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Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command The Navy’s Information Dominance Achieved Through Contracting June 19, 2012 Presented to: AFCEA San Diego Chapter.

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1 Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command The Navy’s Information Dominance Achieved Through Contracting June 19, 2012 Presented to: AFCEA San Diego Chapter Briefer CAPT Scott Hoffman, Deputy Director for Contracts Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command Statement A: Approved for public release, distribution is unlimited (18 JUNE 2012)

2 2 SPAWAR Org Chart Assistant Secretary of the Army, Acquisition, Logistics and Technology Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Research, Development and Acquisition Chief of Naval Operations

3 3 Vice Commander Deputy Commander Rod Smith SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific CAPT Joe Beel, CO Carmela Keeney, ED SPAWAR Systems Center Atlantic CAPT Mark Glover, CO Christopher Miller, TD SPAWAR Space Field Activity CAPT Christian Becker (Acting) COMMANDER RADM Patrick Brady PEO Space Systems RDML Jerry Burroughs (Acting) JPEO JTRS BG Michael Williamson PEO EIS RADM "Grunt" Smith PEO C4I RDML Jerry Burroughs 5.0 Chief Engineer RDML James Rodman, Jr. 6.0 Acquisition/ Program Management Les Hubbard 1.0 Finance Steve Dunn 2.0 Contracts Tim Dowd 4.0 Logistics & Fleet Support Martin Brown 3.0 Legal Harold Cohn 8.0 Corporate Operations Kimberly Kesler 7.0 Science & Technology Robert Wolborsky Who is Team SPAWAR? Echelon III Activities Fleet Readiness Directorate RDML Chuck Rainey


5 5 Vision and Priorities at Team SPAWAR VISION: Making the Navy’s Information Dominance Vision a Reality PRIORITIES: Keeping the Fleet Ready to Fight The Fleet comes first. We will actively engage with the Fleet, improving C4I support to the warfighter by reducing baselines, delivering the right capability and providing robust sustainment of our systems. Build Information Dominance Technical Authority We will realign our engineering workforce and grow their technical depth and breadth in order to develop and implement a System-of-Systems approach that enforces government insight, oversight and baseline control for all Navy Information Technology (IT) systems to effectively manage acquisitions and drive integration and interoperability into the Navy’s IT portfolio. Focus on Work Integral to the Navy’s Future As we align with the CNO’s Sailing Directions, we must part with programs, roles, and processes that are not integral to the Department of the Navy’s future vision or a core element of our mission.

6 6 SPAWAR Contracting Mission, Vision, and Guiding Principles The Mission of the Team is to: Provide our customers with effective and efficient business solutions for acquisition-related issues in support of the mission of Team SPAWAR The Team’s Vision: We understand our customers’ needs and exceed their expectations by providing cost-effective, responsive and quality contracting; Innovative acquisition techniques and business strategies; Partnership with the business community The Mission and Vision are achieved through adherence to the following Guiding Principles: ▼ Support the Fleet: Our customers come first. Always remember that our decisions affect the lives of the men and women who protect our country. ▼ Collaborate through Teamwork: Work together to provide continuing professional development, state-of-the-art tools, and authority to achieve results. ▼ Deliver Best Value to the Customer; Achieve Efficiency: Increase efficiency of operations through continuous process improvement. ▼ Be Accountable; Foster Innovation: Dedicate ourselves to acquisition excellence and innovation. ▼ Develop Our People: Optimize work environment and quality of life. Display a positive attitude, work hard, and have fun. ▼ Be Transparent: Value, respect, and communicate openly with one another.

