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Chapter 12 Illegal Drugs.

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1 Chapter 12 Illegal Drugs

2 Overdose The taking of too much of a drug

3 Ketamine Type of club drug that causes numbness

4 Drug Abuse The intentional improper or unsafe use of a drug.

5 Hallucinogen A drug that distorts perceptions

6 Inhalant A drug that is inhaled as a vapor

7 GHB Club drug used in many sexual assaults

8 Opiate A highly addictive drug derived from the poppy plant that is used as an anesthetic and a sedative

9 Stimulant A drug that causes alertness and speeds up the activity of the body

10 Anabolic Steroids Man-made derivatives of testosterone taken to build muscle

11 Illegal Drugs Affect the brain Are dangerous to your health
Can result in drug abuse or addiction

12 Marijuana People who use marijuana or hashish often experience loss of balance and coordination

13 Rohypnol The most dangerous effect of Rohypnol on someone is inability to remember what happened while on the drug.

14 Crack and Cocaine Are addictive Can cause violent behavior
Can be fatal

15 Teen Drug Use Steal from family members Withdraw from the family
Break household or school rules


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