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The Solution is SHRM Dianna Gould, SPHR, CAE April 2014

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1 The Solution is SHRM Dianna Gould, SPHR, CAE April 2014
In today’s program, I will review how SHRM resources can help you do your jobs more efficiently and effectively every day. In the next XX minutes, you will learn about some of SHRM’s newest resources and might be reminded of some that you forgot about. I promise that by the end of this presentation, you will be ready to go back to your office to use your SHRM membership to its fullest extent. April 2014 ©SHRM 2014

What does SHRM provide to members? SHRM MEMBERSHIP PROVIDES… Information 24/7 Education and Professional Development Personalized Help with HR Challenges Networking Advocacy Recertification Credits SHRM offers its members resources that can be categorized in these areas: Information, Education, Personal Assistance, Networking, Advocacy, and Recertification Credits. I will touch on some of the resources in each of these areas. Keep in mind that this is a presentation with a defined amount of time, which means that I can’t possibly tell you about all the resources available. This program will highlight only some of the benefits that you might find important.

3 WHAT IS SHRM? Over 275,000 members strong, SHRM is the world’s largest association devoted to HR management. Our mission is to: Build and sustain partnerships to address people management challenges that influence the effectiveness and sustainability of their organizations and communities Provide a community to share expertise and create innovative solutions on people management issues Proactively provide thought leadership Serve as an advocate to ensure that policy makers, law makers and regulators are aware of key people concerns facing organizations and the human resource profession SHRM continues to grow in professional memberships and is the world’s largest association devoted to HR management. At the end of 2013, SHRM had over 275,000 members in 160 countries. It’s mission is (review the slide) In case you are interested, SHRM has about 18,000 student members, about 575 professional chapters, and about 400 student chapters.

4 Keep your certification current with membership
WHY BE A MEMBER? Keeping your HR skills and knowledge up to date may be the key to landing a new job or holding on to the one you have—SHRM can give you a competitive edge Being indispensable when your company is downsizing is easier with SHRM’s resources at your fingertips Getting involved in your professional association will give you the connections you need to maintain your network; many volunteer opportunities exist Keep your certification current with membership If you ARE a SHRM member, let me share with you a few reasons why you will want to continue your membership. If you are NOT a member, I will tell you why you should consider joining. Right now, many companies are trying to hire top-notch HR professionals. You’ve heard and experienced that it is getting more difficult to attract top talent. If you are seeking a new job, make yourself stand out by staying up to date on all the latest HR news and issues. You can read the HR news each day on the SHRM website. You can keep up with the latest state and national legislative and legal news. Use your SHRM knowledge in the interview process. Let them know you are staying on top of the latest HR issues. If you are concerned about keeping the job you have, make yourself indispensable to your employer. SHRM membership can give you a competitive edge at work. The online resources will allow you to find answers and information quickly. It will make your job easier! Getting involved in SHRM will also give you the connections to maintain your HR network – volunteer in your local chapter or on the state council. You never know who might want someone with your expertise. Many SHRM volunteers have obtained new jobs through their SHRM network. By volunteering, you will also gain new skills or hone those you already have as a leader. And finally, SHRM can help you maintain your certification with ways to earn free credits! There are many online webcasts, and almost all of them are FREE. You can view the archived ones as well, and earn strategic and global credits!


6 HR TOPICS & STRATEGY Free to members, these online topic overviews provide the latest news, research articles, webcasts, and discussion forums for each discipline: Benefits Business Leadership Compensation HR Consulting Workplace Diversity Employee Relations Ethics & Sustainability Global HR Labor Relations Organizational & Employee Development Safety & Security Recruiting and Staffing Management Technology A great online benefit are the HR Disciplines. They include Benefits, Business Leadership, Compensation, HR Consulting, Workplace Diversity, Employee Relations, Ethics & Sustainability, Global HR, Labor Relations, Organizational & Employee Development, Safety & Security, Recruiting and Staffing Management, and Technology. This site provides concentrated information on the topics and includes access to news, research articles, webcasts, and discussion forums on each of the disciplines. Maybe you are already an expert in one of these areas, such as diversity. If so, these resources can keep you informed of the latest information in your specialty area. If you are a generalist, these resources will give you deeper knowledge of specific HR expertise areas. Many of the discipline areas also have topic-specific e-Newsletters to which you can subscribe.

