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AT JFK-I Fall 07, HW on HW 1kinowords.edublogs.org1.

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2 AT JFK-I Fall 07, HW on HW 1kinowords.edublogs.org1

3 AT JFK-I Fall 07, HW on HW 1kinowords.edublogs.org2 HOLLYWOOD ON HOLLYWOOD - MA Programme, Kultur - Fall Term 2007-2008 - Course Leader (CL) Dr. ALAN TAYLOR (Oxon)

4 AT JFK-I Fall 07, HW on HW 1kinowords.edublogs.org3 Today’s Audience…? Berlin/J.F.K.-I, F.U locals? Familiar faces? Students, and…? ECTS EU colleagues? BA into MA…eh…? American and Film Studies…eh…?

5 AT JFK-I Fall 07, HW on HW 1kinowords.edublogs.org4 The J.F.K-I. FU Berlin

6 AT JFK-I Fall 07, HW on HW 1kinowords.edublogs.org5 WEEK: ONE Welcome to a New Academic Year & Introduction 1. Coverage 2. Course Leader 3. Working Procedures 4. & Expectations

7 AT JFK-I Fall 07, HW on HW 1kinowords.edublogs.org6 HW on HW Coverage 1917-1928: Pioneers, Silents 1928-1939: The Classic Period 1946-1960: Age of Struggle 1960-1969: Dis-illusion 1969-1980: The New Hollywood 1980-2000: Corporate Hollywood Core Texts: Bordwell, The Classic Hollywood Cinema, 1991

8 AT JFK-I Fall 07, HW on HW 1kinowords.edublogs.org7 20 th Century U.S.A. Industrial Context “Mass production is the focusing upon a manufacturing product of the principles of power, accuracy, economy, system, continuity and speed…and the normal result is the productive organization that delivers in quantities a useful commodity of standard material, workmanship and design at a minimum cost”. Henry Ford, in Bordwell, 1991. p. 91

9 AT JFK-I Fall 07, HW on HW 1kinowords.edublogs.org8 Hollywood: Art & Commerce “Efficiency experts trained in other industries are usually baffled when they try to fit the making of a movie to their standard rules. The fact is, a movie is essentially a hand- craft operation, a one-of-a-kind custom job – but it must be made on the factory basis, with production-line economics, if we’re to hold the price down within reach of most of the people. The job is to do this without losing the picture’s individuality”. Dore Schary, MGM Producer, 1950

10 AT JFK-I Fall 07, HW on HW 1kinowords.edublogs.org9 TIME PROCESS COST 20 th & 21 st Century Project Management H. Gannt, 1917 F. Taylor H. Ford Q

11 AT JFK-I Fall 07, HW on HW 1kinowords.edublogs.org10 Course Balance: Text & Context INDUSTRY DEVELOPMENT 1919 – 2007 Organisation Censorship Technologies Audiences MATERIAL ANALYSIS Sequence Style Genre Narrative Film Theories

12 AT JFK-I Fall 07, HW on HW 1kinowords.edublogs.org11 Shared Viewing Texts The Bad and the Beautiful, 1953 The Player, 1992

13 AT JFK-I Fall 07, HW on HW 1kinowords.edublogs.org12 Production Processes

14 AT JFK-I Fall 07, HW on HW 1kinowords.edublogs.org13 Course Leader Profile

15 AT JFK-I Fall 07, HW on HW 1kinowords.edublogs.org14 Representative, Germany: Cinemasports New York, Sofia, Frankfurt/Main, London, San Francisco, Detroit, Vancouver, Moscow, Belfast, Berlin, Los Angeles, Paris, Mainz…

16 AT JFK-I Fall 07, HW on HW 1kinowords.edublogs.org15 CL: Book Author, 2005 & 2007: Peter Lang Frankfurt /New York

17 AT JFK-I Fall 07, HW on HW 1kinowords.edublogs.org16 Invited Workshop Leader: Teaching the Teachers…. Media Education Across the Curriculum Eire, Estonia, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Cyprus, Turkey, Italy EU/Kulturring, e. V, Berlin - April 2007 W:

18 AT JFK-I Fall 07, HW on HW 1kinowords.edublogs.org17 Course Leader (CL) TEACHING: 1991-2008 UK: Teacher, Lecturer & Curriculum Manager Film Studies, Media Production, Anglo-American Literature Germany: Guest Lecturer 2000-2008 - J.F.K, Institute, FU Berlin - Filmwissenschaft, Mainz University Bulgaria: Guest Lecturer 2004, New Bulgarian University 2008, St. Kliment, Sofia University

19 AT JFK-I Fall 07, HW on HW 1kinowords.edublogs.org18 CL Qualifications BA joint hons American Studies & English Literature The University of Keele Diploma/MA The London Film School PGCE - The Department of Education, The University of Oxford MA - Media Education IOE, University of London PhD - Cinema Studies Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz

20 AT JFK-I Fall 07, HW on HW 1kinowords.edublogs.org19 Questions? Who…? What…? When…? How…? Why…? Beach………?

21 AT JFK-I Fall 07, HW on HW 1kinowords.edublogs.org20 Student Credits, 1 All students / Attendance & Contributions - 80% plus attendance & - 2 short essays (500-800 words each) Essay 1. A film sequence as located on the course webpage Essay 2. A short essay – from a menu of three options - TBA Research Paper (RP) & Sprechstundes… - Inspired by Conference Subjects 2007/2008 - One page Abstract Draft to CL - 20 pages / 5,000-5,500 words: PDF & print copy See: JFK-I Page:

22 AT JFK-I Fall 07, HW on HW 1kinowords.edublogs.org21 Student Credits, 2 Research Papers, Samples Spring/Summer 2007, from: International Symposium on Media & Politics, Ege University City in Film: Architecture, Urban Space and the Moving Image, Liverpool, UK European Cultural Studies Conference, Sweden Perspectives and Challenges for Cinema and Media Studies, Vienna Shifting Landscapes of Film and Media…Istanbul 20 Years of Propaganda?…?????????? Media Events, Globalization and Cultural Change, Bremen

23 AT JFK-I Fall 07, HW on HW 1kinowords.edublogs.org22 EXPECTATIONS for ALL WRITTEN WORK 1. All Margins are uniformly set at 2.5 2. The body of the text will be blocked to the right margin 3. Gap Lines are set at 1.5 4. Fonts are Times New Roman, Size 12 5. All pages are numbered, bottom right 6. Key details are included on the HEADER and FOOTER 7. Quotes are laced into the text. Over three lines they are granted their own central column. 8. Word count: 4 sides = 1,000 words so the RP = 5,000 -5,500 words. FOR MORE DETAILS SEE PDF ON COURSE WEBSITE (CWS)

24 AT JFK-I Fall 07, HW on HW 1kinowords.edublogs.org23 ACT: Applied Critical Thinking

25 AT JFK-I Fall 07, HW on HW 1kinowords.edublogs.org24 Film Industry – The 21 st Century Paradigm? “It’s the edge that knows more than the middle” Gary Hamel, Guru & Author: “The Future of Management”, 2007

26 AT JFK-I Fall 07, HW on HW 1kinowords.edublogs.org25 …Vaya con dios E. But no Smilies! :)

27 AT JFK-I Fall 07, HW on HW 1kinowords.edublogs.org26

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