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Proposed Municipal Budget Fiscal Year 2013-2014 City of La Habra.

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1 Proposed Municipal Budget Fiscal Year 2013-2014 City of La Habra

2 $36.1 million proposed balanced budget $1.8 million increase in revenues $1.5 million increase in expenditures $500,000 - furloughs eliminated $496,000 - increased pension/labor costs $120,000 - funding for labor negotiations Last year of Residential Pavement Management Limited funding available for capital improvements $360,000 of Vehicle Replacement charges deferred General Fund Budget Overview 2

3 Mandatory health coverage takes effect 1/1/14 “Full time employees”: average of 30 hours or more per week The City employs up to 150 part time staff per year As many as 50 could potentially exceed 30 hours per week The cost to provide “affordable” health care for an eligible part time employee could exceed $4,200 per employee, per year For 50 employees, the cost could exceed $210,000 Non-compliance penalty approximately $90,000 to $550,000/year Grant funded child care most likely to be adversely affected Affordable Care Act 3

4 Revenues Proposed FY 13/14 Budget $36,375,705 Amended FY 12/13 Budget $34,541,719 YtY Change: 5.3% $ 1,833,986 Expenditures Proposed FY 13/14 Budget $36,132,551 Amended FY 12/13 Budget $34,587,108 YtY Change: 4.5% $ 1,545,443 FY 13/14 Proposed Budget Proposed FY 13/14 Revenues $36,375,705 Proposed FY 13/14 Expenditures$36,132,551 Net Revenues *$243,154 * Includes $120,000 for M&C General Fund Budget Comparison 4

5 General Fund Revenues 5

6 General Fund Revenue History: 10 years 6

7 Police$16,156,439 Fire & Ambulance$ 7,165,652 Administration & Support$ 3,311,065 Community Services$ 3,208,156 Public Works$ 3,186,454 Community Development$ 3,104,785 Total$36,132,551 General Fund Proposed Budget Summary-By Department 7

8 General Fund Expenditures 8

9 Allocation of General Fund Resources 9

10 General Fund Budget Allocation History 10

11 Departmental Budgets

12 Community Services 12 Music Programs Young at Art

13 Community Services 13 Children’s Museum

14 Community Services 14 Youth Employment & Training

15 Community Services 15 Child Care & Pre-School

16 Community Services 16 Classes & Programs

17 Community Services 17 Special Events

18 Major Accomplishments July 4 th Spectacular, La Habra 5K/10K Run, Spring Family Eggstravaganza, Veterans Day Services to over 700 children in Head Start, Early Head Start, State Pre-school programs Job training, education, and employment services to 193 youth On-line registration program for special interest classes, trips, department programs Operation Santa served over 880 families and 2000 children Removed over 20,000 incidents of graffiti Major Goals Vietnam Veterans Memorial “Wall That Heals” program KaBOOM playground project at Portola Park Plan for long term management of the Depot Theater Complete citywide facility needs assessment Community Services 18

19 General Fund$ 3,208,156 Child Development$ 6,129,268 Employment & Training$ 369,075 Children’s Museum$ 482,477 AQMD$ 168,750 Total$10,357,726 Community Services Budgets 19

20 Recreation budget increase due to higher anticipated class and trip registration; cost offset by fees Four part time positions consolidated into two new full time positions Increase part-time hours for Facility Maintenance staff Children’s Museum budget reduced due to expiration of grant funding Community Services Budget Highlights 20

21 Public Works 21 Water Main Replacement

22 Public Works 22 Parks & Fields

23 Public Works 23 Parks & Playgrounds

24 Public Works 24 Portola Water Well

25 Public Works 25 La Bonita Water Facility

26 Major Accomplishments Water main line & fire hydrant upgrades in various locations in addition to PMP Completed construction of La Bonita Park Booster Pump Plant, transmission main and water well equipment Drilled new water well in Portola Park to further boost local water production Completed sewer lining and manhole rehabilitation projects Maintained waste diversion rate of 60% (4.7 lbs.) per person per day Collected 204,000 lbs. from two HHW events and Used Oil Collection Centers Major Goals Phase II rehabilitation of OC-4 and OC-45 water main connections to the MWD Upgrade the existing CNG fueling station Increase refuse diversion rate above the 2007 high mark of 63% (5.2 lbs.) Continue water main replacement program Public Works 26