7 Contact the HR Knowledge Advisors by: Phone: 800-283-7476, available
HR ANSWERS Contact the HR Knowledge Advisors by: Phone: , available 8:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. ET Complete the form online Online location: They are certified, experienced HR professionals (most >15 years) here to serve you! How many of you have called the SHRM Knowledge Center? [wait for hands] Would anyone like to share their experiences? [wait for a volunteer or two and call on them] This is one of the best benefits SHRM offers! However, so many of our members have never used it! The Knowledge Center is staffed from 8:30 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. Eastern time, which means it is available until the close of business Pacific time. You can call the toll-free number to connect or send an . Ask any HR-related question. The knowledge advisors will research your questions an provide an answer, including the resources where the answer came from so you’ll have proof of your answer. It’s that simple. This is a great tool when you just don’t have time to find an answer yourself. “My SHRM membership gives me a sense of security; I know who I can turn to.” — Joanna Markle Member since 2008

8 HR ANSWERS Express Requests
A self-service online tool that allows you to request and receive information on a wide variety of HR topics via Express Request responses are available 24/7 Topics include Audits, attitude surveys, behavioral interviewing Salary surveys Seasonal topics (inclement weather, March Madness, open enrollment, etc.) Links to law firms' newsletters; directories for locating employment lawyers for each state HR competencies, HR career development and more We hope that you are familiar with Express Requests. There is a long list of topics, and you select the topic you want information on. Upon submission of your request, you’ll receive an instant return with all the information SHRM has about that topic. It also includes links to other non-SHRM sources of information about the topic. It is like a “reverse toolkit,” where the information is sent to you rather than your having to find it. There are dozens of topics available. Some of the most popular topics available through this page include audits, attitude surveys, behavioral interviewing, HR strategic plans, job descriptions, and posters.

9 Turn to other SHRM members through:
HR ANSWERS Turn to other SHRM members through: Member Directory, searchable by industry and geography SHRM Connect groups HRTalk discussion boards You can post anonymously to discuss sensitive situations Want answers from other HR professionals? You can view the SHRM member directory online and search by name, city/state, or industry, among other things. You can also go to SHRM Connect to post your question to existing groups or on HR Talk discussion boards. It’s easy to get feedback from your peers.

10 More than 45 new webcasts per year
Learn new HR information right at your desk – no missing work or travel costs! Free for SHRM members More than 45 new webcasts per year Participation earns recertification credits – some strategic and global, and some for California Archived for viewing at your convenience at ANY TIME How many of you have participated in a SHRM webcast? [wait for show of hands] How did you like it? [comments?] Webcasts are FREE on the SHRM site! (There are just a few on the latest legislation that are for a fee, but most are free.) They are basically one-hour online seminars that you can participate in right from your desk! They are accessible 24/7 and archived for later viewing. If you’re short a few recertification credits, spend some time at your computer and get all the credits you need from free, archived webcasts! There are more than 100 available, and they’re identified as general, strategic, or global. “It’s hard to imagine working in HR without this valuable resource.” — Brooke Kaercher, PHR Member since 2005

HR Magazine – also available for iPad HR News (online only) HR Week ( ) HR Discipline and other HR topic e-Newsletters Legal Report Research Quarterly (in HR Magazine) Sign up for ANY e-Newsletter at HR Magazine, just one of our award-winning publications, is issued once a month. The magazine is also available for iPad. HR News is available online only, and HR Week is a weekly newsletter. Anyone (even non-members) can receive HR Week just by signing up! Most of the HR disciplines referred to on a previous slide also offer e-newsletters. You can sign up for those in addition to other topics such as social media, job seekers, and workplace law.

