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3GPP TSG GERAN OUTCOME OF GERAN WG4#8 Radio Aspects 5-7, February Rome, Italy.

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1 3GPP TSG GERAN OUTCOME OF GERAN WG4#8 Radio Aspects 5-7, February Rome, Italy

2 Introduction General information Main outcomes Future meetings, 2002

3 General information (1/3) The Joint WG4 & WG5 session held place during the meeting. Most of the delegates were participating at both WG4 & WG5 sessions and were requested to ask companies to send at least one dedicated to each group delegate. The GERAN WG4 meeting report could be found in GP-020474

4 General information (2/3) Workload … 101 contributions were considered during the meeting  54 CRs were agreed  The works have been started on the:  AMR NB  DTM Rel-4 - Delayed TBF

5 General information (3/4)  The Participated Companies were requested to provide input on the developing Test Cases for: Rel-5 - Wideband AMR - RLC/MAC (Iu interface CS and PS domain) - Enhanced power control - AMR 8 PSK HR - Selection/Reselections (GERAN>UTRAN) - Handover (GERAN>UTRAN PS).

6 General observations (4/4) Main topics :  Radio/Layer 1  GPRS  EDGE  Selection/Reselection, HO (2.5G, 3G)  LCS

7 Main outcomes – Layer 1(1/2) Seven documents were presented for new AMR NB Test cases, including co-channel rejection, reference sensitivities and BFI. The AMR related CRs has been presented, are for both AFR and AHR. The BFI test cases for both FR and HR were agreed. The rest of the tests are planed to be done during the next WG4 meeting.

8 Main outcomes – Layer 1(2/2) There are number (26) of document were presented as a correction for the existing test cases related to selection/reselection. Document GP-020051 contained an Introduction to DTM Document GP-020052 contained an input on DTM Test Cases It is expected that the GERAN WG4 will receive the contributions related to the DTM tests cases developing at the next meeting.

9 Main outcomes – GPRS (1) GERAN WG4 has received a number of CRs to section 41, 42 and 43 of 51.010-1 There are 17 documents were presented related to S41 of the 51.010, 24 for S42 and 1 for S43. Most of the documents are the corrections for the existing test cases. The number of the documents are correction of the Procedure and Test Requirements.

10 Main outcomes – GPRS (2) The number of CRs are related on the need to align timing for the turning on the carriers at the appropriate time, that the reselection will be performed as expected by the test case. Some corrections were related to the correction of step references in Test Requirements. Number of the corrections are related on the need to align the test cases with the latest versions of the core specifications.

11 Main outcomes – EDGE There are relatively small number of documents were received by the GERAN related to the EDGE test cases. Document GP-020100 contained a correction to section - RR / Paging / on PCCCH for EGPRS service / extended paging with P-TMSI successful Document GP-020399 contained CR 51.010-1- 422 on S52.1 EGPRS Tests for MAC procedures on PCCCH in Idle Mode Document GP-020102 contained CR 51.010-1- 559 with a correction to sections,, and on Acknowledged Mode/ Downlink TBF

12 Main outcomes – LCS (1) GERAN WG4 have received fourteen Contribution for LCS for this meeting. The GP-020211 as a Revised LCS Work Plan. Document GP-02125 contained a CR to 51.010-1 on E-OTD Timing Measurement Accuracy. EOTD-Capable MS Test Platforms were discussed and included into 3GPP TS 51.010 in Annex 6.

13 Main outcomes – LCS (2) There are essentially three subjects; i.e. sensitivity, interference and multipath which are the requirements from 05.05. It was decided that three corresponding test cases should be written. An example of how this should be done was provided in document GP- 020389 (CR 616) which is a combination of GP-020126 and GP- 020133

14 Main outcomes – LCS (3) It was suggested that some of the parameters are very tight and accuracy may not be feasible. It was proposed to ask GERAN that more test equipment manufacturers attend WG4 to ensure that the proposed block-diagram being elaborated are possible.

15 Future meetings - 2001 The next GERAN WG4 meeting will be collocated with TSG GERAN, April 2002.

16 Future meetings - 2002 TSG GERAN meetings #9, 15-19/04 #10, 24-28/06 #11, 26-30/08 #12, 18-22/11

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