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Grants for Great Ideas! Teacher Grant Program Management & Best Practices.

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1 Grants for Great Ideas! Teacher Grant Program Management & Best Practices

2 Decide What You Will Fund  Creative, innovative programs that enhance education at Midway ISD  Requested Funds:  $1,500 for individuals  $5,000 for groups  $10,000 for district-wide or campus-wide initiatives  Higher amounts as decided upon by Foundation

3 Grants for Great Ideas

4 And Grants for BIG Ideas!

5 Fun Facts  Typical number of requests  13 – 35 applications from 10 campuses  Typical number of grant readers:  10 – Board Members and Community Members  Average amount available for grants:  $50,000 per semester now – ($13,000 the first semester)

6 Things We Learned Grant Application Titles are Important!

7 Let Staff Know What You Want  Introduce/promote at convocation if possible  Grant Writing Workshops  Online submissions

8 Training Required or Not?

9 It’s OK to think SMALL

10 How We Review

11 Why We Use Our System 1) To review all applications carefully and equitably 2) To streamline the selection process 3) To accommodate volunteer and staff schedules 4) Most important point: It is transparent & edquitable

12 The “Green Light System”  Green – Fund at some level, but definitely fund  Yellow – I have questions to ask of the staff or need to be convinced  Red – Does not meet our funding goals, doesn’t show sustainability, not innovative or poorly written

13 The “Green Light System”

14 Scoring  Combines objective and subjective scoring elements

15 Review  Curriculum team meets with readers to field questions from staff  Selection committee volunteers can revise scores based on feedback from staff

16 Final Selection  ”Green light” grant application budget pages are reviewed and funding amount is set.

17 Reader’s scores are sorted highest to lowest and funded one by one until the allotted money is gone.

18 Evaluation Forms  Feedback from the selection committee is recorded to pass along to the applicant.

19 Suggestions for Declined Grants 1) Write thorough feedback letter/form 2) Give paperwork to principal and ask them to deliver to the applicant with words of encouragement 3) ED or Board Members can contact applicants individually

20 Suggestions for Awarding Approved Grants

21 The Prize Posse

22 Take your friends (partners)!

23 All School Assembly

24 Questions? Suzi Pagel, CFRE Midway ISD Education/ Foundation Foundation Innovation, LLC 254.761-5614

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