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New 4-H Club Leader Orientation

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1 New 4-H Club Leader Orientation
JoLene Bunnell USU Extension 4-H Youth Agent Utah County

2 4-H History Began in 1902; Springfield, Ohio.
Started with the Corn Clubs for boys as a way to teach new agricultural techniques. Later expanded to Girls Canning Clubs to teach safe canning techniques. Expanded dramatically over past 100 years. Today teaches life skills development utilizing many different curricula. Open to rural and urban youth!

3 MISSION STATEMENT: To assist youth in acquiring knowledge, building character, and developing life skills in a fun learning environment that will enable them to become self-directing, productive members of society.

4 Approaches to 4-H Youth Development
Focus: Risks & Risk Factors Target: Social Norms & Communities Goal: Eliminate or Reduce Problems Focus: Skills & Knowledge Focus: Developmental Needs Target: Individual Learners Target: Opportunities for Youth Goal: Competency in Knowledge or Skill Goal: Maturity

5 Essential Elements of a Youth Development Approach
The Youth Development Approach considers the whole young person, not just a single characteristic or problem. Youth Development is dependent on family and community development as it occurs in the context of the family, community and society. Youth Development is designed to focus on the positive outcomes we desire for young people, not the negative outcomes we hope to prevent.

6 Eight Essential Elements for 4-H
A positive relationship with a caring adult A safe environment An inclusive environment Engagement in learning Opportunity for Mastery Opportunity to see oneself as an active participant in the future Opportunity for self-determination Opportunity to value and practice service for others

7 8 Elements distilled to 4 Concepts
Belonging Positive Relationship with a caring adult An inclusive environment A safe environment Mastery Engagement in Learning Opportunity for Mastery Independence Opportunity to see oneself as an active participant in the future Opportunity for self-determination Generosity Opportunity to value and practice service for others

8 The 4-H Youth Development Ideals
4-H Youth Development creates opportunities for youth to experience: Independence - Head Belonging - Heart Generosity - Hands Mastery - Health

9 4-H PLEDGE I pledge: My head to clearer thinking,
My heart to greater loyalty, My hands to larger service, and My health to better living For my club, my community, My country and my world.

10 I pledge my head to clearer thinking… (Independence)
Influence people and events Decision-making Leadership opportunities Self-discipline Responsibility Better understand themselves Become independent thinkers

11 I pledge my heart to greater loyalty… (Belonging)
Feel cared about Sense of “Fellowship” Feel physically and emotionally safe Relationships with a caring adult Current research suggests that a sense of belonging may be the single most powerful positive ingredient we can add into the lives of children and youth.

12 I pledge my hands to larger service… (Generosity)
Lives have meaning and purpose Learn to give back Connect to communities

13 I pledge my health to better living… (Mastery)
Experience success. Explore 4-H projects and activities. Master skills for career and life choices. Safe environment for making mistakes and getting feedback. Chance to excel. Develop own interests.

14 !!!Have Fun!!! All Youth need: To know they are cared about by others
-- (Belonging) To feel and believe they are capable and successful -- (Mastery) To gain leadership skills to influence people and events -- (Independence) To practice helping others through service -- (Generosity) !!!Have Fun!!!

15 Why is Meeting Youth Needs so Important?

16 If Youth Needs are met in Positive Ways:
Youth develop characteristics most of us relate to character...

17 If Youth Needs are met in Negative Ways:
Negative needs can become defining factors in the lives of youth...

18 If Need is Unmet: Some youth retreat or give up on getting needs met...

19 The Circle of Meeting Youth Needs
Behavior or characteristic Impacts Type of Response Need Met Positive/ Negative or Unmet Response - Increases Characteristic or Behavior

20 Motto, Slogan & Emblem To Make the Best Better A green 4 leaf clover
Learning By Doing

21 SIZE & SCOPE OF 4-H 6.8 million youth nationally Every county in USA
60 countries In Utah, 135,000 members 9,000 volunteers In Utah County, Over 2,400 members 451 volunteers

22 4-H Delivery Modes (i.e.., Ways to Be Involved)
4-H Clubs (ongoing groups that meet sometime throughout the year) 4-H Afterschool (school club work on project specific – only 4 schools in county) 4-H Mentoring (one-to-one mentoring program for youth – only 9 schools in county) Independent Study/Family 4-H (individuals or families learning on their own)

23 Age/Grade Divisions Cloverbud (Mini) 4-H Members: Grades K-2
Junior 4-H Members: Grades 3-5 Intermediate 4-H Members: Grades 6-8 Senior 4-H Members: Grades 9-12

24 Understanding “4-H Age/Grade”

25 Special Age-Related Rules
Must be 4-H Age 8 AND be in 3rd grade to “compete” in 4-H. Must be 4-H Age 8 AND be in 3rd grade to participate in large animal projects (livestock/horses). Home school youth use “age only” to determine eligibility. Must be summer after 9th grade to attend State 4-H Contests NOTE: Even as a Cloverbud, you are a real & bonafide 4-H member!

26 Earn 4-H Participation Award
Submit C-A-L Ranch Form on October 1st for the past year’s work. Recognized at 4-H Achievement Night in November. May earn a Bronze, Silver or Gold 4-H Award. Receive a year of completion pin (only if attend Achievement Night).

27 Earning 4-H Portfolio Award
Submit Portfolio on October 1st each year. Recognized at 4-H Achievement Night in November. May earn numerous awards. 8 category awards Savings bonds Most outstanding

28 Earn Event Awards Contests County Fair Livestock Shows Horse Shows
Certificate of Participation Trophy Winners County Fair Danish System Purple Blue Red White Livestock Shows Horse Shows

29 Steps to Become a 4-H Club Leader
Complete a 4-H Volunteer Application. Background screening/reference check conducted. Attend New 4-H Leader Orientation. You are now an official 4-H club leader and you can organize and enroll your club

30 4-H Club Enrollment Complete group enrollment form
Or re-enrollment forms $4 enrollment fee per youth annually Release Forms: Code of Conduct, Medical, and Photo (require parent’s signatures) Submit to 4-H Office by June 15th each year Organize Club (select name, officers, what projects to complete, etc.)

31 4-H Curriculum Eight Curriculum Areas
Citizenship & Civic Education Communication & Expressive Arts Consumer & Family Sciences Environmental Ed. & Earth Sciences Healthy Lifestyles Personal Development & Leadership Plants & Animals Science & Technology

32 The 4-H Club Meeting

33 4-H Core Leader Training
The four training sessions that make up 4-H Core Leader Training include: The Fair, Contests & Other 4-H Events 4-H Awards, Scholarships & Recognition for Members & Club Leaders Leading a Successful 4-H Club 4-H Portfolios

34 Resources & Support 4-H Extension Staff Members
Utah County 4-H Newsletter 4-H Websites: Ongoing Leader Training, Leadermete Core Leader Training Successful Club – February 22, 1:00-2:30 Fair, Contest, Events – March 10, 1:00-2:30 Recognition – April 29, 9:30-11:00 Utah 4-H Portfolio – April 29, 11:00-12:30 4-H Leader’s Council

35 Volunteer Handbook Key Policies & Risk Management
Insurance (liability & accident) Club bank accounts Fundraising Club inventory Member transportation Above suspicion policy Reporting of suspected child abuse Use of photos 4-H animal care policy Alcohol and drug use policy Release forms

36 Summary Thank You Any Questions JoLene Bunnell – 4-H Youth Development
Jim Jensen – 4-H Youth Development Kathy Dimick – Afterschool & Mentoring Linda Stiener – Secretary 100 E Center, L-400 Provo, UT 84606

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