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Coming to America Civil Rights Presentation By: Mike K.

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1 Coming to America Civil Rights Presentation By: Mike K.

2 Capture After kidnapping potential slaves, merchants forced them to walk in slave caravans to the European coastal forts, sometimes as far as 1,000 miles. Shackled and underfed, only half the people survived these death marches. Those who reached the coastal forts were put into underground dungeons where they would stay, sometimes for as long as a year, until they were boarded on ships.

3 Left To Die On the march to the transport boats some were to weak to go on so they were either killed or left to die, hundreds or even thousands of miles away from their home.

4 Camp When the capturers set up camp, the captives had to sleep outside without shelter, while being watched by several guards. (to make sure they didn’t get away.)

5 The Trade Ships This illustration shows a blueprint of how slave traders packed in slaves between the decks. They say that with this design they could fit 482 men, women, and children. The recorded max. is 609.

6 On The Ship Once on the ship the slaves were crammed in like sardines in between decks. This means they had to sit in each others feces, urine, and sometimes blood. This meant diseases like yellow fever and smallpox spread like crazy.

7 Overboard When diseases broke out some of the slaves got sick and some were too sick to save, so they were thrown overboard.

8 Restraints If the slaves “misbehaved” they were forced to wear iron muzzles.

9 “Slave Factory” Here is a warehouse where the English “stored” the slaves.

10 Slave Traders Once slaves got to America they were almost immediately torn away from their families.

11 Advertising CHARLESTOWN, April 27, 1769 TO BE SOLD, On Wednesday the Tenth Day of May next, A CHOICE CARGO OF Two Hundred & Fifty NEGROES: ARRIVED in the Ship Countess of Sussex, Thomas Davies, Master, directly from Gambia, by JOHN CHAPMAN, & Co.

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