12 Member-exclusive collection of articles
PUBLICATIONS Managing Smart – Articles for Supervisors Member-exclusive collection of articles Authoritative advice from SHRM to help line managers supervise their staffs. Addresses: Communicating, training, rewarding, and motivating employees Compliance with employment laws As a member of SHRM, you are authorized to distribute copies, excerpts, or s of the newsletter at your organization. When members find out about the data base of supervisory newsletter articles called “Managing Smart,” it quickly becomes one of their favorite resources! How many of you are responsible for your company newsletter? How many share articles with managers or supervisors on HR issues? Well, this is an online quarterly newsletter with articles about general management issues that you can use for your own company’s newsletter! And it’s free! You can use the entire newsletter with your company logo! There are great articles that you can share with your supervisors. Past issues are archived, so you can use articles from any year. Topics include motivation, dealing with problem employees, performance management, interviewing, managing stress, and much more.

13 300 Sample Interview Questions 350 Sample Policies 600 HR Forms
TEMPLATES & SAMPLES Discover answers to basic questions or complex matters involving all areas of HR with: 40 How-to Guides 67 Presentations 100+ Toolkits - information on any HR topic, all compiled in one easy-to-view page on 300 Sample Interview Questions 350 Sample Policies 600 HR Forms 700 FAQ 800+ Job Descriptions Here is a quick rundown of how many resources are available on the SHRM website in the Templates and Samples area. (read the list) You can see that there is never a shortage of information, and SHRM adds new resources all the time!

14 TEMPLATES & SAMPLES Practicing Strategic Human Resources
Hot Topic Toolkits Include… Practicing Strategic Human Resources Developing Human Resource Policies and Handbooks Managing FMLA Complying with California Overtime and Wage Payment Law Disaster Management Employing Older Workers Becoming a Military-Ready Employer Mergers & Acquisitions Closing a Business Operation Developing and Sustaining Employee Engagement Managing for Employee Retention Here are just a FEW of the toolkits on topics of interest, or “hot” topics as we say. [Review the list]

15 Corporate Communications Policy Employee Retention Bonus Policy
TEMPLATES & SAMPLES New and Featured Samples Corporate Communications Policy Employee Retention Bonus Policy Performance and Salary Reviews Outside Employment Policy Workplace Gambling Policy (sports pools, etc.) Succession Planning Policy Conflict of Interest Form Disaster Preparedness Checklist 360 Degree Feedback Form Here are a few samples that you may be interested in.

16 TEMPLATES & SAMPLES Crisis Management Planning
Training Presentations Crisis Management Planning Workplace Violence Training for Supervisors Documentation Training for Supervisors Federal Discrimination Laws Training for Supervisors Responding to Union Organizing FLSA Training for Supervisors Part I - V Your Hidden Paycheck: An Employee Communication Presentation Many more! SHRM has added a bank of sample training presentations. It can take a long time to develop a program! Just check the SHRM website to see if there is a program on the topic you need. There are dozens of “plug-and-play” training programs! In addition to those listed on this slide (go through a few), for example, if you are in the training section under “benefits,” you will find presentations on FMLA, ADA, COBRA, wellness, and more. Under “diversity,” you will find training presentations on religion in the workplace and the business case for diversity. There are MANY more training presentations available. Don’t reinvent the wheel! 16 16

17 TEMPLATES & SAMPLES Absenteeism Rates Cost per Hire FTE Calculation
HR Metric Calculators Enhance productivity and minimize costs by calculating: Absenteeism Rates Cost per Hire FTE Calculation Human Capital ROI Health Care Costs Per Employee Revenue/Profit Per Employee Training Costs Per Employee Time to fill Turnover Workers’ Compensation Cost Per Employee We can’t stress enough the impact that HR has on an organization’s bottom line. SHRM has the tools to prove it. If you’ve ever had to look up how to calculate any of these, you will appreciate that these calculations are all available in one location on the SHRM web site. [read the list] This is a short list—there are MANY others. You just plug in your numbers and the spreadsheet does the calculations for you!

