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8-30-11 Welcome Back! Kelly High School Professional Update.

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1 8-30-11 Welcome Back! Kelly High School Professional Update

2 We will be calling the individual elementary and high school Areas “Networks”, and the elementary/high school networks will be grouped geographically to form a “Collaborative”. The Chief Area Officer title will also be changing to “Chief of Elementary Schools” and “Chief of High Schools”, to reflect accountability for the school portfolio. South West Side Network High Schools


4 PSAE MEET &EXCEED PSAE % Meet or Exceed GradeYearReadMathScienceComposite 11th and 12th Grade Combined200126.518.911.218.9 11th and 12th Grade Combined200223.719.912.818.8 11th and 12th Grade Combined200322.022.415.019.8 11th and 12th Grade Combined200415.418.813.916.0 11th and 12th Grade Combined200527.124.713.721.8 11th and 12th Grade Combined200627.627.818.724.7 11th and 12th Grade Combined200721.727.418.722.6 11th and 12th Grade Combined200821.129.720.523.8 11th and 12th Grade Combined200930.924.319.524.9 11th and 12th Grade Combined201030.632.426.029.7 11th and 12th Grade Combined 201126.431.725.727.9 n=588

5 PSAE Performance Over Time PSAE % ME SCHOOL200920102011 3 Year Mean Change TEAM HSNO DATA7.8%8.4%Not enough Data Lindblom HS70.2%64.1%76.8%3.3% Harper HS5.9%5.3%12.1%3.1% Hancock HS14.5%16.6%19.6%2.5% Kelly HS 24.0%29.8%27.3% 1.6% Hubbard HS29.2%33.9%30.9%0.8% Bogan HS10.5%13.0%11.6%0.6% Robeson HS & AA1.9%1.1%3.0%0.5% Tilden HS & AA7.2%5.9%6.1%-0.5% Gage Park HS10.9%9.5%7.1%-1.9% Kennedy HS23.7%22.3%19.8%-1.9% Curie HS33.3%30.3%29.0%-2.1% Hope HS14.1%12.6%9.0%-2.5% Richards HS12.6%6.5%5.2%-3.7% Air Force HSNO DATA Solorio HSNEW SCHOOL Southside Occp HSNEW SCHOOL

6 ACT 3 Year Mean Growth, By School *Spry and Marine HS were excluded because they did not have 3 years of consecutive data ACT Scale Score SCHOOL200920102011 3 Year Mean Change Lindblom HS Hubbard HS16.917.717.40.24 Harper HS14. Hancock HS15.415.8 0.21 Bogan HS15.0 15.30.15 Kelly HS16.917.317.10.10 TEAM HS 15.115.3%0.08 Kennedy HS16.3 16.40.07 Robeson HS13.513.213.60.06 Tilden HS &14.1%13.9%13.5%0.00 Hope HS15.2 15.0-0.10 Curie HS17.417.316.9-0.25 Gage Park HS 14.714.614.0-0.31 Richards HS14.915.014.1-0.42 ACT 20+ SCHOOL200920102011 3 Year Mean Change Lindblom HS72.1%70.1%83.3%5.6% TEAM HS 3.1%5.4%2.7% Kelly HS 21.8%25.7%26.7%2.5% Kennedy HS16.6%18.0%21.3%2.3% Bogan HS4.3%8.3%8.7%2.2% Hancock HS11.4%15.0%15.4%2.0% Hubbard HS25.5%31.1%29.1%1.8% Harper HS3.4%2.3%6.3%1.4% Hope HS7.5%6.5%9.7%1.1% Robeson HS & AA0.4%0.0%2.1%0.8% Tilden HS & AA2.6%3.9%2.2%-0.2% Gage Park HS6.9%5.8%4.6%-1.2% Richards HS5.4%1.1%2.8%-1.3% Curie HS28.4%25.4%22.7%-2.8%

7 EPAS Performance Over Time EXPLORE to PLAN % Met Expected Gains School200920082007 Kelly61.8%56.0%55.1% Lindblom59.9%62.6%48.5% Gage Park56.9%46.9%44.9% TEAM55.4%58.3%. Hancock54.4%51.6%39.4% Hubbard52.2%51.6%46.1% Kennedy50.7%50.9%48.1% Hope49.4%49.6%44.9% Tilden47.6%56.1%47.2% Harper47.4%50.6%49.1% Richards46.4%52.4%42.5% CURIE54.1%49.1%51.6% BOGAN50.5%51.5%45.8% Robeson43.7%49.5%47.3% PLAN-ACT % Met Expected Gains 200920082007 Lindblom60.0%60.2%. Hubbard49.1%51.9%40.0% Kelly47.7%48.2%41.3% Curie 47.2%44.5%42.7% Hope36.9%33.3%42.6% Hancock36.6%37.1%25.0% Kennedy36.2%39.7%32.7% Richards35.2%28.0%31.0% Bogan 33.6%37.8%35.1% Gage Park29.5%26.6%26.3% Tilden28.4%25.7%27.9% Robeson25.1%27.5%20.9% Harper24.5%25.1%21.6%

