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City of San Marcos GIS Building an Enterprise GIS with Limited Resources Mettja Kuna.

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1 City of San Marcos GIS Building an Enterprise GIS with Limited Resources Mettja Kuna

2 Presentation Outline About the City History of GIS at San Marcos GIS Implementation Strategy GIS Hardware/Software Infrastructure Overview GIS Integration with 3 rd -party Applications – Lucity – TrakIT – Laserfiche – Silverlight/HTML5.0 Web Applications

3 About San Marcos  Incorporated in 1963 (Happy 50 th !)  Fire District: 32.85 sq mi  Sphere: 33.13 sq mi  City: 24.34 sq mi  Population: 83,781  # of City Employees: 228 Full- time, 132 Part-time  4 Full-time in IT

4 History of GIS at San Marcos Hired 1 full-time GIS staff (2006) Started in Engineering, moved to Development Services (Planning, Engineering, & Building), ended up in IT (2008) Reached out to GIS Community for advice, data sharing Hired interns (both paid and volunteer) to start data collection Hired consultant to help develop Enterprise Data Model (2008) Administration Housing & Neighborhood Services Finance IT GIS Fire Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Public WorksEngineering Stormwater Community Services Development Services Building Planning

5 GIS Hardware/Software Infrastructure Database Server – SQL Express – 2 vCPUs – 8 GB vRAM – 70 GB/500 GB HD Web/Application Server – 2 vCPUs – 12 GB vRAM – 70 GB/100 GB HD ArcGIS Server Workgroup 10.1 sp 1 – Limited to 10 Concurrent editor – Max 10 GB database size

6 GIS Implementation Strategy Centralized administration of SDE and GIS Server Decentralized editing and map creation – 4 departments editing data – 22 Staff with Desktop access Department-led data collection efforts primarily through grants Open web application giving Staff access to all layers in SDE GIS at core of citywide systems

7 Lucity (formerly GBA) Asset Management/Work Order system Implemented in 2008 Live sync with GIS – Stormwater, Street Lights, Trees, Signs, Weed Abatement, Intersections, Streets In the process of field access/tablets & web interface

8 Lucity Desktop

9 CRW Systems TRAKiT Land Management System that includes permits, business license, code enforcement, and project tracking Started implementation in 2011, went live in 2012 Weekly Python scripts for spatial joins (35) pushing GIS data to TRAKiT (read- only)

10 Laserfiche GIS linked to Grading Plans, Improvement Plans, Parcel Tax Maps, and Building Plans Indexing of documents from GIS addresses (Laserfiche Workflow)

11 CoSMO2.0 (City of San Marcos Overview) Silverlight Application (code purchased from Web-GIS Solutions) - Configuration took a while, but well worth the investment HTML5.0/Javascript Field Application

12 Summary of Tips Get help, reach out to GIS Community Choose consultants wisely Develop relationships with Staff and keep communication lines open Empower Staff Remind departments that you do work for all departments Assess your needs regularly (do we really need 12 licenses?) Automate workflows as much as possible

13 Thank You! Questions?

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