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Https:// Experiences with the FutureGrid Testbed UC Cloud Summit UCLA April 19, 2011 Shava Smallen

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1 Experiences with the FutureGrid Testbed UC Cloud Summit UCLA April 19, 2011 Shava Smallen

2 FutureGrid FutureGrid is an international testbed modeled on Grid5000 Track 2D award (4 years) - started in October 2009 Supporting international Computer Science and Computational Science research in cloud, grid and parallel computing (HPC) – Industry and Academia The FutureGrid testbed provides to its users: – A flexible development and testing platform for middleware and application users looking at interoperability, functionality, performance or evaluation – Each use of FutureGrid is an experiment that is reproducible – A rich education and teaching platform for advanced cyberinfrastructure (computer science) classes

3 FutureGrid Partners (Red institutions have FutureGrid hardware) Indiana University (Architecture, core software, Support) Purdue University (HTC Hardware) San Diego Supercomputer Center at University of California San Diego (Inca, Monitoring) University of Chicago/Argonne National Labs (Nimbus) University of Florida (ViNE, Education and Outreach) University of Southern California Information Sciences (Pegasus) University of Tennessee Knoxville (Benchmarking) University of Texas at Austin/Texas Advanced Computing Center (Portal) University of Virginia (OGF, Advisory Board and allocation) Center for Information Services and GWT-TUD from Technische Universtität Dresden. (VAMPIR)

4 FutureGrid: a Grid/Cloud/HPC Testbed Private Public FG Network NID : Network Impairment Device

5 Compute Hardware System type# CPUs# CoresTFLOPS Total RAM (GB) Secondary Storage (TB) Site Status IBM iDataPlex2561024113072339*IU Operational Dell PowerEdge1927688115230TACC Operational IBM iDataPlex16867272016120UC Operational IBM iDataPlex1686727268896SDSC Operational Cray XT5m16867261344339*IU Operational IBM iDataPlex642562768On OrderUF Operational Large disk/memory system TBD 12851257680768 on nodesIU New System TBD High Throughput Cluster 1923844192PU Not yet integrated Total1336496050189121353

6 5 Use Types for FutureGrid ~100 approved projects over last 6 months Training Education and Outreach – Semester and short events; promising for non research intensive universities Interoperability test-beds – Grids and Clouds; OpenGrid Forum OGF really needed this Domain Science applications – Life science highlighted Computer science – Largest current category (> 50%) Computer Systems Evaluation – TeraGrid (TIS, TAS, XSEDE), OSG, EGI

7 Fine-grained Application Energy Modeling Catherine Olschanowsky (UCSD/SDSC) PhD student in CSE dept at UCSD Research: estimate the energy requirements for specific application- resource pairings – Method to collect fine-grained DC power measurements on HPC resources – Energy-centric benchmark infrastructure – Models FutureGrid experiment: – Required bare metal access to 1 node of Sierra for 2 weeks – Custom-made power monitoring harness attached to CPU and memory – WattsUp device connected to power Power monitoring harness attached to Sierra node Close-up of harness attachments

8 TeraGrid QA Testing and Debugging Shava Smallen (UCSD/SDSC) Co-lead of TeraGrid Quality Assurance Working Group GRAM 5 scalability testing – Emulated Science Gateway use – Created virtual cluster via Nimbus on Foxtrot for ~1 month – Discovered bug where large log file was created in user’s home dir GridFTP 5 testing – Verified data synchronization and server offline mode – Created VM via Nimbus on Sierra and Foxtrot – Discovered small bug in synchronization 8 GRAM 5 scalability testing results run on 4-node Nimbus cluster on Foxtrot

9 Architecture Goals Provide management capabilities for reproducible experiments – Conveniently define, execute, and repeat application or distributed/grid/cloud middleware experiments – Leverages dedicated network and a Spirent XGEM network fault and delay generator Support diverse user community – Application developers, Middleware developers, System administrators, Educators, Application users Support shifting technology base Support diverse access models Implemented using Open Source tools


11 Phase I – Static Partitions HPC partition – Torque/Moab – Intel compilers, OpenMPI, IMPI Persistent endpoints for Unicore and Genesis II Eucalyptus and Nimbus deployments with Xen hypervisor – One machine deployed with KVM (Alamo) – plan to migrate others based on p erformance analysis work* – Also plan to enable advanced instruction sets based on Magellan work * Andrew J. Younge, et. al "Analysis of Virtualization Technologies for High Performance Computing Environments" at The 4th International Conference on Cloud Computing (IEEE CLOUD) 2011

12 History of HPCC performance Phase I – Inca Monitoring Status of basic cloud tests Statistics displayed from HPCC performance measurement VM instance creation times for Nimbus

13 Phase II – Image management Goal: support a growing image library for MPI, OpenMP, Hadoop, Dryad, gLite, Unicore, Globus, CTSS, etc. – For different hypervisors (Xen, KVM) and cloud tools (Eucalyptus, Nimbus) – Currently have prototypes for image generator (fg- image-generate) and image repository (fg-image- deploy) Currently separate repositories for Nimbus and Eucalyptus deployments – CentOS, Fedora, Debian images – Grid appliances (Nimbus) for Hadoop and MPI 13

