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By: Noah and Laura The Unfinished Ditch.

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1 By: Noah and Laura The Unfinished Ditch

2 The Erie Canal Begins A canal is a man-made waterway that connects two bodies of water in order to make life easier for the people. In 1810, Governor Dewitt Clinton had an idea to build the amazing Erie Canal. Others thought that he was out of his mind because it had never been done before, and it seemed like an impossible task. Even President Thomas Jefferson scoffed at the idea of the government funding the project.

3 The Erie Canal Begins (continued)
The Erie Canal was built because it would make travel fast and cheap. It was also built because it would make shipping goods less expensive. It also made shipping goods many times faster. Also, it served as a way of transportation. The Erie Canal was built through the years of and Construction began in Rome, New York on July 4th , The people needed a better east-west route to be found. The grand opening in 1825 brought a celebration bordering on euphoria.

4 The Erie Canal Begins (continued)
Immigrants from Ireland and Whales came to help build the Erie Canal by hand. These people were very surprised by the amount of pay they received for their good work. In America they hoped to lead better lives.

5 Geography The two bodies of water that are connected are the Great Lakes and Atlantic Ocean. It would take 11 days to travel from Albany to Buffalo. That’s days shorter than it took before! Wow, that’s an amazing round trip! Some of the cities along the Erie Canal are Albany, Troy, Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse. The Erie Canal’s starting point is Buffalo. From there it travels along small towns, and big cities (maybe you have heard of some of them).

6 How the Erie Canal Is/Was Used
In general the canal is useful for shipping goods and for leisure activities like biking, hiking, and boating. Also, some people take tours on the Erie Canal. You can learn the Erie Canal`s history by visiting museums and reading pamphlets and books FULL of information. I hope the Erie Canal is useful to you!!

7 How the Erie Canal Was Used
In the past the Erie Canal was used for shipping goods over long distances in a short period of time. It was also used for travel in boats. Some people even lived on the Erie Canal! Can you believe that!!

8 The Impact on New York State
The Erie Canal had a huge impact on New York State. For example, the Erie Canal improved trade for New York. It also made travel much faster than before. Another impact would be that it created homes for many families living along the Erie Canal. A fourth impact would be that it created more jobs for people. Lastly, it gave New York State something to be known for.

9 The Erie Canal Today Yes, the canal is still being used. It’s used for boating, hiking, and tours involving the Erie Canal. Also, towns along the canal have a boosted economy because of it being an attraction. Although it was made for this, it is NOT used for shipping goods. We love the Erie Canal!!

10 Interesting Facts In 1817, Dewitt Clinton convinced the State legislature to provide the seven million dollars to build the Erie Canal. Wow, that is expensive!! The length width, and depth of the Erie Canal measures in at an amazing length of 363 miles long, only 40 feet wide, and lastly four feet deep! This sounds shallow but it was good for flat-bottomed boats.

11 Interesting Facts, Locks
A lock is a structure in water that is meant to help boats pass through different water levels. They needed these because when they built the Erie Canal they had to maneuver and build over mountains. Here is a step by step introduction to the lock. Step one: A boat from a different water level passes through the lower gate or upper gate. Step two: The locktender closes the gate. Step three: The locktender opens the other gate. Step four: The boat paddles out.

12 Interesting facts Boats that traveled on the Erie Canal were flat- bottom boats that got their names from their flat bottoms, which were helpful when traveling in the Erie Canal’s shallow waters. Another type of boat would be the Bum Boats. These boats pulled up alongside of flat-bottomed boats, and sold fresh produce, and merchandise for a profit. The last boat is the Packet Boat. Packet boats came in different sizes. They all featured a lounge, dining room, sleeping room, and a kitchen. Wow, that`s little room compared to now!!

13 About the Author (Noah)
I am a very interesting guy. I am a 10 year old kid. I was born in Florida. I go to FM. I love my school. I have a great teacher. I been here since kindergarten. Now I am in fourth grade . I love nature. I like to type and write. I like space. I have brown eyes. I have blond hair. I love my education. When I grow up I want to be a brain surgeon. I`ve been studying and getting books out from the library. My mom works at the hospital. She does MRIs. Sometimes when I go with my mom she is doing an MRI on somebody's brain. I know it grosses some people out, but it actually looks interesting to me. I know it is hard to be a brain surgeon, but seriously it is worth it. I am a big fan of SU. I love writing poems. The Erie Canal project we’re doing now is awesome. I learned a lot. I thought it took a lot of money to build the Erie Canal. I love the Erie Canal. I had a blast studying the Erie Canal.

14 About the Author(Laura)
As I grow up I find that I love nature and I enjoy it more than the indoors. I have very strong opinions, but I will NEVER ask to someone to change theirs. When I grow up I want to find a cure for cancer . I know it seems impossible, but I want to take away something that steals lives. I also might want to be a psychiatrist. I love the theater and I adore poetry, not to mention I like to write it myself. I am also a bookworm. I do not believe in video games, TV, and I am not too fond of c0mputers either. I do not watch TV much, so I know little gossip. Hi, I am Laura, and I think the Erie Canal is a journey that should make America proud.

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