27 General Fund$ 3,186,454 Utility Authority-Water$ 13,233,694 Utility Authority-Sewer$ 3,145,821 Refuse$ 3,765,653 Fleet Maintenance$ 1,161,065 Fleet Replacement$ 803,687 Total$25,296,374 Public Works Budgets 27

28 Upgrade 800 MHz radios Full-time clerk position Water fund: $18,766 increased electricity costs Sewer fund: $162,978 to fill three position vacancies Refuse fund:$30,000 to fund increases in Waste Management contract costs Public Works Budget Highlights 28

29 Fire & Ambulance 29 LA County Fire Care Ambulance

30 General Fund Budget$ 7,165,652 –LA County Fire: Prelim. contract cost increase of 1.0% $6,392,120 to General Fund $100,000 to Public Safety Fund $4,800 residual labor costs –CARE Ambulance: Contract cost increased by 5.2% $768,732 to General Fund Fire & Ambulance Budgets 30

31 Community Development 31 New Housing Developments

32 Community Development 32 La Presa

33 Community Development 33 McPherson

34 Community Development 34 Habitat for Humanity Storm Drain Improvements

35 Major Accomplishments 1,793 construction permits; construction valuation increase of $2,872,354 (25%) Over 4,000 property maintenance violations, abatement of over 250 illegal garage conversions and unsafe structures 700 abandoned / inoperative vehicles abated from private property Continued General Plan update; completed draft 2014- 2021 Housing Element Completed two Due Diligence Reviews of former La Habra Redevelopment Agency; transferred 19 parcels to the City Completed conversion of Target site to a new Wal-Mart Completed conversion of Circuit City store to Big Lots Completed swimming pool repairs to Park La Habra and View Park Completed the fifth year of the Pavement Management Program Completed the Historic Resources Survey of properties constructed prior to 1950 and Mills Act feasibility study. Community Development 35

36 Major Goals Continue comprehensive update of General Plan Work closely with developers, property owners, and business owners to improve underdeveloped properties and facilitate the re-occupation of vacant structures Implement Permit-City software system to improve record keeping & streamline planning entitlement process Inspection of all construction projects within 24-hours of initial request Respond to all complaints regarding inadequate or improper maintenance of buildings, structures, and related site conditions within 24 hours Identify key commercial properties that are underutilized Complete design / implementation of traffic calming plans for the first three neighborhoods on Neighborhood Traffic Management Program Priority List Complete Annual Residential Street Rehabilitation and Slurry Seal Project (sixth and final year) of the current Pavement Management program Community Development 36

37 General Fund$ 3,104,785 Capital Projects Fund (GF)$ 2,617,717 CDBG$ 627,196 Measure M$ 4,141,724 Measure M2$ 2,439,051 Gas Tax$ 1,602,606 Other Grants & Funds$ 1,055,121 Housing Authority$ 2,630,502 RDA Successor Agency$ 2,594,051 Mello Roos Fund$ 278,380 Mobile Home Fund$ 2,402,957 Total$23,494,090 Community Development Budgets 37

38 Combine two part-time community preservation inspectors into one full-time position Absorb the full cost of shared clerk Increase funding for urban water runoff inspections Allocate labor costs from former RDA to Housing Authority and General Fund Provide funding for an updated Zoning Ordinance Community Development Budget Highlights 38

39 Proposed Budget: $2,617,717 Major Projects City buildings and facilities improvements$750,000 Storm Drain Master Plan$120,000 Storm Drain Improvements$145,000 Schoolwood Slope Planting$200,000 Neighborhood Traffic Calming$150,000 Traffic sign / signal related projects$228,800 Complete General Plan update$300,000 Park ADA improvements$240,000 Capital Projects Fund: General Fund 39

