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2013 Founder’s Day After Action Report Rick Miller ‘85.

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1 2013 Founder’s Day After Action Report Rick Miller ‘85

2 2103 WPS of Columbia’s Founder’s Day Celebration Saturday, 16 March 2012 – Benny Havens : 0930 hrs – Brunch / Program : 1030 hrs Guest Speaker : LTG Vincent K. Brooks ‘80 CG, Third Army / USARCENT Oldest Grad : MG (Ret) Edwin Robertson ‘47 Youngest Grad : CPT Brooke Jones ‘09 Cadet : David Currey ‘15

3 Founder’s Day quick facts 107 total attendees (vs. ~75 attendees last year → ~43% increase) Shaw AFB attendees : 6 (plus 3 spouses) Ft. Jackson attendees : 6 (plus 5 spouses) Out-of-town attendees : 2 (Savannah area (‘85), as WPS there did not have FD event this year; son (‘67) of Mrs. Winton (‘39) from Tennessee(?) Invitations sent to BG Bryan Roberts (CG, Ft. Jackson); MG Bob Livingston (SC AG); BG Mick Zais ‘69; Sen. Lindsay Graham; Rep. Joe Wilson; Rep. Mick Mulvaney (all regrets)



6 Founder’s Day Survey Utilized SurveyMonkey Survey hyperlink sent to email inboxes of primary attendees (individual that RSVP’d) Survey hyperlink thus sent out to a total of 38 email inboxes (from online RSVPs receievd) Initial notification sent 16 Mar 2013; reminder sent 20 Mar 2013 Received 24 responses for the survey and through email messages– response rate of 63.2%

7 Survey Responses Overall, very good comments received Respondents continue to like the brunch format Respondents liked having FD @ Ft. Jackson Officer’s Club and the good food Respondents liked the format regarding the speakers we had this year : one Keynote Speaker, Oldest Grad, Youngest Grad, and a Cadet Respondents enjoyed the Salute To The Nation presented by CSM (Ret) Marty Wells; however, suggested to not have presentation next year

8 Suggestions from Survey Will not utilize Event Planner for next year’s event; was helpful in handling mailings, printing, handling RSVPs; however, attention to details were lacking due to lack of time spent planning, coordinating, etc. due to competing obligations Suggestion made to break away from ‘tradition’ of seating by Classes – ‘scramble’ Classes (unless requested) to allow younger Grads to sit with, and talk to, older Grads

9 Suggestions from Survey, cont. Suggestion made to use to ‘new’ version of the Alma Mater, rather than the original version many of us are used to Utilize electronic invitations more as will save on postage costs (~$400.00); will need to advertise such EARLY, but will also still need to utilize USPS for some invitations

10 Next Year Continue with Brunch format Continue to hold FD celebration @ FJOC Date already scheduled : 22 March 2014 Guest Speaker : BG Rex Spitler ‘80, Third Army / ARCENT Chief of Staff, formerly Third Army / ARCENT Director of Planning and Operations Will need to consider and alternate Speaker should BG Spitler be called OCONUS

11 Copy of AAR AAR is posted on the WPS of Columbia’s website under Forms Copy of all responses are also posted on our website under Forms tab

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