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Session II, Slide #1111 Family Planning Counseling Session II:

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1 Session II, Slide #1111 Family Planning Counseling Session II:

2 Session II, Slide #2222 FP Counseling: Beliefs and Attitudes Be aware of your beliefs and attitudes Clients may not return if they feel judged or pushed Remain neutral and nonjudgmental Respect the rights of your clients Practice helps

3 Session II, Slide #3333 Communication and Counseling Skills Success of FP counseling depends on ability to establish and maintain a good connection: –Builds trust –Helps client relax –Helps client communicate openly Good communication and counseling skills are keys for maintaining good connection throughout the counseling session

4 Session II, Slide #4444 Communicating Effectively and Maintaining Rapport Show respect Be relaxed, friendly and attentive Use simple, clear language Use open-ended and probing questions appropriately Listen carefully to client Ask client about feelings Encourage client participation Explain what will occur during visit and procedures Ensure client understanding and correct misunderstandings Use job aids appropriately Correctly record information on data-collection forms

5 Session II, Slide #5555 Stages of FP Counseling 1 2 3 4 Establish rapport and assess client’s needs and concerns Provide information to address client’s needs and concerns Help client make an informed decision or address a problem Help carry out client’s decision

6 Session II, Slide #6666 Counseling Tool for Family Planning

7 Session II, Slide #7777 Assess Client’s Needs and Concerns Greet client appropriately Ensure privacy, confidentiality, and client comfort Ask about reason for visit Ask about partner(s), home life, family, health, sexual behavior, HIV status Ask about plans to have children, desire for FP Explore STI risk and what client does to avoid STIs 1

8 Session II, Slide #8888 Questions About the Client Ideal family size Home life Partner(s) Health Sexual behavior HIV status

9 Session II, Slide #99 No method in mind? We can discuss: Protection from sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or HIV/AIDS Your experiences with family planning What you have heard about family planning methods Your plans for having children Your partner’s or family’s attitudes Other needs and concerns Provide Information to Address Client’s Needs and Concerns Now let’s discuss how a method can meet your needs 2 Part 1

10 Session II, Slide #1010 Provide Information to Address Client’s Needs and Concerns Part 2 Inform client when needs or concerns are beyond provider’s capability Advise on how to prevent STIs Advise on how to have a healthy pregnancy (if client wants to become pregnant) 2

11 Session II, Slide #1111 Provide Information to Address Client’s Needs and Concerns Part 3 Explain benefits of FP and healthy spacing If client wants FP, help client identify methods suited to her needs Give information on methods of interest Respond to other client questions or concerns 2

12 Session II, Slide #1212 Provide Information to Address Client’s Needs and Concerns Part 4 Display the method-selection job aid(s) for your client Ask these 4 questions to identify methods suited to client’s needs and goals: 1.Do you wish to have children in the future? 2.Are you breastfeeding an infant less than six months old? 3.Do you have the cooperation of your partner in FP? 4.Are there any methods that you do not want to use or have not tolerated in the past? 2

13 Session II, Slide #1313 Effectiveness How long client wants protection from pregnancy Ease of use Health benefits and possible side effects Safety How Clients Choose Methods

14 Session II, Slide #1414 Ask client if she or he has any questions about methods you discussed Ask client to choose a method Use pregnancy checklist or method screening checklist to determine if client can use method Agree on decision or plan in partnership with client 3 Help Client Make An Informed Decision

15 Session II, Slide #1515 Vasectomy or Female Sterilization Condoms (Male or Female) Vaginal Methods LAM Fertility Awareness-Based Methods What method are you using? IUD The Pill The Mini-Pill Long-Acting Injectable Monthly Injectable Implants

16 Session II, Slide #1616 Help Carry Out Client’s Decision Give FP method and condoms, if needed Explain/demonstrate correct use Ask client to explain/ demonstrate, reinforce understanding or correct demonstration Remind client about side effects, reasons to return Role-play or rehearse negotiation skills Arrange follow-up, resupply, or referral, as needed 4

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