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CYBERBULLYING Did you see that picture of Dana? – OMG!!

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1 CYBERBULLYING Did you see that picture of Dana? – OMG!!

2 Is the Internet Real-Life? Even though the Internet doesn’t feel real, and even though you can be a different person online than you are in Real-Life (RL), there are rules. Breaking them may get you into serious trouble, cost you your e-mail, IM or Internet account, or even result in a visit from the police. It’s easy to do or say things online that you would never do or say in RL. And you may even think that people won’t take you seriously, or know that you’re only kidding. But in many cases that’s not true.

3 What is Cyberbullying? Cyberbullying is harassing, humiliating, intimidating and/or threatening others on the Internet. It can involve someone you know or a complete stranger.

4 7 ways Cyberbullying can occur Exclusion: intentionally excluding a person from an online group such as a chat room or buddy list Put-downs: posting harmful, untrue, or cruel messages about a person to others Flaming: sending angry, rude or vulgar messages directed at a person or to a chat room Outing & Trickery: sending or posting sensitive, private, or embarrassing information Masquerading: pretending to be someone else and posting or sending information that makes that person look bad or places that person in danger Harassment: repeatedly sending a person offensive messages Cyberstalking: harassment that is highly intimidating or includes threats of harm

5 Avoid being a Cyberbully Think before you click: Reread: Does it say what you mean? Regret: Will you regret what you said? React: How will the other person react? Be sure that the recipient knows that you are kidding. Run it by a friend JK If you are angry, take a break

6 Stop Cyberbullying Stop, Block & Tell Don’t give out passwords or other personal information Don’t be a bystander

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