18 TEMPLATES & SAMPLES How to Develop and Administer Military Benefits
How-To Guides Here are just a few topics—there are dozens! How to Develop and Administer Military Benefits How to Establish and Design a Wellness Program How to Write a Business Plan How to Establish a Performance Improvement Plan How to Handle Communicable Diseases in the Workplace How to Retain and File I-9 Forms How to Update or Re-verify I-9 Forms If you need to know how to accomplish many HR functions, check out SHRM’s How-To Guides! Here are a few examples. “The information I get from SHRM helps me determine what we need to do and the steps we need to follow. ” — R. Schaeffer Greene Member since 1982

As you can see here, SHRM has added videos to make it faster for you to get the information and news you need. I mentioned Focus on HR a moment ago. SHRM also provides videos on newsworthy HR topics, knowledge advisor answers to common questions, career advice, member HR stories, and videos from CHROs. You can find videos under the Publications tab.

20 SHRM VIDEOS 100+ Videos Available…
SHRM also has well over 100 other topical videos – here is a screen view of a few of them. Some topics include immigration compliance, military service interview questions, internal social networks, same-sex partner and spouse benefits, technology for promoting fitness, and MANY more.

21 RESEARCH & METRICS SHRM Benchmark Reports – Discounted for Members Human Capital Benchmarking (our most popular report) Job Satisfaction and Employee Engagement Employee Benefits Prevalence Benchmarking Health Care Benchmarking Retirement and Welfare Benchmarking Families and Work Institute’s Workplace Effectiveness and Flexibility Benchmarking New Report! Paid Leave SHRM provides customized benchmarking reports that can help you justify additional staff, defend your budget, and make the case for better benefits or compensation. There are over 100 benchmarks available for you to review. By using SHRM’s benchmarking data in your own company, you can also earn recertification credits. 21

22 RESEARCH & METRICS Customized Research Services Access the world’s largest global community of HR professionals for custom survey research projects. We explore a variety of topics for clients. Some examples of recent projects include perceptions about online university degrees, hiring veterans with disabilities, employee benefits and diversity. SHRM will develop the survey questions in conjunction with your organization, administer the survey, analyze the data and deliver a comprehensive survey/poll-findings report. SHRM’s Customized Research Service affords organizations the ability to take the pulse of SHRM’s community of HR professionals. Our clients include corporations, academic institutions, associations and non-profits, and they routinely turn to us for reliable data they can use to develop or justify HR policies and practices. SHRM also will conduct member or constituent research on behalf of associations. Fees are based on the length of the poll/survey. There are different sponsorship options, which include recognition of your organization on the SHRM Survey Findings webpage.

23 RESEARCH & METRICS Research Concierge Service
Have a unique or complex research challenge — but lack the time, expertise or resources? SHRM stands ready to help. Just call SHRM does all the hard work — collecting, analyzing and organizing the information you need to make smart, evidence-based decisions for your organization. SHRM will deliver the output in a format that meets your specific needs and connects with your key constituencies. Fees are based on scope of project. SHRM’s Research Concierge Service is relatively new! If you have a research issue that is going to take too much time or you’re not sure how to do it, let SHRM do the work! There is a fee for members, but imagine how much time you’ll save. SHRM will provide a report that is specific to your organization.

24 RESEARCH & METRICS Leading Indicators of National Employment (LINE)
The SHRM LINE Employment Report covers the service and manufacturing sectors on key areas for recruiting each month: Projects hiring expectations a month ahead Presents month-to-month data on new-hire compensation Reports degree of difficulty recruiting highly qualified candidates Released one month prior to Bureau of Labor Statistics Employment Situation Report SHRM provides a great resource called LINE: Leading Indicators of National Employment. These days, it is important to keep up with what is going on in the job market. LINE offers information such as recruitment numbers, compensation changes, and hiring expectations. Here is a small sample from the April report. You can also see that month’s job market numbers.

