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1 Femto Cell System Overview S.P0139-0 Status Update to CDG and Femto Forum Fukuoka, Japan, September 2010.

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1 1 Femto Cell System Overview S.P0139-0 Status Update to CDG and Femto Forum Fukuoka, Japan, September 2010

2 2 Introduction 3GPP2 TSG-S is developing Femto Cell System Overview –Technical Report S.R0139 under development in WG1 –Femto Phase I specs complete; experts can focus on S.P0139 –First part (Section 4) is femto specification inventory, similar to System Release Guide –More in-depth contents (Section 5) can be co-published with CDG, Femto Forum, or both (an open question) Main purpose of the document: –Provide guidance to operators and others on femto cell deployment issues –Pull together in one place relevant information regarding femto cell specifications, with minimum restatement of specs –Describe not just what is specified in standards, but what is feasible with cdma2000 femto cells –A vehicle to promote 3GPP2 femto cells to broader community

3 3 Status Outline Started contributing in December ’09 – some topics: –Deployment phases »Legacy and femto-aware mobile support »Macro network evolution steps, etc. –Spectrum allocation scenarios – dedicated and reuse –Macro system configuration, e.g.: »Neighbor lists »Macro and femto pilot phase planning »Transition issues from legacy to femto-aware mobile support Femto Forum expressed desire to participate/review CDG is encouraged to do likewise Progressed the development slowly while awaiting completion of Technical Specifications in TSGs It is now time to accelerate completion & initial publication Latest Draft: S.P0139-0 v0.5 attached

4 4 Contents and Structure (1 of 5) 1.SCOPE 2.INTRODUCTION 3.DEFINITIONS AND ABBREVIATIONS 4.FEMTO CELL SYSTEMS OVERVIEW 4.1Architecture and Interfaces 4.2Features and Specifications 4.2.1Femto Cell Subscriber Features and Services 4.2.2Test Specifications Legend Completed draft text (refinements still possible) Partially completed – needs further development No substantive text available Note: Status as of beginning of September 2010 meeting

5 5 Contents and Structure (2 of 5) 5.FEMTO CELL SYSTEM GUIDELINES 5.1Deployment Phases 5.2Radio Frequency Planning 5.2.1Dedicated Frequency and Reuse Scenarios 5.2.2Narrow-band and Broad-band Signal Sampling 5.2.3Beacon Based Femto Cell RF Design

6 6 Contents and Structure (3 of 5) 5.3Provisioning and Configuration 5.3.1Macro Cell Configuration in Support of Femto Cells List Configuration for Legacy Mobiles List Configuration for Femto-Aware Mobiles Issues from Legacy to FAM Support 5.3.2Femto Cell Configuration and Provisioning and Synchronization Cell PN Offset Planning Cell Transmit Power of Other Radio Parameters in a Femto Cell 5.3.3MS Provisioning in Support of Femto Cells 5.3.4Network Level Provisioning

7 7 Contents and Structure (4 of 5) 5.5Interference Management 5.6Access Control 5.7Broadband Access Considerations 5.8Femto System Security Aspects 5.8.1FAP Device Authentication 5.8.2FAP Device Identity 5.8.3FAP Secure Environment 5.8.4FMS Security 5.9Mobility in Femto Cell Systems 5.9.1Idle Handoff Procedures 5.9.2Active State Handoff Procedures

8 8 Contents and Structure (5 of 5) 5.10Services Aspects of Femto Cell Systems 5.10.1Local IP Access (Local Breakout) 5.10.2Emergency Call Services 5.10.3Supplementary service support 5.11Minimum Performance Standards (MPS)

9 9 Way Forward Contents is open for additional input –Now or in subsequent version updates (sooner is better) –CDG has been briefed during Sept. 2010 meeting in Fukuoka –Femto Forum is likewise informed of status via correspondence –Both are kindly asked to evaluate contents, comment on general direction –Goal is to retain market focus and real deployment needs/wants Schedule Outline (target assuming 3GPP2 publication proc.) –Additional input received in Sept. ‘10 meeting, and expected in Oct. ‘10 meeting –October ‘10: Complete draft text and start TSG Review »Minor additional input may be allowed, otherwise future version update –January ‘11: Complete TSG Review, start V&V –March ‘11: Complete V&V and Publish After Phase I version is published, start work on Rev. A for Phase II features, as well as filling any gaps in Rev. 0

10 10 Open Discussion Development and Publication –3GPP2 expertise is essential in document development, but deployment and recommended practices are typically outside the scope of 3GPP2 –Femto Forum expressed keen interest in assisting (April 2009) and possibly jointly publishing –CDG is likewise interested in publication plans, contents –3GPP2 should retain overall control Carious publication options still on the table –Leave with 3GPP2 –Femto Forum –CDG –Any combination of above Document changes/additions based on publication plan –Need to further discuss division of labor for joint or collaborated 3GPP2/CDG/Femto Forum publication(s)

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