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Gt eForms Library Thursday, April 06, 2017.

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1 Gt eForms Library Thursday, April 06, 2017

2 Agenda Introductions Collaborative Community GT eForm Clients
HR eForms – Implemented Personal Data Change Persons of Interest (POI) Additional Pay Position Request Manage Personal Workflow Preferences Paperless I-9 and E-Verify Wakefern HR eForms – Proposed Faculty Profile Faculty Offer Letters Recruit eTime Financial – Invoice eForm

3 New Functionality In 2008, while other companies cut their R&D, Gideon Taylor made substantial product development investments. GT Paperless I-9™ / GT E-Verify Integration™ GT Personnel eFile™ Invoice eForm for A/P eForm Admin Console Functionally Easy Workflow Online Approver Lists Online HTML Management Online Home Page Management Visual Ifs – Easy Filters and Expressions Process Visualizer Version and Patch Tracking eForm Migration Tools GLIB Class Hierarchy

4 Collaborative Community
All clients are members of the GT eForms and ePAF™ user community Members contribute their eForm templates to a shared library which can be accessed by the user community Templates are code-only, and include no organization-specific data Clients may acquire these templates from Gideon Taylor for use in their organization at no additional cost

5 eForms Clients

6 Personal Data Change Personal Data Change
Displays the current information as display only and provide open fields for pre- populated for the initiator to update.

7 Personal Data Change Used by the department rep to update Personal Data for their employees. Typically this routed to HR for approval then insert into the appropriate PeopleSoft record(s) for the employee

8 Personal Data Change Attachment functionality is included so the department can forward to HR backup documentation. A comments section is provided to provide the departments a way to communicate with HR any additional information

9 Person of Interest (POI)
Person of Interest form was developed to take advantage of the POI functionality in 8.9 that allows you to add a POI to the system creating Personal Data without Job Data. Some clients are using this form to trigger creation of security prior to hire for employees

10 Person of Interest (POI)
Personal Information and address is entered

11 Person of Interest (POI)
Phone and

12 Person of Interest (POI)
Identify Information

13 Person of Interest (POI)
Form messages alerts the user to special requirements Attachment functionality is included so the department can forward to HR backup documentation

14 Person of Interest (POI)
A comments section is provided to provide the departments a way to communicate with HR any additional information

15 Additional Pay Additional Pay is used to add supplemental Pay to the Employee’ s record. Upon final approval the Additional Pay record is updated

16 Additional Pay Additional Pay supports attachments to allow the initiator or attached supporting documents to the Additional Pay request

17 Position Request Position request form provides the department user the ability to add a new position, update or inactive an existing position.

18 Position Request For the Add the department enters department details about the new position

19 Position Request Then the department enters details about job for the new position

20 Position Request Then the department enters budget details for the new position

21 Position Request The attachment section allows the department to route justification documentation with the form

22 Position Request Comments can be added and tracked for the initiator and approvers

23 Manual Request Manual Request
Used by departments to communicate with HR changes that can not be done via a ePAF. This is typically routed from the department to the HR representative for that department.

24 Manage Personal Workflow Preferences
Manage Personal Workflow Preference allows the user to assign by department a proxy and multiple alternates

25 Manage Personal Workflow Preferences
The user selects the department they want to update. If the user has multiple department then they will need to complete a form for each department where they want to assign a proxy or alternate

26 Manage Personal Workflow Preferences
In the proxies section, click the + sign and enter an Empl ID. By default the requested action is set to granted. To revoke a proxy assignment, click the Revoke button. In the Alternates section, click the + sign and enter an EmplID. To add multiple alternates, click the + sign to insert a row and then enter Emplid. To revoke an alternate approve, click the – sign to delete the row.

27 Manage Personal Workflow Preferences
A form message is used to track that the user is authorizing the proxy or/or alternate change

28 Manage Personal Workflow Preferences
Typically there is no approval routing for this form so upon submit it updates the system

29 Automated Benefits The Automated Benefits form was developed to notify payroll that a terminated employee’s benefits could not be terminated because there was a sick and/or vacation balance owed

30 Automated Benefits Comments can be added and tracked. On submit it is routed to Benefits to manually terminate benefits

31 Paperless I-9 and E-Verify

32 Wakefern Form Direct Deposit Payroll Deductions Dependent/Beneficiary Emergency Change Non Self Service Benefit Enrollment/Change FSA Benefit Enrollment Health Enrollment/Change Customer Incident eForm Leave Processing – LOA/PLA/RFL Payroll Daily Adjustment Form Personal Changes Performance Reviews Form W-4

33 Proposed Solutions Following are solutions that have been proposed to clients to meet business requirement that have not yet been implemented

34 Faculty Profile At OUHSC each college is tracking lots of information about their employees that is not currently tracked in PeopleSoft. This results in redundant data entry and multiple databases that need to be maintained. Examples of this data include: Administrative Titles Tenure Education AAME Degree Code Degree Awards Certifications Graduate Teaching Eligibility

35 Faculty Profile In version 9.0 PeopleSoft delivered Person Profile that can be configured to manage tracking of employee data such as educations, qualification, responsibilities, etc

36 Faculty Profile We recommended creating an eForm that would for each employee look at the User Profile group to see what achievements are being tracked for that employee then display achievements that have a record that can be and those that can be tracked but have no current record.

