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FY 2010 School District Funding Chuck Essigs AASBO.

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1 FY 2010 School District Funding Chuck Essigs AASBO

2 Budget revision allowed by November 1, 2009 Base level $3201.89 $3267.72 (without Teacher Comp.) Soft Capital limits and state aid reduced by $175 million Additional assistance for charters reduced by $5 million For overrides base level of $3291.42 (without Teacher Comp.)

3 Allows soft capital to be used for any operational or capital expense Caps student count at 1.0 (districts, charters or Arizona Online) unless authorized by law

4 Repeals Rapid Decline Repeals Local Education Accountability Program (LEAP) No adjustment for Actual Utility Costs No excess utilities plan

5 Delays ADE adjustment and payment of portion of May 15, 2009 payment from October 15 to November 2 Adds amount of deferred May 15 th payment to calculated cash balance for 2008-2009 school year

6 Changes State Aid Payment Schedule Increases payments from 10 to 12 Payment made first of next month (payment for July made on August 1 st ) Adjust made due to mid-year change

7 Caps property tax rate for some districts (Primary tax rate more than 150% of QTR and 50% of homeowners exceed 1%) Excludes Deseg Career Ladder, and TRCL/TSL difference from Additional State Aid Calculation

8 Sets maximum Career Ladder % at 5% for 2009-2010 school year Limits teacher participation to teachers that participated in prior year Caps future Deseg amounts at 2008-2009 school year amount

9 Requires district to offer meaningful half-day k program at each school with enough half-day students to fill a class Allows a tuition charge for full day k if district does not offer a free full day k program

10 Funds JTED’s at 91% of calculated state aid Allows a charter school to admit students who are not residents of AZ with payment of tuition

11 Eliminates bidding requirement to place a special education student in an ADE approved school Permits advertising on athletic facilities and websites and removes restriction of use of bus advertising monies Set budget revision requirement at 1% of GBL or $100,000 whichever is less Permits any school district to apply to SBE for independent accounting (4,000 students current limit)

12 Requires adjustment in JLBC Prop 301 estimates for prior year shortfall or surpluses (FY 2011 Impact) Suspends the ADE biennial special education cost study

13 Rollover of $602 million of state aid until July 1, 2010 but no later than August 27, 2010 State appropriates $886,200 for interest costs for 2009-2010 cost Early Graduation Scholarship Program frozen at 2008- 2009 participation level (No new students)

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