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The Role of Technology in Field Experiences Patricia Alvarez McHatton, Ph.D. Alvarez McHatton - Monarch 2011.

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1 The Role of Technology in Field Experiences Patricia Alvarez McHatton, Ph.D. Alvarez McHatton - Monarch 2011

2 Paradigm Shift IT Support Alvarez McHatton - Monarch 2011

3 What is the purpose of technology? Alvarez McHatton - Monarch 2011

4 Today’s Students A Vision of Students Today Implications for Teacher Preparation Alvarez McHatton - Monarch 2011

5 Class of 2012 Mindset GPS satellite navigation systems have always been available. Electronic filing of tax returns has always been an option. WWW has never stood for World Wide Wrestling. College grads have always been able to Teach for America. They may have been given a Nintendo Game Boy to play with in the crib. Personal privacy has always been threatened. Caller ID has always been available on phones. Windows 3.0 operating system made IBM PCs user-friendly the year they were born. There have always been charter schools. Beloit College Alvarez McHatton - Monarch 2011

6 A Plethora of Possibilities Alvarez McHatton - Monarch 2011

7 Self-Assessment Think-Pair-Share –What technology do you have available to you? –How do you use technology? –Who do you go to when you have a technology question/problem? –On a scale of 1 to 10 rate the level of support available within your institution for technology integration –On a scale of 1 to 10 rate the comfort level you have with the use of technology –What challenges have you experienced with the increased use of technology? Alvarez McHatton - Monarch 2011

8 Technology Literacy Does not equate with appropriate use of Instructional Technology Technology for Play versus Technology for Work (Allsopp, Alvarez McHatton, & Cranston-Gingras, 2009) Alvarez McHatton - Monarch 2011

9 Considerations What are some issues that need to be considered with the use of technology in teacher education? –Internet Policy –Technology Policy –Social Media –Texting –Integration and Implementation Alvarez McHatton - Monarch 2011

10 Considerations Within your group issues to be considered when developing a policy on the use of technology in teacher education Alvarez McHatton - Monarch 2011

11 Systematic Integration:Edyburn’s Model Alvarez McHatton - Monarch 2011 Selection Planning Locating Reviewing Deciding Acquisition Previewing Evaluating Purchasing Implementation Organizing Teacher Training Student Training Integration Linking Managing Assessing Extending

12 Technology and Field Experiences Alvarez McHatton - Monarch 2011

13 Options Virtual Field Experiences –Simulations –Video Technologies/Cases Virtual Supervision –Real Time Feedback –Video Conferencing/Cyber Supervision –Observations –Self-Assessments –Mentoring Tools Alvarez McHatton - Monarch 2011

14 Virtual Field Experiences Avatars as students –Graphical representation of a person –An alter ego Allows teacher candidates to practice prior to interacting with real kids Alvarez McHatton - Monarch 2011

15 The Gatekeeper By day, an unassuming professor, but by night, her full force, in your face demeanor keeps the shady, the arrogant, and the ill-willed from creeping into the world of academia. She keeps the gate locked up tight, so tell your friends don’t try to get through. My Alter Ego

16 Virtual Field Experiences Virtual Classroom Alvarez McHatton - Monarch 2011

17 Video Technologies Individual and Collaborative Reflection –Access to varied contexts and instructional approaches Guided Field Experiences –Repeated viewings –Multiple perspectives Case Analysis –Richer and more detailed than traditional case studies –Multiple perspectives Wang & Hartley, 2003) Alvarez McHatton - Monarch 2011

18 Video Technologies Challenges –Access –Exemplars Some examples: –MathVIDS egies/strategies.html egies/strategies.html –Dr. Mac’s Amazing Behavior Management Site Alvarez McHatton - Monarch 2011

19 Wireless Technology (BIE) Feedback essential to preparation, yet many teacher candidates felt there was insufficient feedback provided during their field experiences (Sheeler, et al., 2004; Buck, Morsink, griffin,hines, & Lenk, 1992) Alvarez McHatton - Monarch 2011

20 Wireless Technology (BIE) Materials: –Creative WebCamLife! Ultra-Wide Angle Web Camera™ (Model No. VF0060) –Plantronics P1-Voyager 510 Windsmart Bluetooth Headset™ (Model No. 72270-61) –IOGEAR Bluetooth 2.0 USB Adapter, Class 2™ (Model No. GBU221) –Skype™ (Version (Rock, Gregg, Thead, Acker, Gable, & Zigmond, 2009) Alvarez McHatton - Monarch 2011

21 Wireless Technology (BIE) Materials approximately $150.00 (Rock, Gregg, Thead, Acker, Gable, & Zigmond, 2009) Alvarez McHatton - Monarch 2011

22 Wireless Technology (BIE) Over a 5-week period, 64 30-minute observations were completed 73.3% found the BIE observations to be a positive experience Increase in desired teacher candidate instructional behaviors and K-12 students on-task behavior Feedback bridged research to practice gap Participants found real-time feedback “empowering (53.3%), helpful (73.3%), and positive60.0%)” (Rock, Gregg, Thead, Acker, Gable, & Zigmond, 2009, p. 72, 75) Alvarez McHatton - Monarch 2011

23 Cyber Supervision Portable camera, computer, and video conferencing software Live feed Reduces travel time Provides quality supervision Promotes collaboration between school and university faculty (Coker et al., 2002; Coursol, 2004) Alvarez McHatton - Monarch 2011

24 Cyber Supervision Dymond, Renzaglia, Halle, Chadsey, & Bentz (2008) examined percent of agreement between on-site supervisors and off-site supervisors using video conferencing to be 86% Alvarez McHatton - Monarch 2011

25 Field Supervision LiveScribe –Providing support for field observations Alvarez McHatton - Monarch 2011

26 Video Analysis Teacher Candidates videotape lessons Upload them Supervisors as well as teacher candidate can view and code video Can be used to: –Document mastery –Document use of evidence-based practices –Reflect on own teaching Alvarez McHatton - Monarch 2011

27 Video Analysis Software –EviRX –Transana –Iris Connect –Studio Code Alvarez McHatton - Monarch 2011

28 Experiences with Video Analysis Alvarez McHatton - Monarch 2011

29 Video Analysis Hennessy & Deaney (2009) examined teachers’ use of data projectors and interactive whiteboards –Videotaped lessons –Collaboratively reviewed videos –Conducted student focus groups –Collected student work samples –Teachers kept a journal on their process –Developed interactive CD-ROMs with hyperlinked professional development activities and samples of narratives –Available from Alvarez McHatton - Monarch 2011

30 Other Possibilities Use of technology to expose teacher candidates to diverse learners eMentoring Project –Purposefully integrate technology and urban teaching experiences for teacher candidates from suburban/rural areas –Paired teacher candidates one-on-one with a K- 12 student in an urban school –Weekly exchanges throughout the semester –Improved attitudes regarding teaching in urban schools Alvarez McHatton - Monarch 2011

31 Other Tools Variety of interactive tools –Wiki Collaborating –Blog Communicating ervice=blogger&passive=1209600&continue=http: //<mpl=start#s01 ervice=blogger&passive=1209600&continue=http: //<mpl=start#s01 Alvarez McHatton - Monarch 2011

32 Other Tools + Project US/+/learnmore/index.html#circles Alvarez McHatton - Monarch 2011

33 Your Turn Reflect on your responses to the self- assessment How might you be able to immediately enhance your field experiences through the use of technology? Refer back to Edyburn’s Systematic Integration Framework and discuss how you might proceed in your goal to utilize technology to enhance your field experiences Alvarez McHatton - Monarch 2011

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