40 Police 40 Community Policing

41 Police 41 Patrol

42 Police 42 Traffic Safety

43 Police 43 Police Station Remodel

44 Accomplishments Responded to 41,859 calls for service Response times priority 1 calls decreased by 4 seconds to average of 3:45 2,293 arrests including 56 were graffiti arrests; 6,909 traffic citations issued Office of Traffic Safety Grant funding to purchase DUI Command Post Trailer Completed $1.2 million renovation to Police Department building Major Goals Average response times of three minutes or less to Priority One calls; under 12 minutes for less urgent (priority two) calls Work with other city departments to aggressively enforce graffiti ordinance Achieve full staffing levels in all job classifications of the department Reduce Crime; Improve Traffic Safety; Enhance Community policing Police 44

45 General Fund$16,156,439 Police Grants$ 431,690 Public Safety Augmentation$ 440,149 Asset Forfeiture Fund$ 857,898 Other Grants & Funds$ 12,000 Total$17,898,176 Police Budgets 45

46 Phased hiring of new police officers; all sworn positions filled by November 1 st Funding for increased contract jail personnel costs and blood testing services Absorbed labor costs charged to asset forfeiture funds on one time only basis in FY 12/13 $174,179 from Public Safety Augmentation funds to purchase new SWAT vehicle Asset forfeiture funds to purchase new MDC’s Police Budget Highlights 46

47 Major Accomplishments Revised the Life in La Habra Magazine to improve communication Improved exchange of information between the City, other local government agencies Focus efforts on OCTA re: La Habra and North Orange County area transportation needs Revised City Conflict of Interest Code as mandated by State Law Granicus agenda management system Dissolved former RDA; ensured funds owed to the City will be repaid in the future Implemented on-line utility bill payment options Completed over 35 recruitments for new employees Major Goals Emphasize organizational excellence, values, and customer service as top priorities Implement Council policy direction Communicate effectively with our residents and business owners Advocate the City’s legislative platform and seek grant funding for City priorities Administration & Support 47

48 General Fund$3,311,065 –City Council $ 51,753 –City Manager $1,466,970 –City Clerk $ 344,405 –Legal Services $ 352,094 –Fin. & Admin Svc. $1,095,843 Utility Customer Service$ 643,989 Risk Management Fund$2,085,198 Information Technology Fund$ 1,726,778 Debt Service Fund$ 68,637 Civic Improvement Authority$ 949,113 Total$8,784,780 Administration & Support Budgets 48

49 Funding restored for League of California Cities, ICA Funding for grants management services Funding for part time Public Information Officer Funding reduced due to off-election year Funding allocated for higher insurance premiums Administration & Support Budget Highlights 49

50 Summary of FY 13/14 Proposed Budget

51 Administration & Support$ 8,784,780 Community Development$23,494,090 Community Services$ 10,357,726 Fire & Ambulance$ 7,165,652 Police$ 17,898,176 Public Works$ 25,296,374 Total$92,996,798 Proposed Municipal Budget Summary by Department 51

52 General Fund$ 36,132,551 Agency & Authority Funds$ 23,475,550 Capital Projects Fund (GF)$ 2,617,717 Debt Service Fund$ 68,637 Enterprise Funds$ 6,651,087 Internal Service Funds$ 5,776,728 Special Revenue Funds$ 18,274,528 Total Expenditures$92,996,798 Proposed Municipal Budget Summary by Fund 52

53 General Fund Cash Flow Projection 53

54 General Fund budget is balanced: –Eliminates furloughs and restores full service to community –Provides resources for labor negotiations and pension reform –Provides resources to fund increased costs related to insurance premiums, utilities, fuel and employee benefits –Establishes a small unencumbered revenue reserve Non-General Fund operating budgets are balanced Citywide capital projects will continue at a brisk pace –Pavement Management Program will be completed –Neighborhood Traffic Calming projects will continue –ADA improvements planned for some City parks Budget Summary 54

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