13  National/International Cooperation in investigative and prosecutorial actions Vice chair of the Cambodian Law Enforcement Taskforce Cambodia’s Anti Human Trafficking and Immigration Departments U.S Department of Justice (ICE & FBI) Europol Eurojust Interpol CEOP (UK police) German Federal Police Dutch Police Australian Federal Police  Accolades International Cooperation 13

14 We do not only focus on foreigners We focus on traveling sex offenders and on resident expats as well as on Cambodians In case of Cambodian child sex offenders, we react to referrals from other NGOs or the community because it is almost impossible for our investigators to identify suspicious cases directly 14

15 Thank you for your attention and support for APLE! Please continue to support our work. 15

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