7 7 SPAWAR Contracting Ethical Standards AS A SPAWAR CONTRACTING PROFESSIONAL I WILL: Stand up and do the right thing to ensure integrity and fairness of the procurement system I make the tough decisions and I stand by others in the acquisition workforce who do the same. I accept that my judgment will be scrutinized and I welcome constructive review. I disclose waste, fraud and abuse when I suspect it exists. Never award a contract at the expense of integrity I award contracts that are consistent with the policy, regulations, rules and laws. I ensure decisions are made with sound judgment and prudent business acumen, without regard for personal gain. Know the fundamentals, think innovatively, and remain focused on the details I maintain the appropriate level of proficiency and keep myself technically competent in this ever-evolving career field. I ensure my decision-making is well-founded, impartial and documented thoroughly. Care for one another by sharing our knowledge and experiences I am committed to upholding a culture recognized for its competency, integrity, courage and professionalism. I am committed to ensuring my experiences, knowledge and skills are shared with fellow contracting professionals. Passionately protect the image of our Navy, SPAWAR our contracting profession I accept that compliance, credibility, and long-term reputation are more important than short-term gains. I ensure internal and external stakeholders in the acquisition process are aware of my commitment to the guiding principles and acquisition standards and regulations. I expect others in my profession to adhere to these principles and my mentoring and actions will reflect this expectation.

8 8 SPAWAR HQ Contracts Business Base ▼ SPAWAR HQ 2.0 support multiple customers and programs  PEO C4I, PEO SPACE Systems, PEO LMW, PEO EIS, and JPEO JTRS  Program Designations −ACAT 1 12 −ACAT 2 6 −ACAT 3 28 −ACAT 4 10 −NON-ACAT 94

9 9 2.0 Contracts Competency Business and Acquisition Excellence ▼ Provide innovative acquisition solutions ▼ Unlimited contracting authority ▼ $7.827B awarded in FY11 ▼ Use all contract types (CPFF, CPIF, FFP, FPI) (Contract Actions 28,804 FY11) $ Billion $1.49 Billion Contract Workload Small Business 21.34% ▼ series contract specialists

10 10 FY12 YTD- Awarded Contracts “Continued activity of new contracting opportunities.” Data date: 6/7/2012

11 11 SPAWAR Claimancy YTD as of June 07, 2012 Small Business Statistics GoalAchieved SB Prime 20.25%19.72% SDB 6.60%7.71% SDVOSB 1.70%2.47% WOSB 3.30% 4.30% HUBZone.90%1.73%

12 12 IT Acquisition Approval Process (ITAAP) – Purpose ▼ Gain visibility and ultimately achieve strategic sourcing of all IT procurement. ▼ Additionally, this effort will provide a single enterprise-wide approval process for attaining a consistent, repeatable, automated capability for IT procurement transparency, cost containment, and IT efficiency reductions. ▼ Gain insight into decision-making information in FY12.

13 13 ITAAP – Approach ▼ Single Approval Authority and Contracting Oversight for all IT Procurements  Does not consolidate budget within a Single BSO  BSOs/EIIs retain control and flexibility with mission driven IT Spend ▼ ITAAP – Use an existing tooI to speed and ease implementation  ITPR under $500K – Echelon II Control but info SPAWAR  ITPR equal to or greater than $500K – Requires SPAWAR Tech Authority and Acquisition approval − Over $1M requires BCA − Over $10M requires R3B approval

14 14 Navy Information Dominance Approval System (NAV-IDAS) Ech II CIO Recommends Technical/Acquisition Endorsement DDCIO (N) IT Expenditure Approval Authority (ITEAA) Echelon II Commands Procurement Requests > $500K < $500K BSO Approves/ Sends Funds ITAAP within NAV-IDAS Info ITPR BSO Approves/ Sends Funds Distributed Contracting Authorities SPAWAR IT Tech Authority (CHENG) BSO 39 / Contracts (IT Spend Visibility) ITAAP

15 15 PPBE IT Requirements IT Acquisition (Develop, Test, Produce, Install) Requirements Validation IT Policy & Compliance IT Expenditure & Monitoring IT Portfolio Management IT Policy Development IT Compliance Oversight IT Reporting (Budget) DON Enterprise Architecture Framework IT Governance IT Expenditure Reporting IT Efficiency work Echelon II CIOs: Implement & execute all IT IM/IT/IRM responsibilities on behalf of the Echelon I for their respective IT portfolio Fleet Input Tech Authority IT Policy Compliance Functional Area Managers Requirements Generation Complexity


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