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General Music Day Three.

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1 General Music Day Three

2 Bell Work How To Always LABEL you bell work with the date.
You may use the same page for several of your bell works. ALWAYS use at least THREE complete sentences to answer the question. Save your bell work for bell work check in’s. If you miss class, you may go onto Mrs V’s website to get the missed bell work question. It is YOUR responsibility to get the bell work completed.

3 Bell Work #3 Composers use many different instruments to create works of music. List some of the instruments whose sounds you can identify. Choose your favorite of these instruments, and tell why you like it best. Use three complete sentences!

4 Planner Homework: Music Notation Worksheets 2, 3, 4, & 5

5 Worksheet Check: Notation worksheets 2 & 3

6 Today I will learn: I will continue to review notes and rests.

7 Music Notation Practice

8 Review Worksheet 2 & 3

9 Time Signature 4/4 Time: creating measures
Practice creating measures of music

10 Musical Math

11 Worksheet Packet Homework
Worksheet 4 & 5 due tomorrow.

12 Exit: 3-2-1 Use complete sentences
1. Write down three things you found interesting about today’s lesson. 2. Write down two things you learned. 3. Write down one question you still have about today’s topic.

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