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Making Progress Professor Martin Gibson, Director GM CLRN.

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1 Making Progress Professor Martin Gibson, Director GM CLRN



4 IMPROVE AND INNOVATE Can data make us well? Need new tools to make sense of the quantity and quality of information available Unlocking important information from messy data Joining care across traditional boundaries, including academia, social care and health

5 Real-world Evidence Engine? Research Commissioning Governance Diabetes Cancer TSUNAMI of DATA BLIZZARD of MODELS/METHODS and LITERATURE Silo k… DROUGHT of EXPERTISE PROLIFERATION of PIPELINES

6 Looking Behind the Codes UK Diabetes Prevalence from Different Databases From E. Kontopantelis & T. Doran Consider the GP annotation on a diabetes code “DM r/o”

7 Improved liver function (pooled) = 0.15 (se=0.009), p<1x10 -59 Similar effect alone or with other drugs {G = 0.12; G+M = 0.16; G+S = 0.16; G+S+M = 0.15 G = glitazone, M = metformin, S = sulponylurea} First glitazone Rx Mean log(ALT) before Mean log(ALT) after Fitted trends do not join  evidence of glitazone effect on ALT Raw NHS Data: Too Messy? From M. Sperrin Trends in liver function among patients with type 2 diabetes: messy real-world data; effect consistent with best evidence.

8 IMPROVE AND INNOVATE Improving access to research Implementation of research knowledge Fifteen years from recommendations to complete uptake Access to better treatments More informed choice, enabling consent

9 SAFETY AND QUALITY Benefits for everyone Supporting patients - helping them know what they can do next and to contribute to their own care Supporting clinicians – providing the information required to make safer, better decisions linked with other healthcare colleagues Supporting commissioners - Providing the evidence base for improvement and measurement of performance over time Supporting research – supporting and evaluating new treatments and understanding the wider public health picture

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