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Humanitarian Diplomacy  Humanitarian Diplomacy in Action ! Surein Peiris Humanitarian Diplomacy Delegate-Pakistan.

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1 Humanitarian Diplomacy  Humanitarian Diplomacy in Action ! Surein Peiris Humanitarian Diplomacy Delegate-Pakistan


3 HD in action- voice for the vulnerable!

4 People who deserve…..but Pressure from various angles deprive the Needy

5 Try to address social injustice issues Stand up against social Injustice!

6 Issues of Gender & Social exclusion Gender discrimination, Deprivation of Rights based on Gender in a Male dominated society

7 Gender based Domestic Violence This Picture tells it ALL !


9 Disaster Relief - Fundamental Principles Upholding the Principle of Neutrality,Independence Impartiality

10 People most vulnerable Disabled, blind, crippled, children, Pregnant Women, Elders…..People special based on their condition

11  People affected by Floods but No legal land Title … THEN WHAT ? Humanitarian Diplomacy comes in to play ….  Lobbying for Laws to address these issues – long term Short term, speedy action…….as an alternative  Possibility to lobby the Government to provide state land ?  OR … Talk to the Landlords, Convince them to sign an Agreement which will elevate their status – provide minimum Tenure security – FROM NOBODY TO SOMEBODY !  Be a Stronger voice for the vulnerable ! Right to Shelter … but No legal title !

12 HD promotes partnerships/coordination Partnerships and Collaboration with other Humanitarian Actors! Meetings with Other actors on the field is Important ! Information Sharing is Vital!

13 Networking for a stronger voice ! Many Humanitarian Actors –You are Not the only One! UNITED WE STAND ; DIVIDED WE FALL !

14 Communications is vital for HUMANITARIAN DIPLOMACY  It is about Building the IMAGE of the PRCS.  YOU are the face of the PRCS on the Field.  Actions speak louder than Words  First “WALK THE TALK “  Then” TALK THE WALK “  At all times be mindful to Show case the PRCS !

15 Communication on the field- Be careful ! Consistency in the Messages we give to Media.., Beware of the camera and Mike! 

16 Beyond Beneficiary Communications …  Mechanism to address the Needs of the Beneficiaries is important – HD element comes into play !  PRCS Branches to take the Lead ……with IFRC support  It is not an overnight process ….Takes time ….But Results last long ! Act and Not be Passive..It is your Responsibility!

17 No “One size Fits All approach” Play it by Ear...Feel it….Smell it…..Use your head …..Not your Heart … YOU BE THE JUDGE!

18 SOME Tools for HD  Sphere Charter  RC/RC and NGO Code of Conduct for Disaster Relief  P&V based checklist for Disaster Managers and Health Professionals  Code of Good Practice for NGOs responding to HIV/AIDs  Principles and Rules for RCRC Disaster Relief  The Hyogo Framework offers guiding principles, priorities for action, and practical means for achieving disaster resilience for vulnerable communities.  Inter-Agency Standing Committee’s (IASC) Guidelines for Protecting Persons Affected by Natural Disasters:  Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement

19  Humanitarian diplomacy is about a change of mind set. It needs to be a part of daily work within all National Societies. RC&RC is to act, and not to remain passive. HD urges action on the part of National Societies and IFRC to measure up to that responsibility.

20 Be a stronger voice for the vulnerable !

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