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Anthony Cross Sr. Product Manager Microsoft Corporation BAS200.

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2 Anthony Cross Sr. Product Manager Microsoft Corporation BAS200

3 Join the Microsoft Dynamics CommunityJoin the Microsoft Dynamics Community Identify SharePoint Opportunities with Microsoft Dynamics GP Complement your existing Microsoft technology investments with Microsoft Dynamics GP

4 Supply Chain Management Supply Chain Management Financial Management Financial Management Customer Relationship Management Customer Relationship Management

5 “Individuals hold the key to the knowledge economy and most of it is lost when they leave the enterprise ” Gartner

6 Unstructured Structured Infrastructure Desktop Data CenterData Center

7 Create Invoice Retire Lead Retire Lead CompleteSale Closed? CreateQuoteCreateOppt’y Qualified? CreateLead Structured Delivergoods

8 15% Benjamin (Marketing Manager) Vince (Operations Manager) Debra (Office Manager) Terrence (Outbound Technician) Business Management Solution 85% 15% Power Users Information Workers


10 John Dooley Partner Technology Specialist Microsoft Corporation

11 How many businesses will be trying to do less with more this year? How many businesses believe that competition will be less this year? How many businesses believe globalization will slow down this year? How many businesses expect more from their software ? 11

12 DocumentCreation Collaboration Search Processes ERP CRM Ad Hoc Workflows And Tasks StructuredData Hard Drives and File Shares EnterpriseApps RelationalDatabase Traditional IT Investments Traditional IT Investments Unstructured Work Unstructured Work Coordinate teams & share knowledge Simplify access to business applications Find and use information Manage content with security & compliance Automate business process Use data to drive business decisions 12

13 New Customers creation Is there a process to create a customer? Is there more than one participant in the process? Does every company do it the same way? Does the typical ERP System do all the things that need to be done to create a customer? Present day data centric applications need to change 13

14 Adding a customer Collect the information Confirm complete and correct Assign Sales and Territory Establish credit limit Establish and collect Tax information records Review selling/contractual obligations Send welcome kit Create customer record in the BackOffice Notify sales rep of customer # In the past most ERP systems often ignored processes and workflow and focused on data Changing this requires an adaptable “role” and process centric application 14

15 Fill out new customer formSales RepNot typically Collect the customer informationShared- Cust,Rep,Admin Maybe Confirm complete and correctAdmin,AccountingYes Assign Sales and TerritorySales AdminMaybe Establish credit limitAccounting MgtYes Establish and collect Tax information records Accounting AdminMaybe Review selling/contractual obligations Legal/Sales/FinanceNot typically Review and approve customerCommittee/FinanceNot typically Send welcome kitSales AdminMaybe Create customer record in Great Plains Finance/ Sales Order Admin Yes Notify sales rep of customer #Accounting / Admin/ Rep Maybe Tasks to create a customerOwner Biz App User

16 BusinessProcess Personal Productivity ReadyTogether Workflow Search Server Side Business Intelligence Client Side Business Intelligence User Interface Task Panes and lists 175 Excel Report Templates


18 Kevin Browne – VP of Sales (1)Enters Employee Setup Request for Monica Brink Ken Kunos – Accounting Manager (1)Completes Recruiting Fees section of Employee Setup form and submits AP Voucher to GP Tim Litton – IT (1)Fills in Monica’s computer specification on Employee Setup request and submits PO to GP (2)Adds Monica to Domain 18

19 Tim Litton Submits Purchase Order for Processing (1)Reviews PO for Monica’s Computer in GP (2)Submits the Purchase Order for approval Ken Kunos – Accounting Manager (1)Reviews the details of PO using SharePoint Server (2)Provides final sign off on PO using SharePoint Server Phyllis Rago – Purchasing Manager (1)Reviews details of PO using Dynamics GP (2)Approves PO and Send to Ken for final Approval Alicia Stevens – Payables & Purchasing Entry (1)Views PO workflow history in Dynamics GP and continues to process document 19


21 Vince – Operations Manager (1)Accesses the Overstocked Items report in Microsoft Office Excel from the Microsoft Dynamics GP Report List. (2)Modifies an Excel report and stores it on the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server for Charlie to view. Kevin – Sales Manager (1)Uses Windows Internet Explorer to access a Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services Report on the road to verify an order can be fulfilled to meet a customer’s needs. Charlie – President (1)Accesses report using Outlook (2)Can refresh the data in the report at any time to make sure he has the most up to date information.

22 demo



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