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EVD Emergency Vehicle Driver

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1 EVD Emergency Vehicle Driver
Bob Pervere UNIT I (Introduction)

2 EVD Introduction Terminology JPR AHJ Requisite Knowledge
Requisite Skill Fire Department Fire Apparatus Fire Department Vehicle Fire Department Pumper Aerial Device – Ladder, Platform, Elevated Waterway, etc. Aerial Apparatus – Fire Department Apparatus with an Aerial Device Aerial Operator – Operator of the Aerial Device UNIT I (Introduction) Ref. Unit I LP 1 EVD

3 EVD Introduction Terminology Mobile Water Supply Apparatus
Aerial Apparatus Tiller Aerial Apparatus Wildland Fire Apparatus ARFF Fire Apparatus Driver Pump Operator Aerial Operator UNIT I (Introduction) Ref. Unit I LP 1 EVD

4 EVD Introduction Terminology Tiller Operator Fire Pump Attack Pump
Pumping System Foam System Aerial Device Liquid Surge UNIT I (Introduction) Ref. Unit I LP 1 EVD

5 How Not to Drive a Fire Truck
EVD Introduction How Not to Drive a Fire Truck UNIT I (Introduction) EVD

6 EVD Introduction NFPA 1002 NFPA 1500 NFPA 1915
Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator Professional Qualifications NFPA 1500 Fire Department Occupational Safety and Health Program NFPA 1915 Standard for Fire Apparatus Preventative Maintenance Program UNIT I (Introduction) Ref. Unit III LP 1 EVD

7 EVD Introduction NFPA 1002 MINIMUM Qualifications
AHJ may have stricter requirements JPR’s subject only to local apparatus UNIT I (Introduction) Ref. Unit I LP 1 EVD

8 EVD Introduction Licenses All apparatus expected to operate
Volunteers may have Class “C” Career must have Class “B” IFSAC Driver/Operator Certification Must Have Class “B” EVD May have Class “C” UNIT I (Introduction) Ref. Unit I LP 1 EVD

9 EVD Introduction Additional Minimum Requirements Medical Evaluation
Frequency not defined Recommended annually “Reasonable Degree” of Basic Cognitive Skill Basic Physical Abilities Basic Vehicle Maintenance Trained and Tested UNIT I (Introduction) Ref. Unit I LP 1 EVD

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