37 Faculty Offer Letters The University of Oklahoma has recognized an opportunity to improve their business processes by automating the sending of letters to new Faculty from the Provost office. OU has asked Gideon Taylor to provide a solution that will allow them to save time and effort in generating these Provost letters.

38 Faculty Offer Letters We recommended a wizard driven eForm that would let the initiator build the eForm with many of the fields populated with information for PeopleSoft. The approver will be able to edit letter in the eForm and the final document will be saved to the employee’s hire ePAF.

39 Faculty Offer Letters A Letter Template Setup Component will be built to manage the default letter contents. The Letter Template Setup Component will: Store the default contents of the letter in multiple, sequential paragraphs or blocks of text. Insert SmartSource tags (intelligent bind variables) to pull in data from PeopleSoft tables, such as the Academic Title. Use Visual Ifs (functionally- or technically-defined conditions) which will specify whether a block of text gets included in the letter or not; Specify whether a text block will be editable in the letter itself. Specify a Word, PDF and HTML template into which text from this type of letter can be populated. Provide a Document Preview feature, which immediately displays the template text in Word, PDF or HTML format. Specify default Roles or User IDs who will act as Reviewers, Signatories, and CCs.

40 Recruit Develop an eForm that will do a “Quick Apply” for applicants Develop a conditionally based job opening eForm that will require only the fields required for each type of opening including a clone feature. Create a posting library that will contain reusable copy blocks required for posting.

41 GT eTime™ GT eTime™ can provide employees with a simple, guided process to enter both time and absence information. The resulting eForm routes through a completely customizable approval process, and after final approval, enters itself into the appropriate PeopleSoft system or systems. Target systems can include Time and Labor, Payroll ,Absence Management and/or Leave Accrual in Base Benefits.

42 GT eTime™ The GT eTime™ solution includes the following features:
Enter time and absence information into the same simple eForm. Multiple, customizable entry pages optimized for different entry types: positive pay, exception pay and different pay period durations. Custom pages without customizing delivered PeopleSoft! Real-time, auto-updated leave balances. Both PeopleSoft edits and custom edits are applied as time is entered, so it has to be right! Entry can be disallowed to pay periods for which payroll has been run. Approval paths can be different for different business cases, including ad hoc approvers and notifications. Easy, automated entry into PeopleSoft

43 GT eTime™ – Home Page

44 GT eTime™ - Search Search by EmplID, Pay Period, First Name, Last Name

45 GT eTime™ - Time Entry Employee Data record displays the current balance for leave accrual and populates the workdays based on the employees work schedule

46 GT eTime™ - Quick Entry The quick entry can be used to enter exceptions to schedule for a day or range of days

47 GT eTime™ - Leave Balances
Once the leave time is entered the leave balances are reduced

48 Invoice eForm- Home Page

49 Invoice eForm - Search Search fields include Vendor ID Invoice Type
Short Vendor Name Vendor Name

50 Invoice eForm – Invoice Type
The first step to select Invoice Type. Depending on the invoice type the fields for the invoice type conditionally display

51 Invoice eForm- Invoice Detail
The user then inputs the details of the invoice. The form can be configured to load the eform a vendor file or to allow the vendor to enter the invoice and route for approval

52 Invoice eForm Form messages can be added to the eForm to enforce invoice rules

53 Invoice eForm- Form Results
After submit the Invoice eForm routes for approval based on the approval rules

54 Future GT eForms for HR Annual Reviews
Annual Compensation Budgeting and Update FLSA Management Disciplinary Action

55 Future GT eForms for Financials
Accounts Payable Voucher Approvals Vendor Approvals/Setup Match Exceptions General Ledger Journal Entry Approval Account Code Request Chartfield Setup Purchasing Requisition Approval 55

56 Future GT eForms Combining Financials and HR
GL Account Code Request – Account is requested and Approved in Financials then updated in HR Budget Request Change and Annual Budget – When approved the transaction will Update Budget module and Position Budget in HR 56

57 Student Systems Pass list – Generate list of student who receive passing grade and route to module leader upon approval update Gradebook Chairs Action - Marking tutor (held on Peoplesoft), enters a grade into Gradebook after the assessment board process complete, (Late Grade) and it routes to Chair for approval then updates Gradebook. Attendance Monitoring - a text message is sent to student who skips class and tracks responses Module change after initial 2 week grace period- routes to teacher and upon approval by teacher sent notification to Finance to manage tuition fee adjustments Transcript request online – including collection of fees Student Complaints Management Grade Query - a student questions their grade routes to module leader to verify or deny then back to student if approved update Gradebook.

58 When is a GT eForm Solution Indicated?
If a business process matches one or more of these features / needs: Fluid business process – needs functional user / Business Analyst-level maintenance High transaction volume Paper form replacement Complex entry rules Casual user base Need electronic signatures Workflow / approval process Notifications Interface with / combine data from multiple systems Store form / transaction data in searchable format Enter data into PeopleSoft or other system Need for audit trail Tie imaged / desktop documents to electronic record 58

59 GT eForms Offers Unlimited Possibilities
The GT eForms framework provides the ability to create eForms for any PeopleSoft module. GT eForms can revolutionize any business process! 59

60 Questions?

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