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Howard Lake Fundraising UK Ltd How to fundraise with social media

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1 Howard Lake Fundraising UK Ltd @howardlake How to fundraise with social media

2 since November 1994

3 Summary why Facebook, Twitter etc matter to fundraisers approaches to use key tools to use how to measure results

4 © 2010 Fundraising UK Ltd 1. Why Facebook, Twitter etc matter to fundraisers Photo: weishenggg

5 They impact on all fundraising

6 Numbers of people 800+ million active users 50% of users log on to Facebook at least once each day More than 29 million active UK users (10% aged 50+) Average user creates 90 pieces of content each month 1 1

7 It’s the norm 57% of over-16s in the UK are using the Internet for social networking, up from 43% in 2010 18% of those over 65 use social networks 31% of UK adults have sold something online –Office of National Statistics, September 2011

8 48 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute 2 billion video views each day More than 5 billion photos 200+ million users 100 million users 10 million users 10 million user IDs


10 If UK Internet use were just one hour September 2011 2 2 3.4 billion hours spent online in UK in August 2011


12 3 3

13 After Oct 2009 Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam appeal 4 4

14 5 5

15 © 2010 Fundraising UK Ltd 6 6

16 Free tools 7 7

17 Social media? It’s the web

18 2. What to do: approaches to use Photo:

19 Rule 1: follow your donors* * and sometimes your gut

20 Be focused Think of your online content as –owned –earned –bought

21 Owned content Make your website as good as it can be –support all fundraising –gather data –reflect the whole organisation –ensure it can be found easily on search engines



24 Expect & encourage help

25 © 2010 Fundraising UK Ltd

26 Encourage promotion You don’t even need a Facebook presence Add the ‘like’ button to your web pages More than 250 million people engage with Facebook on external websites every month

27 New: social search

28 Now, start watching Search for and identify those who mention you



31 Think local; find influencers Find influential Twitterers in your town:

32 Find friendly bloggers

33 How valuable is a tweet? Facebook shares generated an average of $2.52 Email shares worth $2.34 LinkedIn shares worth $0.90 Tweets just $0.43


35 Add social media to email

36 1. Key tools, why they matter 3. Key tools

37 © 2010 Fundraising UK Ltd

38 On Twitter we found...


40 Twitter got us on BBC 1 One Show

41 Free agent fundraisers Expect more of us! We’ve got the tools and we know how to use them! Find your free agent fundraisers, inspire them, support them: search social media regularly make photos, images, text available for them to share Expect them to be ahead of you Don’t expect to keep them as committed donors


43 Using Facebook

44 © 2010 Fundraising UK Ltd

45 How to post effectively Frequency Timing Length Content types


47 Make a better page Explore other orgs’ Facebook pages What do they do (well)? What should your page do?

48 Link Facebook to your site

49 Make supporter actions social 20% of sponsors do this For every person who shares a link via Facebook Connect, one person comes back to Justgiving

50 Social commerce



53 Add clickable links to videos


55 Write for retweeting Want others to retweet your message? Since retweets insert the sender’s Twitter name at the beginning, don’t use all 140 characters How much space? 20 characters? Photo: gingiber on

56 26 October 2010


58 Now phone blogs (phlogs) The Children’s Trust broadcast live online via mobile phone at 2009 London Marathon

59 4. How do you measure impact?

60 Use tools’ own stats


62 The activity during the Spending Review announcement last week from October 19th - 23rd impressions-on-twitter-last-wee

63 Track URL clickthroughs

64 5. So, what should you do? Be clear what your objectives are Get the basics of your website and email communications right (Re)build for mobile Use third-party online fundraising services Explore social networking sites (search for your charity) and tools e.g. RSS, blogs. Build community – encourage users to add their content on your site (or your areas on other sites)

65 © 2010 Fundraising UK Ltd Ask and learn in person

66 The revolution will not be televised. It will be YouTubed.

67 Find out more www.fundraising.c

68 Thank you Howard Lake Fundraising UK Ltd 01206 579081

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