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Regions Emergency Medicine Residency October 25, 2006 Felix Ankel, MD.

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1 Regions Emergency Medicine Residency October 25, 2006 Felix Ankel, MD

2 History n Accreditation 1995, 1999, 2003 n 63 graduates 1999-present n 90 residents 1996-present

3 Mission:PAPEEMCE Provide and promote excellence in emergency medicine care and education n Patient centered n Resident focused n Team oriented n Transparency n Professionalism n Knowledge n Skills n Attitudes n Core competencies n Contribution to specialty

4 63 graduates 1999-present n 38 Minnesota: 7 Regions, 5 Fairview-U, 4 North, 4 EPPA, 4 Abbott, 3 Healtheast, 2 Waconia, 2 Duluth, 2 United, 2 Shakopee, Brainerd n 25 out of state (17): SD 4, NE 3, CO 2, IN 2, IA 2,, CA, MS, OR, NH, AK, MT, WA, CA, WI, OH, ND, UT n 11 Academic: 7 Regions, Wishard, Madigan, University of Iowa, Case Western n 10 Hybrid: 5 Fairview-U, 4 North, Mercy-Iowa City n 39 Community n 5 Fellows (faculty development, critical care, simulation, informatics, toxicology)

5 90 residents (1996 - present) 25 medical schools n 33 U of M, n 7 UND n 6 USD, Mayo n 5 MCW n 4 Creighton, UW n 3 Iowa n 2 Nebraska, Loyola, Indiana, Kansas n Finch, SUNY-Buffalo, SLU, Des Moines, Nevada, Vermont, Penn, Hawaii, East Carolina, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Michigan State

6 30 Faculty (16 Different EM Residencies) n Regions x 7 n Henry Ford x 2 n Maryland x 2 n Harvard Affiliated n Pittsburgh n Virginia n HCMC n Illinois n Brooke Army n St Vincent’s n UCSF/Fresno n Christ n New Mexico n Cincinnati n Indiana n Boston

7 Rotations (4 weeks blocks) n Year 1: ED 3.7, SICU 1.3, Ortho 1, MICU 1, Cards 1, OB 1, Mpls Kids 1, Anesthesia 1, Plastics 1, EMS 1 n Year 2: ED 6.3, SICU 1.3, EMS 1, North 1, MICU 1, St Paul kids 1.3, Tox/Adm 1 n Year 3: ED/ St Paul kids 9.7, SICU 1.3, Elective 1, Selective 1

8 2003-2004 n One month rotation to 4 week rotation n Incr Saint Paul kids exposure 26% n Move EMS from EM-2 to EM-1 n Move Tox from EM-3 to EM-2 n Incr Nurse midwife from 1 to 2 week n SICU, ortho, pediatric airway n BEST, virtual admin curriculum n Scrub color, cafeteria, EBM n EMREL, education asst, annual report, newsletter n Simulation n Shakopee pilot

9 2004-2005 n Ortho rotation n Selective n NCS, U of M procedure lab n Conferences (guest speakers, cath conference, board review, “you decide”) n Simulation n 2 sides to 3 teams n Pilot switch with HCMC n Admin experience n Rotation liaisons to class meetings

10 Residency Strategic Plan 2005-2010 4/28/05 n SWOT analysis n Conferences n Simulation n Mentorship n Administrative curriculum n Scholarly activity n Individualization of educational experience n Integration with U of M n Integration with twin city hospitals n National presence

11 Retreat 2005 area of focus n Increase ultrasound teaching time. J Geddes, Jon Shultz, and S Fritzlar have volunteered to help develop a more structured ultrasound teaching. n EPIC – Dedicate one res/fac meeting to teaching more efficient use of templates. n Develop a better relationship with hospitalists. B Peake, S Donner, Beth Wicklund, and M Connelly have volunteered to work on this. n Administrative Education. J Charles, K Smith, and M Connelly will work on developing this experience. n Discussion of patient based ED Schedule and increase number of residents. Discussion on resident portfolios Discussion on resident portfolios

12 Program review 2006 n Residency coordination n Resident responsibility and independence n Patient population n Social work n Residency leadership n ED rotation n Admin rotation n ED research n OB rotation n Ultrasound n Ortho rotation

13 2005-2006 n Ultrasound workshops, EPIC, Relationship with hospitalists, Admin education, Pt based scheduling n Micro to macro: Integration with U of M, twin cites hospitals n EM education to EM delivery education: EMR, flow, quality, pt satisfaction n Rotation CQI throughout year n Leadership experiences: residents on national committees, society and editorial boards n Mentorship n Anatomy lab, procedure lab n 3 chief residents, off-service residents n Combined conferences, guest speakers, alumni engagement n Increased selective site, formalized Ecuador elective n Focus on ED teaching and feedback



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