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Catching the Soroptimist Wave of Change Linda Nixon, Governor 2012-2014 Golden West Region Fall Meetings 2013.

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1 Catching the Soroptimist Wave of Change Linda Nixon, Governor Golden West Region Fall Meetings 2013

2 Let’s Get Soroptimist Smart! We need members that are Soroptimist Smart if our organization is to survive, thrive and have the power needed to change the world for women and girls! GWR Fall Meetings ~ October

3 Soroptimists, we have a problem! Can any of you tell me why Soroptimist is such a well- kept secret? GWR Fall Meetings ~ October

4 My club supports other charitable organizations in addition to Soroptimist.  Strongly agree  Agree  Disagree  Strongly disagree  Don’t know GWR Fall Meetings ~ October

5 SI Quadrennial Projects GWR Fall Meetings ~ October

6 Soroptimists did a great job of raising awareness for Women for Women International too! Women for Women International’s contract with Soroptimist International provided that Soroptimist International would raise awareness and funds to expand capacity of WWI’s programs in Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Rwanda. Soroptimists Did a Great Job: $2.2 million was raised, exceeding goal by 83% GWR Fall Meetings ~ October

7 Supporting other charitable organizations = Less support of and knowledge about Soroptimist GWR Fall Meetings ~ October

8 Looking for Results Why donate to or join Soroptimist if we just raise funds to give to other organizations who carrying out successful programs? Doesn’t it make more sense to cut out the middle man (Soroptimist) and donate directly to or join the organization that is actually producing results? GWR Fall Meetings ~ October

9 Donating to other organizations undermines Soroptimist 1) Limits the time available to focus on and develop Soroptimist programs 2) Reduces funding for Soroptimist programs 3) Prevents Soroptimist from receiving recognition GWR Fall Meetings ~ October

10  How do you distribute your funds?  What percentage of funds raised are given to other organizations?  How do you know the funds donated are making a real difference or improving lives?  Is your club or the Soroptimist organization receiving any public awareness benefit as a result of your contributions? Evaluating how we conduct the business of Soroptimist GWR Fall Meetings ~ October

11 GWR Fall Meetings ~ October

12 Shaping the Future of Soroptimist Three Things Clubs Can Do To Increase the Collective Impact of Soroptimist 1) Work to expand and increase support of the WOA program. 2) Allocate 10-percent of funds raised to SIA to support programs at the federation level. 3) Sign up for, a new online community designed to share the Soroptimist message with a new generation of supporters. GWR Fall Meetings ~ October

13 SIA Accomplishments percent increase in clubs participating in WOA 3-percent increase in the number of women reached 6-percent increase in the amount awarded to WOA finalists Total funds donated through Club Giving = $585,305 an 11-percent increase over In June 2013 there were 15,000 Live Your Dream supporters GWR Fall Meetings ~ October

14 Job Well Done! ~ GWR Clubs GWR Fall Meetings ~ October Congratulations to all GWR clubs for participating in Women’s Opportunity Awards SIA Club Giving Challenge SIA Club Award

15 Soroptimists, we have another problem! Do you see the size of that wave coming right for us? GWR Fall Meetings ~ October

16 Soroptimist Wave of Change GWR Fall Meetings ~ October

17 What’s Not Changing  Clubs will continue efforts to expand the WOA program  Clubs will continue to budget for and donate at least 10- percent of funds raised to SIA  Clubs will continue to learn more about the effort and how they can participate in a meaningful way GWR Fall Meetings ~ October

18 What is Changing? 1)The SIA Mission has been fine-tuned to clarify the direction of our organization 2)The Violet Richardson Award program will no longer be funded after the club year 3)The GWR Program Focus Award program will be discontinued 4)The GWR Saturday of Service program will be redesigned GWR Fall Meetings ~ October

19 What’s New?  SIA is developing a new girl focused program to replace Violet Richardson Award program  The GWR is exploring an exciting opportunity for all clubs to have a functional website at a low cost GWR Fall Meetings ~ October

20 CHANGE NO. 1: Our Vision, Mission, and Core Values Have Been Fine-Tuned VISION: Women and girls have the resources and opportunities to reach their full potential and live their dreams. MISSION: Soroptimist improves the lives of women and girls through programs leading to social and economic empowerment. GWR Fall Meetings ~ October

21 CHANGE NO. 2: Funding will stop for the VRA program 1) Program provides donations to other charitable organizations. 2) Program is not changing the lives of recipients. VRA award winners are already taking control of their lives and living their dreams! There are other girls that need this help. 3) SIA is developing a new girl focused program to replace VRA which will have the same meaningful, sustainable impact on the lives of girls that the Women’s Opportunity Awards has on women. The program will focus on career guidance for girls. GWR Fall Meetings ~ October

22 CHANGE NO. 3: The GWR Program Focus Report award program is being discontinued 1) No objective judging criteria 2) Clubs receiving awards because their project was the only one reported in some categories 3) Projects reported in the wrong categories makes objective judging difficult GWR Fall Meetings ~ October

23 NEW INCENTIVE Every club that submits one or more PROGRAM FOCUS REPORTS will be entered in a drawing to win $250 to be awarded to your club-level WOA winner! SUBMITING Program Focus Reports = CHANCE TO WIN $$$ GWR Fall Meetings ~ October

24 CHANGE NO. 4: Saturday of Service program will be redesigned to focus on Soroptimist Only six 2013 SOS events supported the Soroptimist mission. Twelve 2013 projects raised funds for another organization, did not support the Soroptimist mission, and did not generate any public awareness attention. Eight 2013 projects received public awareness attention but did not support the Soroptimist mission. GWR Fall Meetings ~ October

25 Soroptimist Smart Task Force Needed WORK PLAN Meet via conference call Brainstorm ideas Develop a proposal to redesign the GWR SOS program to focus both on the Soroptimist mission and creating awareness of how awesome we are! But my club has a program for girls on the first Saturday in March! Keep doing your girl program! A new date for SOS that better suits clubs in all climates of our region will be established GWR Fall Meetings ~ October

26 Club Website Program Coming Soon GWR is negotiating with an internet company that provides website templates designed for club-based organizations. We are in the initial stages of developing a program in which all clubs will be invited to participate. We will be gathering information about your current club website, or lack thereof, later today GWR Fall Meetings ~ October

27 Soroptimist Wave of Change  Get a copy of the handout summarizing  what is changing,  how it is changing  why it is changing GWR Fall Meetings ~ October

28 The Change Curve GWR Fall Meetings ~ October

29 Change Curve – Stage 1 When a change is first introduced, your member's initial reaction may be shock or denial. Are you kidding me? This is the only surfing I’ll be doing! GWR Fall Meetings ~ October

30 Change Curve – Stage 2 They may fear the impact; and actively resist or protest against the changes. Some will identify real threats to their position. This is not going to turn out well. I repeat, I really hate this! GWR Fall Meetings ~ October

31 Change Curve – Stage 3 Members will start to let go, and accept the changes. They begin to learn what's good and not so good, and how they must adapt Look, I’m standing up! Hey dude, I’m starting to like this! GWR Fall Meetings ~ October

32 Change Curve – Stage 4 Members will not only accept the changes but also start to embrace them. They will rebuild ways of working. Man, this is a sweet ride!Surfs up! Let’s do this! GWR Fall Meetings ~ October

33 Soroptimist Wave of Change Now this is what I call collective impact! GWR Fall Meetings ~ October

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