25 RESEARCH & METRICS People Insight – Customized Job Satisfaction Survey Service SHRM’s People InSight survey service focuses on more than 35 different aspects of job satisfaction and 34 additional factors relating to employee engagement — providing very specific information on the type of work environment employees value. The survey will be administered online by SHRM to your employees. Results are provided by individual department and overall employee population, and benchmarked against overall norms, including industry and organization staff size, in SHRM’s database of 10,000 employees. Receive a final comprehensive report within 10 days. SHRM’s New People InSight survey service provides very specific information on the type of work environment employees value. SHRM’s database provides a wealth of trend data on various aspects including: Career development Relationship with management Compensation and benefits Work environment Engagement opinions Engagement behaviors Conditions for engagement The survey will be administered online by SHRM to your employees. Results are provided by individual department and overall employee population, and benchmarked against overall norms, including industry and organization staff size, in SHRM’s database of 10,000 employees. Receive a final comprehensive report within 10 days.

35 different competency models Development 111 Focus Groups 29 cities globally 1200 HR Professionals globally Survey of 640 CHROs CONTENT VALIDATION 2012 Competency Validation Survey 32,000 HR Professionals globally at all career levels (entry, mid, senior, executive) 33 Nations represented in total Over the course of the last few years we have conducted research to identify what it takes to be successful as an HR professional. This started with a review of existing HR competency models. Then, we went out to HR professionals at four stages of their careers (i.e., entry, mid, senior, and executive levels) to identify what competencies were needed regardless of role or enterprise size. Lastly, we conducted two surveys, a member-wide survey and a CHRO survey, to confirm the findings of our qualitative research. Over 30,000 HR professionals across the globe were surveyed.

27 Being a Career Partner SHRM HR Professional Competencies
HR Competencies I want to mention another tool that will be helpful for you and your career development: our new HR Competencies model. Many members ask a simple but important question, “What do I need to know to be successful as an HR professional?” We wanted to provide a good, credible answer to that question. So two years ago, SHRM reached out to thousands of HR professionals around the world and we came up with nine core competencies for HR professionals. And our new model based on these competencies can help you determine areas to improve to move ahead in your career, and identify resources to get you there. Check it out online at SHRM takes our role as a career partner to you seriously; please take advantage of the many tools, resources and learning opportunities we provide.

28 SHRM EDUCATION Educational Opportunities with SHRM
Certification Preparation Recertification Graduation Exam for Students Available Delivery Methods Seminars (Face-to-Face and Virtual) Onsite Training Executive Education e-Learning Webcasts Professional development can be found in the SHRM educational opportunities. There are many ways to learn through SHRM programs. You can attend local or national certification preparation courses, and there are several types of HR educational programs that provide both a high-level overview and a more detailed review. You can take advantage of e-learning and webcasts right at your desk. Or you can have SHRM trainers come to your company site to deliver programs.

29 Earn recertification credits.
SHRM E- LEARNING Earn recertification credits. Choose from more than 200 courses and webcasts Comply with laws, regulations and policies with compliance courses. Self-paced learning – you decide where and when. Volume discounts available for both individuals and organizations. Free demos are available. Additional learning opportunities are offered through SHRM e-Learning which is available 24/7. You can take the courses yourself for HRCI credits, have your HR staff members take the classes, or even sign up your entire organization for online training, such as workplace harassment training, workplace violence prevention and more. SHRM keeps information about who completed the course and took the quizzes for your records.

Annual Conference & Exposition June 22-25, 2014 – Orlando, Florida Strategy Conference September 30 – October 2, 2014 – Las Vegas, Nevada Diversity Conference & Exposition October 13-15, 2014 – New Orleans, Louisiana Talent Management Conference & Exposition April 28-30, 2014 – Nashville, Tennessee Here is a list of upcoming SHRM conferences (read the list)

Certifying body for the PHR®, SPHR®, GPHR®, or PHR-CA™/SPHR-CA™ exams. Has awarded more than 130,000 credentials to HR professionals in more than 80 countries Member discounts available on exam fee and learning materials through SHRMStore Test your knowledge with the online assessment exam The PHR, SPHR, and GPHR are the certifications offered by the HR Certification Institute. You can add a California certification to your existing PHR or SPHR certification. There are over 120,000 professionals certified, and 20,000 more are taking the test each year. As a SHRM member, you get a discount to take the exam and you can register online. There is also an assessment exam. If you want to test your knowledge before taking the exam, sign up for this test. You can take it right at your desk—it is timed and offers questions to see how you would do.

