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The Webinar #1: A Conversation with Head Start-State and Regional Leaders May 25, 2011.

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1 The Webinar #1: A Conversation with Head Start-State and Regional Leaders May 25, 2011

2 What is the National Head Start Association?  The National Head Start Association (NHSA) is a non- partisan, not-for-profit membership organization that believes that every child, regardless of circumstances of birth, has the ability to succeed in life if given the opportunity that Head Start and Early Head Start (collectively “Head Start”) offer to children and their families.  NHSA is the national voice of more than 1.1 million children, 225,000 staff, and 2,800 Head Start and Early Head Start programs in the United States.

3 What is the BUILD Initiative?  Multi-state partnership of funders, agencies, policymakers and nonprofit groups.  Focused on comprehensive early childhood systems that span ECE, health, mental health, family support and special needs.  Supports 9 states directly and dozens more through our publications, TA, conferences and partnerships.

4 Head Start-QRIS Survey Highlights  In April 2011, NHSA and the BUILD Initiative surveyed Head Start-State Collaboration Directors about their knowledge, attitudes, and understanding of their state QRIS.  24 directors completed the survey.  46% of directors have been in their position <6 years and 21% have been in their position <3 years.

5 Head Start-QRIS Survey Highlights (Con’t)  In describing their knowledge about QRIS, 13% reported themselves as an expert, 83% as knowledgeable, and 4% as a novice.  87% generally (not specific to their state) indicated a positive opinion and support the development and implementation of QRIS.  70% of collaboration directors were in their positions when their state’s QRIS was designed and launched.

6 Head Start-QRIS Survey Highlights (Con’t)  65% of collaboration directors reported their involvement in the design, implementation, and evaluation of their state’s QRIS as significant or moderate.

7 Head Start-QRIS Survey Highlights (Con’t) Collaboration directors’ top 6 categorical concerns about having a QRIS in their state were:  Duplication: 65%  Provider supports: 60%  Use and reliability of assessments: 60%  Long-term funding for QRIS implementation: 55%  Including the various service delivery models in the QRIS: 50%  Participation rate of providers: 45%

8 Head Start-QRIS Survey Highlights (Con’t) Collaboration directors reported that Head Start programs could easily participate in five areas of QRIS:  Standards: 83%  Financial Incentives: 65%  Provider Supports: 78%  Quality Assurance: 74%  Consumer Engagement: 65%

9 Khari Garvin – North Carolina’s Process Overall Goal:Thoughtful Planning: To strengthen the North Carolina QRIS system via a process that leverages the best of this and other states’ early care and education systems and other nationally recognized accreditations. Recognition of “growth opportunity”. Cross-section of contributors & referral sources. Consider holistically… The impact of changes on the entire system. Acknowledging required infrastructure and supports. Ensure development of an incentive- based system. Intentional inter-facing with other workgroups ~ taking step together.

10 NC Proposed Program Standards: The Reflection of Head Start  Family Support / Family Engagement  Community Partnerships  Staff-child Ratio Requirements  Administration / Policies & Procedures  CSEFEL (Center on Social Emotional Foundations for Early Learning)

11 Tom Rendon – Iowa Head Start State Collaboration Office Head Start and QRIS – Context  New HSSCO Scope of Work: HSPS & QRIS; support participation; support childcare participation (Head Start families) Iowa Context: Provider support for QRIS  5 QRIS consultants at CCRR: process application; promote QRIS; provide assistance  Iowa State University provides ECERS training and assessment

12 Iowa QRIS: Supports (cont’d) QRIS includes other quality standards  HS Performance Standards, NAEYC Accreditation, and Iowa Preschool Program Standards  Each has its own technical assistance and support (e.g., curriculum and assessment training) Role of Head Start State Collaboration Office

13 Lauri Frichtl – Illinois Collaboration and Partnerships Successes and Challenges  Governance  Regulations/Standards  Professional Development  QRIS Program Support  Data/Accountability  Communication

14 Illinois Head Start Strategies  Head Start Association vs. Collaboration Office  Advocacy  State Legislation  Membership on Council Committees/Reporting Structure  State Advisory Council Recommendation  Lessons Learned

15 Contact Information Ben Allen, Ph.D. Public Policy and Research Director National Head Start Association Email: Gerrit Westervelt, Ph.D. Executive Director The BUILD Initiative Email:

16 Thank You!

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