8 Freshman on Track Freshman on Track Rates Over Time, by School School Name200620072008200920103 Year trend HARPER. TEAM HS..59.685.984.412.4 HANCOCK HS55.360.257.871.679.811.0 ROBESON AA HS 50.336.027.538.147.610.1 TILDEN AA HS57. HOPE HS74.458.857.459.774.58.6 ROBESON HS37.535.939.639.956.18.3 LINDBLOM HS65.574.466.563.182.88.2 TILDEN HS44.443.738.349.850.86.3 BOGAN 44.044.350.354.059.44.6 RICHARDS HS 54.159.649.750.659.24.8 KELLY HS52.7 KENNEDY HS54.346.856.956.259.81.5 CURIE 69.065.862.862.562.90.1 GAGE PARK HS 49.145.348.045.649.00.5 HUBBARD HS49.552.862.358.661.1-0.6

9 Attendance Over Time Attendance South West HS Network Over Time 200620072008200920102011 3 Year Mean Growth Percentage Points Air Force 93.493.3 Robeson72.370.664. Tilden AA77.969.462.872.370.078.43.05 Lindbloom93.393.493.189.092.592.71.85 Bogan86.585.070.672.483.775.21.4 Kelly88.989.286.8 89.489.31.25 Kennedy85.085.782.281.282.583.00.9 Hope89.684.966.172.872.272.1-0.35 TEAM 87.688.084.887.3-0.35 Hubbard90.387.2 Gage Park87.985.965.574.073.272.5-0.75 Curie 90.785.885.487.588.985.0-1.25 Hancock89.084.775.984.377.978.2-3.05

10 Graduation and Dropout Rates Over Time School 5 Year Cohort Drop Out Rates, Over Time 20062007200820092010 3 Year Mean Change Kelly35.141.841.139.037.9-1.6 Curie31.123.527.323.825.2-1.05 Tilden60.257.658.058.656.4-0.8 Hubbard30.137.445.150.444.7-0.2 Gage Park49.148.148.351.050.00.85 Bogan44.64642.34346.42.05 Robeson58.852.954.154.359.32.6 Kennedy36.329.645.541.052.23.35 Richards44.740.938.947.546.63.85 Hancock27.733.733.451.942.24.4 Hope27.319.118.717.133.87.55 School 5 Year Cohort Graduation Rates, Over Time 20062007200820092010 3 Year Mean Change Kelly60.154.256.458.557.80.7 Hubbard67.460.252.048.352.90.4 Tilden35.638.138.236.338.50.1 Gage Park 47.348.348.545.647.7-0.4 Curie67.474.370.574.2720.8 Bogan52.850.553.855.550.8-1.5 Robeson34.239.740.339.936.1-2.1 Kennedy58.164.652.055.145.2-3.4 Hancock72.365.764.947.557-4.0 Richards52.253.858.447.548.9-4.8 Hope70.879.879.381.062.6-8.4


12 Preliminary FOT 2011 SchoolFreshmenOntrack_rate CLEMENTE AA HS9955.55 KELVYN PARK HS27358.6 CLEMENTE HS18859.04 HUBBARD HS40566.17 KELLY HS70367.28 SENN AA HS3170.96 STEINMETZ HS42372.81 PHOENIX MILITARY HS16973.96 DOUGLASS HS7174.64 FOREMAN HS37976.51 TAFT HS66477.1 WORLD LANGUAGE HS9479.78 CARVER MILITARY16880.35 SENN HS24380.65 PROSSER HS35780.95 FARRAGUT HS30781.1 VOISE HS12082.5 MARINE MILITARY HS9986.86 WILLIAMS, D8289.02 CHGO MILITARY ACAD HS17190.05 RICKOVER HS15090.66 UPLIFT HS9291.3 AIR FORCE HS9293.47 INFINITY HS10898.14

13 My Voice, My School Specifically, researchers determined five essential components for school success: 1. Instructional Leadership: The principal works with teachers to implement a clear and strategic vision for school success. 2. Professional Capacity: The staff is committed to the school, receives strong professional development and works together to improve the school. 3. Family and Community Ties: The entire school staff builds strong relationships with families and communities to support learning. 4. Learning Climate: The school is safe and orderly. Teachers have high expectations for students, and students are supported by their teachers and peers. 5. Ambitious Instruction: Classes are academically demanding and engage students by emphasizing the application of knowledge

14 5 Essentials across schools in the Southwest Side network


16 Learning Climate 22.19 36.1 44.3 34.94 44.45

17  Quality of Student Discussion: In schools with strong Quality of Student Discussion, students participate in classroom discussions that build their critical thinking skills.  Math Instruction: In schools with strong Math Instruction, students interact with course material and one another to build and apply knowledge in their math classes.  English Instruction: In schools with strong English Instruction, students interact with course material and one another to build and apply critical reading and writing skills.  Course Clarity: In schools with strong Course Clarity, students are provided clear learning goals and instruction that supports achievement.

18 Ambitious Instruction

19 Teacher Evaluation Local School Unit Criteria Submits weekly Parent Contact sheets. Submits up to date lessons for sub folder. Updates electronic gradebook weekly. Implements measures to reduce failure rates. Attends and contributes to TCT and department meetings. Contributes to ongoing schoolwide LRE efforts.

20 Professional Growth Plan A. Professional Growth Area of Focus Your self- assessment using the Descriptions of Practice, discussions with your Professional Growth Team, and the review of school/district plans will provide guidance on a specific area for growth within the selected criterion. B. Rationale What will your students be able to do as a result of your professional growth that they are not now able to do?

21 C) New Learning Based on your rationale, what new skills and knowledge (grounded in research) will you need to build your capacity in this area? Be Specific. D) Professional Growth Action Plan What specific growth activities will you engage in to obtain the identified new learning. Professional Growth Plan

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