Earn the credentials that set you apart Certification gives you recognition, credibility, a competitive advantage, professional growth and increased earning potential. SHRM offers premiere certification preparation tools with a unique SHRM Learning System for the PHR/SPHR, GPHR and California certification exams: For the PHR/SPHR exams – Professionals who use the #1 PHR/SPHR cert prep tool to prepare for the exams consistently beat the national pass rate. For the GPHR exam – designed for HR professionals with international and cross-border responsibilities. The #1 GPHR cert prep tool. For the PHR-CA/SPHR-CA exams – designed for HR professionals who practice in or do business with the state of California. The #1 PHR-CA/SPHR-CA cert prep tool. Being certified in your profession is the “gold standard” by which others are measured. It sets you apart and signifies that you know, understand, and practice the HR body of knowledge. The body of knowledge was recently updated. Studying for the certification exam is made easier through a study group or one of the tools available through SHRM. Self-directed learning tools are available for PHR, SPHR, GPHR, or California state-specific certification.

SHRM Learning System for the PHR/SPHR exams is the #1 study tool! Printed workbooks & Online Resource Center Mobile/e-reader accessibility for on-the-go studying Pre- and post-tests to assess knowledge Flashcards and glossary of key terms 1,500 practice questions Self-Study member price $695 Many chapters and local colleges also offer certification preparation courses that include the Learning System The SHRM Learning System has been recently updated! It is the #1 study tool. Be sure you have the most recent version before you begin to study. The laws change every year. The new version has many added upgrades, such as 1500 practice questions and 2 post tests. If you prepare through a chapter study group, those groups get a discount on the study materials.

Earn FREE Recert Credits Ways to get FREE recertification credits SHRM membership, 3 credits each year SHRM webcasts and archives Each webcast counts for at least 1 credit, and some are HR (PHR), some business (SPHR) and some global (GPHR) On-the-job learning If you are doing something NEW at work that broadens your knowledge of HR, it will count for credit (examples: rolling out a new 401K plan, developing a strategic planning for your department, researching new healthcare plans, developing a new compensation system Instruction: 1 hour taught = 1.5 credit hours awarded. Includes courses taught at work such as workplace violence prevention, sexual harassment prevention, supervisory training, safety training, etc. Research, write, or publish on HR topics, even in your local newspaper or chapter newsletter or website. Once you are certified, you must recertify every three years. You must earn 60 hours of credit during that time. If you are working on your degree, just one 15-week, 3-credit course counts for 45 credits! How many of you teach HR-related training programs in your organizations? That will count as 1.5 hours of credit for each hour you teach. You can’t count 10 sessions of the same course, however. You can count a training program only once. HR-related training, seminars, courses, etc., will count. It does NOT have to be “pre-approved.” When you learn something new at work, like when you roll out a new pension plan or 401K plan, that counts. If you write articles for a local business paper or conduct research, that counts. If you are on the board of this chapter or in an HR-related role on your Chamber board, or some other HR-related leadership activity, that counts. SHRM membership counts. Sessions you attend do not have to be pre-approved by HRCI. For example, you can attend an HR course offered by a local law firm, and that would count. It’s easy to get the 60 hours. Most people earn 60 hours of credit well before the deadline. Don’t let your certification lapse. Also, make sure that the Institute has your CURRENT contact information. HRCI and SHRM are separate organizations with different databases, so update your information with HRCI. All of their reminder notices are now sent via , so if they do not have your address, you will not receive a recertification reminder. Also, you can record all of your credits online as you go. You DO NOT need to provide any backup documentation for your credits unless requested. Keep them in case you are audited, but do not send them to the Institute. If you do not recertify before the 3-year deadline, you are no longer certified and must stop using the initials after your name. Keep your verification in case you are audited, but you do not need to turn it in. 34