14 FutureGrid Tutorials Tutorial topic 1: Cloud Provisioning Platforms – Tutorial NM1: Using Nimbus on FutureGrid – Tutorial NM2: Nimbus One-click Cluster Guide – Tutorial GA6: Using the Grid Appliances to run FutureGrid Cloud Clients – Tutorial EU1: Using Eucalyptus on FutureGrid Tutorial topic 2: Cloud Run-time Platforms – Tutorial HA1: Introduction to Hadoop using the Grid Appliance – Tutorial HA2: Running Hadoop on Eucalyptus – Tutorial TW1: Running Twister on Eucalyptus Tutorial topic 3: Educational Virtual Appliances – Tutorial GA1: Introduction to the Grid Appliance – Tutorial GA2: Creating Grid Appliance Clusters – Tutorial GA3: Building an educational appliance from Ubuntu 10.04 – Tutorial GA4: Deploying Grid Appliances using Nimbus – Tutorial GA5: Deploying Grid Appliances using Eucalyptus – Tutorial GA7: Customizing and registering Grid Appliance images using Eucalyptus – Tutorial MP1: MPI Virtual Clusters with the Grid Appliances and MPICH2 Tutorial topic 4: High Performance Computing – Tutorial VA1: Performance Analysis with Vampir – Tutorial VT1: Instrumentation and tracing with VampirTrace 14

15 Create a Portal Account and apply for a Project 15

16 More Information FutureGrid Website FutureGrid Help Feel free to also send me any questions at 16

17 FutureGrid modeled on Grid’5000 Experimental testbed – Configurable, controllable, monitorable Established in 2003 10 sites – 9 in France – Porto Allegre in Brazil ~5000+ cores 17

18 Storage Hardware System TypeCapacity (TB)File SystemSiteStatus DDN 9550 (Data Capacitor) 339LustreIUExisting System DDN 6620120GPFSUCNew System SunFire x417096ZFSSDSCNew System Dell MD300030NFSTACCNew System Will add substantially more disk on node and at IU and UF as shared storage

19 Network Impairment Device Spirent XGEM Network Impairments Simulator for jitter, errors, delay, etc Full Bidirectional 10G w/64 byte packets up to 15 seconds introduced delay (in 16ns increments) 0-100% introduced packet loss in.0001% increments Packet manipulation in first 2000 bytes up to 16k frame size TCL for scripting, HTML for human configuration More easily replicable than keeping teenagers around the house……

20 FG RAIN Command fg-rain –h hostfile –iaas nimbus –image img fg-rain –h hostfile –paas hadoop … fg-rain –h hostfile –paas dryad … fg-rain –h hostfile –gaas gLite … fg-rain –h hostfile –image img Authorization is required to use fg-rain without virtualization.

21 Some Current FutureGrid projects I ProjectInstitutionDetails Educational Projects VSCSE Big DataIU PTI, Michigan, NCSA and 10 sites Over 200 students in week Long Virtual School of Computational Science and Engineering on Data Intensive Applications & Technologies LSU Distributed Scientific Computing Class LSU 13 students use Eucalyptus and SAGA enhanced version of MapReduce Topics on Systems: Cloud Computing CS Class IU SOIC 27 students in class using virtual machines, Twister, Hadoop and Dryad Interoperability Projects OGF StandardsVirginia, LSU, Poznan Interoperability experiments between OGF standard Endpoints Sky ComputingUniversity of Rennes 1 Over 1000 cores in 6 clusters across Grid’5000 & FutureGrid using ViNe and Nimbus to support Hadoop and BLAST demonstrated at OGF 29 June 2010

22 Some Current FutureGrid projects II 22 Domain Science Application Projects Combustion Cummins Performance Analysis of codes aimed at engine efficiency and pollution Cloud Technologies for Bioinformatics Applications IU PTI Performance analysis of pleasingly parallel/MapReduce applications on Linux, Windows, Hadoop, Dryad, Amazon, Azure with and without virtual machines Computer Science Projects Cumulus Univ. of Chicago Open Source Storage Cloud for Science based on Nimbus Differentiated Leases for IaaS University of Colorado Deployment of always-on preemptible VMs to allow support of Condor based on demand volunteer computing Application Energy Modeling UCSD/SDSC Fine-grained DC power measurements on HPC resources and power benchmark system Evaluation and TeraGrid/OSG Support Projects Use of VM’s in OSG OSG, Chicago, Indiana Develop virtual machines to run the services required for the operation of the OSG and deployment of VM based applications in OSG environments. TeraGrid QA Test & Debugging SDSC Support TeraGrid software Quality Assurance working group TeraGrid TAS/TIS Buffalo/Texas Support of XD Auditing and Insertion functions

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