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New Manchester High School 4925 Hwy 92/166 Douglasville, GA 30135 Connie Craft, Principal

3 Graduation Coach/BRIDGES
Last Names (A-G) Department Head Mrs. Nicole Watson Last Names (H-O) Mrs. Pam Cummings Last Names (P-Z) Mrs. Lori Tyson Graduation Coach/BRIDGES Mrs. Mari McKnight Career Center Clerk Mrs. Pam Morris

4 High Schools in Douglas County
Alexander Cougars Chapel Hill Panthers Douglas County Tigers Lithia Springs Lions New Manchester Jaguars Each unique…..but all have the same graduation requirements

5 * Specific Sequence of Course Requirements
(MINIMUM) * * * * * * Specific Sequence of Course Requirements

6 A-B SCHEDULE Students may earn up to 8 units/credits per year.
Must pass 6 units to be a Sophomore – at least 1 English & 1 Math. Most students will have two core/academic classes per semester and 2 electives per semester. Students take 8 classes per year Students take 4 classes each day Each class is 90 minutes. Each class counts as 1 unit/credit. Health & Personal Fitness are .5 units/credits.

7 FRESHMEN CLASSES Academically, high school can be a difficult adjustment. Some classes can cause a struggle because EVERYTHING COUNTS! Even in the first year….

8 Don’t Play Catch up With Grades
High School GPA is a cumulative total. EVERY course counts. If you get behind, by failing one or more courses, it is hard to recover and if you can recover it will take the remainder of your high school career. A B

ALL 9th graders take: 9th Lit/Comp American Government Coordinate Algebra Biology I Health/PE 4 electives

10 FOREIGN LANGUAGE Students planning to attend a four year post-secondary school must take 2 foreign language classes in the same language. All DCSS high schools offer Spanish and French. 9th graders are typically unable to take foreign language classes due to upper class scheduling. If a student completed two years of a foreign language in middle school he/she is automatically placed in the second year of that language during 9th grade.


12 NMHS Career Pathways

WHEN YOU NEED HELP, ASK!! Classroom Teacher Tutoring 9th Literature & Reading Lab Bridges Tutoring Special Education SST

14 BRIDGES Building Rigor in Douglas to Graduate Every Student Smaller Learning Communities Grant
Freshman Summer Camp Freshman Fiesta Freshman Academy Mentors & Buddies Freshman Parent Night Freshman Enrichment Trip Advisement After School & Saturday Tutoring Freshman Newsletter Freshman of the Month

15 9th GRADE IS IMPORTANT! Bring your “A GAME” everyday!
HOPE scholarship Freshman Index (college admissions) Superintendent Scholar Award (3.5 GPA first semester, no grade below “B”) For promotion to 10th grade (have to earn 6 units) – no more “placement” in the next grade. You MUST earn units to go to next grade level. While possible, it is difficult to recover from failing grades! Bring your “A GAME” everyday! Your future depends on it!

16 End of Course Tests: *9th grade
Your students will be taking several state mandated End of Course Tests (EOCT) throughout their high school experience. The EOCT counts for 20% of the final semester grade. The following courses have an EOCT. *9th Grade Literature American Literature *Biology Physical Science *Math (9th and 10th) Economics US History *9th grade

17 How can I be notified about my child’s progress?
Grades will be sent home every 9 weeks. Parents can view their child’s attendance, grades, and comments from the teacher through Parent Portal/Link Free Parent Link Mobile Application for Smartphones available in August

18 Student Involvement: Activities
Spanish Honor Society Science National Honor Society Student Government Association (SGA) Beta Club New Manchester Chess Masters DECA FBLA FCCLA First Priority French National Honor Society HOSA National Art Honor Society National Honor Society Key Club Reading Bowl Student Council International Club Fine Arts Club

ALL 1st time 9th graders are eligible At the end of December: Meet GHSA criteria Pass 5 out of 8 classes Be on “track” Obtain 5 units by 10th grade Obtain 11 units by 11th grade Obtain 17 units by 12th grade Athletic Director: Mr. Shawn Bissell

20 Jaguar Sports: FALL WINTER SPRING Football Wrestling Baseball Softball
Basketball Track Cross Country Swimming Tennis Cheerleading Golf Volleyball Soccer

21 High School has a dress code.
Poor attendance will negatively affect your student’s academic progress. Discipline issues can make your child miss classes and fall behind in work



24 SWD = Saturday Work Detail
TARDY to class….. SWD = Saturday Work Detail

25 Follow us: @NewManchesterHS
For additional information, please contact: Angela Holley Assistant Principal of Freshman Academy


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