NEW! Read Books for Credit! The SHRMStore now offers a select number of HR books that have been approved for either General or Strategic recertification credit. Purchase your book from the SHRMStore and receive a link for an e-learning test. After reading the approved book, simply complete the online test and score 70% or higher. You will then receive a program ID that entitles you to 2.5 credit hours. Up to 20 total credits are available in a three-year recertification cycle. Visit the SHRM Book Club for a list of the approved books. HRCI now will offer credit for reading certain pre-approved HR books. Review the list of books on the SHRMStore website and after you read the book, you can take a quiz online about what you read. Score at least 70% to get credit of up to 2.5 hours. You can earn up to 20 credits for reading over a three-year recertification cycle. 35

SHRM Connect contains your connections, your groups (communities), and your blogs with added benefits Now you see all open discussions on the SHRM Connect Home Page; write a blog, read a blog AND rate a blog!! Posting files is now easier and you can now tag them for search capabilities. Join the largest HR chat room in the world! Connect with thousands of SHRM members Start discussions; join groups Your profile is already there – just fill it in! SHRM Connect offers you an opportunity to create your own robust community of fellow HR practitioners. If you are a SHRM member, a site was automatically created for you. All you need to do is complete the profile and begin your networking. Some communities have already formed and you may find one that suits your needs or create your own. This is a great opportunity to create an industry-related group.

37 NETWORKING SHRM Social Media Sites
Like us on Facebook: Join discussions, share opinions, see HR news and events Follow us on For all things #HR Link in with us on LinkedIn Receive weekly s with motivational stories, events, discussions and more Read the SHRM Blog Follow SHRM chats, promotions and other events Subscribe to the SHRM YouTube channel Watch Focus on HR and other SHRM and HR videos There are many more ways that SHRM provides for your networking opportunities. Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, or read our blog!

38 Help you establish relationships and contacts with local companies
NETWORKING Get Involved in a Local Chapter; Volunteer 575+ local chapters give you a network of professional peers you can turn to for support Help you establish relationships and contacts with local companies Allows you to gain valuable information on state and local labor market conditions and issues Is a unique opportunity to develop leadership skills through volunteering Volunteering qualifies for recertification credits Joining a SHRM chapter like yours is a benefit for you as an active HR practitioner. It provides you with a network of professional peers right here in your community. It is an excellent way to gain valuable information on state and local labor market conditions and issues. Local programs are excellent opportunities for you to continue your HR development and, perhaps, earn recertification credits.

39 A Leading Voice of HR Advocacy
Top 10 list of accomplishments for 2013 SHRM Advocacy Team Immigration Reform Compensatory Time Legal Action on Presidential Appointments Member Advocacy Retirement Security Labor Certification Applications Supreme Court Action Workplace Flexibility Affirmative Action for the Disabled & Veterans Advocacy Advocacy We advocate daily on public policy issues that matter to you and your organizations, like immigration reform, tax reform and others. These issues are long and uphill battles. For example, for more than a decade, SHRM has been fighting to protect tax-free educational assistance provided by employers – an important way to get and keep the best talent. And last year, we were able to make it a permanent part of the tax code. We have a strong team at SHRM focused on making your voice heard and getting results. And our “A-Team”, or local advocacy initiative, is now one of the largest and strongest networks of its kind in the nation. In fact, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, who represents Virginia's 7th district in Congress, contacted the Advocacy Captain for his district to discuss immigration reform. [Suggestion: make more generic. Start with “We’ve become aware that legislative leaders are reaching out directly to advocacy captains to discuss employment related issues. For example…..insert example above or something local.] Guide is available for download and includes history of the issue and SHRM’s stance with talking points

40 ADVOCACY Public Policy Position Statements
SHRM develops Public Policy Position Statements on emerging HR public policy issues with the active participation of the volunteer members. To view a listing of these statements, go to SHRM has developed public policy position statements with the input of SHRM members and approval by SHRM’s board of directors. To review these position statements, go to the Advocacy page. The topics are listed here and are updated on a regular basis.

41 ADVOCACY HR Issues Update E-newsletter
HR Issues Update is SHRM's e-newsletter delivered every other week when Congress is in session. Provides current information on HR public policy topics like health care, leave rules and other workplace issues. No government jargon — just quick and concise news to help the HR professional stay informed on the issues that affect their jobs today or in the future. Sign up for the newsletter at Sign up to receive the HR Issues e-newsletter to keep tabs on the latest HR public policy topics like health care, leave rules and other workplace issues.

