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MEMBERSHIP DEVELOPMENT Prepared by Gregory Yank Jerry Franklin Jane Molloy Zone 29 RIMZC.

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1 MEMBERSHIP DEVELOPMENT Prepared by Gregory Yank Jerry Franklin Jane Molloy Zone 29 RIMZC

2 OUR CHALLENGE GROW ROTARY More hands to deliver our product Increased capacity Increasing membership is a key critical success factor for Rotary’s Future 1.5 million by 2005

3 WORLDWIDE STATISTICS As of 30 June 04 1,219,532 31,936 675 New Clubs 17,276 Charter members

4 DEMOGRAPHICS USA/CANADA 80% MALE 20% FEMALE 51% ages 40-59 Years of Membership 25% = less than 3 years 15% = 3-5 years 19% = 6 to 10 years 41% = more than 10 years


6 NORTH AMERICA Top Reasons for Resigning Attendance Requirements Competing Priorities Relocation

7 OUR PROBLEM 10 % LOSS PER YEAR 90 % RULE We just don’t do it – We do not ask! Why don’t we do it? + Not our duty & responsibility +Not “top of mind” +Lazy

8 ROTAPHOBIA “The fear of inviting a potential new member to your club.” What is the cure? Take two friends to a Rotary club meeting and call me in the morning!

9 QUANTITY & QUALITY “There are so many qualified men and women just waiting for a Rotary invitation, even though they may not know it. Each of us, as Rotarians, must take that step and ask someone to become a member of a Rotary club.” Sam Green, 2003-04 Membership Development and Retention Committee Vice Chair We can have both Quantity & Quality – Why choose?

10 OUR SOLUTION RecruitNew members RetainThose we have recruited Organize New clubs (Extend Rotary) Set a goal (3% net increase) Agree that this is everybody’s business Focus and execute! Constant reinforcement from the top

11 Retention Organizing New Clubs Recruitment Membership Growth and Development

12 DUAL CHALLENGE Bringing in Quality Members Stopping the leaking, reducing the loss of members Both require clearly defined strategies

13 2004-05 Suggested Goals A three percent net gain in membership or minimum of two new members per club. Slowing attrition to less than three percent with a retention program Chartering at least one new club Encouraging diversity by inducting new members from different demographic groups

14 2004-05 Suggested Goals Inviting at least one Rotary Foundation alumna or alumnus to join a club Asking every new member to bring in one new member.

15 7 KEYS TO SUCCESSFUL MEMBERSHIP DEVELOPMENT Recruitment = Offense Strategy Identify potential new members Inform Invite

16 Successful Keys Continued Retention = Defense Strategy Orient Induct Educate Involve

17 SIMPLY STATED We all need to invite a friend to Rotary and give the gift we were given to someone else. Remember that day we received it? We need to ASK!! Let’s develop the value proposition Just do it!

18 Motivating Rotarians “Recipe for Success” Solid orientation Good fellowship Effective club leadership Interesting weekly programs Hands-on service projects Recognition Support for The Rotary Foundation

19 EFFECTIVE AND SUCCESSFUL Rotary Clubs Sustain and increase its membership Implement successful service projects Support the Rotary Foundation Develop leaders beyond the club level Without a successful Rotary club who would want to join?


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