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Background… 1946: Born in CT… Raised in TX 1968: Yale - History degree 1975: Harvard - MBA 1975- 88: Oil industry 1989: Invests in Texas Rangers 1994:

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2 Background… 1946: Born in CT… Raised in TX 1968: Yale - History degree 1975: Harvard - MBA 1975- 88: Oil industry 1989: Invests in Texas Rangers 1994: Gov. of Texas (2 X) 2000: Elected President 2004 Re-elected

3 The 2000 Election “Highly controversial” 537 vote difference in FL The electoral vote on election night: Bush: 246 Gore255 Electoral votes in states to close to call… 25 FL, 5 NM & 7 OR Gore lost his home state of TE

4 The Election of 2000 Why was it controversial?

5 The 2000 Election Additional controversy… – The Palm Beach “Butterfly ballot”… – Hanging chads…

6 The 2000 Election - “Highly controversial” Both parties legally challenge results Undecided for 30 days The U.S. Supreme Court voted… 7-2 vote ends the recount 5-4 no new recount Gore disagreed, but conceded

7 Same-sex marriage becomes a national controversy… Bush opposes same-sex marriage & supports civil unions Bush endorses the Federal Marriage Amendment …Defines marriage as a union between one man & one woman…. The amendment does not pass

8 No Child Left Behind Act A federal law designed to reform public education by establishing standards, accountability for performance & the threat of withholding federal funding. Criticism of NCLB… – No federal funding to support the program – The value of “high stakes testing”

9 Economic policies… To avoid a predicted recession & stimulate the economy Bush pushes for a $1.35 trillion tax cut…

10 The economy under GWB (negative)… National debt $5.75T to over $9T Poverty has increased Income for most American families has not increased The economy under GWB (positive)… GDP averaging 2.5% growth Dow Jones up 30% since 2001 Unemployment 4.5%

11 Amber Alert (2003) - Quickly alerts the public about child abductions Protecting Children…

12 Foreign Policies Withdrew from the 1998 Kyoto Protocol… The KP is an international treaty that sets limits on the emission of greenhouse gases (GHG) by industrialized countries. The overall goal of the Kyoto Protocol is to stop human-induced climate change. The agreement "recognizes that developed countries are principally responsible for the current high levels of GHG emissions in the atmosphere as a result of more than 150 years of industrial activity, and places a heavier burden on developed nations under the principle of 'common but differentiated responsibilities‘.” The US signed, but did not ratify the Protocol When G.W. Bush was elected President, he was asked about climate change & he said that he took the issue "very seriously.”Later Bush opposed the Kyoto treaty, because "it exempts 80% of the world, including major population centers such as China and India, from compliance, and would cause serious harm to the US economy".

13 The Sept. 11, 2001 attacks… The World Trade Center in NYC The Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia A passenger airliner in Shanksville, PA 3,000 PEOPLE DIED ON 9/11 A turning point in our national history


















31 In a speech before Congress Bush declares war on terrorism and the nations supporting terrorism.

32 The War in Afghanistan Oct. 2001 The U.S. & NATO forces invade Afghanistan & overthrow the Taliban Secret programs gather intelligence by monitoring bank accounts & telephone records The Patriot Act is passed by Congress

33 G.W. Bush and Civil Liberties

34 Following 9/11 GWB orders the NSA to monitor communications between “suspected terrorists and parties within the United States” No FISA (Federal Intelligence Surveillance Act) Warrant. LEGAL????????

35 Military Commissions Act of 2006 Military trials for terrorists & other unlawful enemy combatants Detains "enemy combatants" indefinitely in a military prison No Habeas Corpus or lawyer Constitutional????

36 Guantanamo (Gitmo) Bay Detainment Camp Military prison & interrogation Holds suspected al-Qaeda & Taliban operatives Criticism…

37 USA PATRIOT Act October 26, 2001 - The U niting & S trengthening of A merica by P roviding A ppropriate T ools R equired to I ntercept & O bstruct T errorism Act (2001) Renewed March of 2006

38 Provisions of the Patriot Act Amended immigration laws Amended banking & money laundering laws Defines… Domestic terrorism International terrorism Terrorist activity Terrorist organization Broadens surveillance Critics warn that the Patriot Act threatens basic freedoms… Without “probable cause” the government can access… Medical, Tax, library & Internet records and conduct secret searches.


40 Dept. of Homeland Security Dramatically expands the authority of law enforcement in order to fight terrorism. DHS protects the US from terrorist attack & responds to natural disasters The 3rd largest cabinet… 185,000 employees Reorganized/ combined 22 existing agencies

41 The Iraq War : "Operation Iraqi Freedom" Saddam Hussein was believed to have WMDs… WMDs could “potentially fall into the hands of terrorists” Bush urges the UN to enforce disarmament mandates UN weapons inspectors search for weapons… Iraqi is uncooperative Bush wanted to defeat terrorism by promoting democracy... The "coalition of the willing"…



44 The Iraqi War death toll as of July, 2006… The US: 3,753 deaths…27,186 wounded - Afghanistan 440 Coalition Forces: 4,058 Iraqi’s: 71,000 - 78,000 civilian deaths

45 The 9/11 Commission The National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the US Created to… – Report on the circumstances surrounding 9/11 attacks – Evaluate our readiness for and response – Provide recommendations designed to guard against future attacks 9/11 Commission concluded that Iraq under Saddam Hussein was attempting to acquire WMD, but no stock piles existed No nuclear threat existed

46 The 9/11 Commission Report: Homeland Security Emergency Response Report Card Communication for 1 st responders- F Incident Command System- C Allocation of HS funds- F Protection of infrastructure- D Private sector preparedness C Nat. Strat. for Transport. Security- C- Air passenger pre-screening- F Air passenger explosive screening- C Bag/ cargo screening- D Terrorist travel strategy I


48 Results of the 2004 Election Pop Vote % States EV Rep: Bush 62,040,610 50.7 31 286 Dem: 59,028,111 48.3 19 251 Other: Ralph Nader 463,653.4% 0 0

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