42 ADVOCACY SHRM’s Advocacy Team (A-Team!)
Developed to ensure when public policy decision- makers are developing workplace policy, the voice of the HR profession is heard through a “local network” SHRM members best understand and are best suited to communicate how public policy affects employees, employers and the HR profession as a whole Informs legislators of policy impacts upon employers in their districts In year four of five-year implementation SHRM’s Governmental Affairs Department has been working for the past several years on a grassroots effort to impact legislation through local involvement from members like you. That's why SHRM has embarked on a 5-year initiative to establish the SHRM Advocacy Team; a network of SHRM member advocates throughout all 435 congressional districts across America.

43 SLOAN AWARDS Applications Opened Up in January, 2014
The Sloan Award recognizes exemplary employers for making work “work” with workplace flexibility When Work Works offers free workflex assessment surveys of employers and employees as part of the Sloan Award application process All applicants get free, confidential reports comparing their responses to the biennial National Study of Employers Please visit for more information and to apply. When Work Works administers the Sloan Award which is open January- April each year. Take advantage of their free reports!

44 SHRM MEMBERSHIP Join or Renew Today!
$170 for first-time SHRM members ($.46 per day) First-time members in a chapter can use discount code 0118 when joining online $185 for renewing members $40 for students (6+ credit hours) Discounts are available for multi-year renewals SHRM Membership Nets Positive ROI Annual fee = cost of half-hour of consultant/attorney time Membership offers professional development without attending seminars Share the SHRM benefits with your employer to convince him/her of value to your organization The cost for membership for first-time members is $165 and for renewals is $180. For students enrolled in at least 6 hours, it is $35. If you are a chapter member and have never been a SHRM member, you can join using the promotional code 0118 to receive a discount. If you are having difficulty “selling” membership to your boss, consider this: The annual membership costs less than about one HOUR of an attorney’s or a consultant’s time. Also, you get professional development at your desk (no travel or hotel costs) and quick answers to your questions without leaving the office. If you want to ensure that your company continues to pay your membership fee, whenever you get an answer, an article, or a resource from the SHRM site, be sure to tell your boss where you got it. Show your boss the value your company is getting from SHRM.

45 We’ve run the numbers for you:
ROI OF SHRM MEMBERSHIP We’ve run the numbers for you: 12 Issues of HR Magazine $70 Reading 3 of the more than 50 research reports $299.85 Participation in 12 webcasts from other organizations $1,500 Savings by not having to pay some consultant fees Your estimate Full access to SHRM sample forms, policies, how-to guides and presentations $300 SHRM Membership Value = $ or higher Or maybe you can show this to your boss. If you subscribed to HR Magazine, your subscription alone would be $70. If you read three reports, those are worth about $300 each. Participate in the free SHRM webcasts that would cost $1500 from other providers. Don’t call lawyers and consultants when you need answers—call SHRM! Or look for samples on the site and save time as well as money! You Pay Only $185 for 1 year full professional membership

LEADING PEOPLE. LEADING ORGANIZATIONS. MAKING YOUR JOB (AND LIFE) EASIER. Information, education, networking, and advocacy information The latest HR news and compliance information Helping you become and stay certified in HR Developing the competencies needed for a successful HR career SHRM IS THE SOLUTION So, in the last XX minutes, you have learned about some of SHRM’s newest resources, and I hope you were reminded of some that you forgot about. At the start of the presentation, I promised that you would be ready to go back to your office to use your SHRM membership to its fullest extent. You learned about resources from SHRM for information, education, networking, recertification, and advocacy. I hope you have seen that SHRM can be your “solution” for doing your job more effectively and efficiently. SHRM is constantly adding new resources and trying to be ahead of the curve in providing you with what you need when you need it. As we close the program, I would like to ask you if you learned anything today that you didn’t know. Did you hear about a benefit you were not aware of? (Have participants discuss and share what they learned.)

47 Thank You Dianna Gould, SPHR, CAE
Field Services Director AK, ID, MT, OR, Pacific Council (GU & NMI) WA, WY

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