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Captain Joe Hughart, USPHS USAID DCHA OFDA Military Liaison Unit

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1 Captain Joe Hughart, USPHS USAID DCHA OFDA Military Liaison Unit
HA/DR USAID OVERVIEW Captain Joe Hughart, USPHS USAID DCHA OFDA Military Liaison Unit

2 WHO Coordinates U.S. Government Foreign Disaster Assistance?
USAID Bureau for Democracy, Conflict and Humanitarian Assistance (DCHA) Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA)

3 WHAT does USAID OFDA coordinate?
Requests for specific USG assistance from host nations with…. Responses from USG departments and agencies USG interaction with International Organizations (UN, IFRC) USG funding to USG NGO partners.

4 WHEN does USAID respond?
Event occurs Host nation requests U.S. assistance U.S. Ambassador declares a disaster DART assessment of needs Request for USG department or agency assistance.

5 WHERE does OFDA coordination take place?
Washington: RMT DoD liaison officer U.S. Embassy: DART OFDA Military Liaison Officer(s) Field sites Ports Airports Action sites

6 WHY does OFDA coordinate USG foreign disaster assistance?
Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 President authorized to respond Delegated to USAID Administrator USAID OFDA coordinates with USG, IO & NGO partners.

7 HOW does OFDA coordinate USG [DoD] foreign disaster assistance?
Disaster declaration Request for USG assistance USAID OFDA assessment Coordination with NGO & international effort (UN OCHA) DoD: USAID request to DSCA DoD response

8 EXAMPLE: Chemical Spill, Port of Djibouti, 2002 (Moderate Size Event)

9 WHO Responded? Djibouti Ministry of Environment
Djibouti Civil Defense Force USAID OFDA UN OCHA NBC NCO from U.S. Army Ports of Dubai Ltd.

10 WHAT happened? Cargo ship – wood treating chemicals
Heat: plastic became brittle; jugs broke CCA leaked into ship Containers placed on land; moved 5 times Washed into bay

11 WHEN did response activities occur?
D+0: Spill occurred D+7: Djibouti requested US assistance D+7: US Ambassador approved D+9: USAID OFDA assessment (soil & water sampling) D+11: UN OCHA coordinated international response D+16: USAID & Army: training, PPE, shelters, decon gear

12 WHERE did the response occur?
Port: soil & water sampling Embassy: sample analyses Port: UN OCHA office Dobbins Air Reserve Base, GA: USAID OFDA CBRNE cache Civil Defense HQ: training, respirator fit testing, equipment staging site.

13 WHY did the USG assist? Djibouti requested assistance
U.S. Ambassador concurred U.S. had interests in HOA No U.S. JTF yet in Port Assistance led to further joint U.S. – Djibouti cooperation

14 HOW did the USG assist?

15 Judicious Response: Large Event: WHO would be involved in a response?
The Government of Djibouti U.S. Ambassador/Embassy/Dept. of State USAID; USG partners: DoD, HHS, NOAA UN OCHA & international responders NGOs Port of Djibouti & commercial operators

16 WHAT would probably occur?
A large event exceeding the HN’s capacity A request for USG assistance Disaster declaration by U.S. Ambassador International response effort → UN OCHA USAID OFDA assessment USAID request for DoD support (not lead).

17 WHEN would these events probably occur?
Disaster declaration: D+1 USAID OFDA DART initial assessment: D+2-4 USAID request for initial DoD support: D+2 to D+4 International response coordination by UN OCHA: D+7

18 WHERE would most USG assistance occur?
IDP camps: Packaged food (first 2 weeks), then bulk Water containers, water trucks Medical assistance & medevac Temporary shelter WASH (sanitation; field hygiene) Port: sampling, cleanup

19 HOW would the USG respond?
USAID commodities warehouse, Dubai Commercial airlift 10L water containers, hygiene kits, plastic sheeting Medical assets: HHS (NDMS, CDC, ATSDR, OFRD), DoD USG environmental monitoring: NOAA, USCG USG security assets: BDS, DoD, other Maritime safety, security, environment: USCG Port operations assistance: DoD, DHS/USCG

20 5 Likely Requests for DoD Support:
Airlift Security (MPs) Medevac Port operations Augment airport ground logistics operations.

21 Questions?

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