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Cyberbullying What schools and parents are doing..

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1 Cyberbullying What schools and parents are doing.

2 Statistics Research 14%-27% of students experience school bullying National sample of American youth aged 10-17, 30% reported feeling extremely upset and 24% frightened as a result of receiving harassing on-line messages. Parents and educators are less conversant with technology than children/students

3 7 different categories (Willard, 2004) Flaming Online harassment Cyberstalking Denigration (put-downs) Masquerade Outing Exclusion

4 Implications Physical reaction Emotional and Psychological reaction - Relationships Educational reaction (extra curricular) Continued stress – appetite, sleep, anxiety, depression, PTSD, affects eyes, tone of voice, posture, and overall attitude.

5 Prevention 1. Monitor phone and computer usage everyday. 2. Teach your children the tools to deal with the aggressive behavior and/or disrespect. 3. Be a person that your child will turn to if it is happening to them. 4. Maintain an open and honest relationship with your children.

6 Prevention 5. Use/teach positive conflict resolution. 6. Be the parent, not the friend! 7. Inform the school if it is carries over to the classroom/trusted adult. 8. Proactive communication. 9. Be a part of the process in supporting youth in your community.

7 Intervention Measure the severity of the situation, get the facts. (Who, what, where, when) Develop a plan with your child, might include seeking help from school officials or police. Talk with other parents. Encourage healthy relationships by providing opportunities with friends.

8 Dignity for All Students Act (DASA) July 1, 2012 Amends state education law Employee designee Reports to State Code of conduct Training for staff Barriers to success?

9 What are the local schools doing? Education in use of technology and rules/laws. PBIS/SRO’s Second Step TRIBES Restorative Practices Olweus Bully Prevention Program Character Education/Parent Training Sources of Strength Resources; Are they working? (parent involvement)

10 Resources Beran,T. & Li, Q. (2007), The relationship between Cyberbullying and School Bullying, Vol. 1 (2), 15-33. ponse_Fact_Sheet.pdf ponse_Fact_Sheet.pdf

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