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CERDEC-021.110/21/04 BRAC Update / Challenges 15 March 2007 Gary P. Martin Director, CERDEC.

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1 CERDEC-021.110/21/04 BRAC Update / Challenges 15 March 2007 Gary P. Martin Director, CERDEC

2 CERDEC-021.210/21/04 A Few Realities About BRAC Its in Law – Congress has never overturned a BRAC decision. Significant Personnel Losses will occur during relocation to APG. Successful transfer of mission requires action NOW. Need comprehensive plan to ensure technical skills are retained / replaced in a timely manner. Although we don’t like the decision, we have an opportunity to create a new organization for the future.

3 CERDEC-021.310/21/04 Personnel StrengthHiring Statistics With Degrees: 88% Matrix Support: 30% Average Age: 44.7 yrs CERDEC-HQ-TracyAnania-Budget-090105.01.ppt CERDEC – Ft. Monmouth Civilians Military 1632 14 FY05 FY04 FY03 142 137 142 Minority Profile White 70% Asian Pacific 16% Black 7% Hispanic 4% Other 3% Native American 0%

4 CERDEC-021.410/21/04 Education Demographics (Ft. Monmouth)

5 CERDEC-021.510/21/04 Age Demographics (Non-Supervisory) 53% of Workforce Eligible to Retire

6 CERDEC-021.610/21/04 Age Demographics (Supervisory) 63% of Workforce Eligible to Retire

7 CERDEC-021.710/21/04 Overarching Challenges Personnel Challenges -Attrition starting to occur but only slightly higher than normal rate -Some Interns hired this year won’t be productive as domain SME until year of the move (2010) »Typical starting grade GS-7 with target grade of GS-12 (30 Months) »3-5 years of specialty training (formal and OTJ) to become a journeyman in particular domain (e.g. radar, SIGINT, engineer) »Computer Scientist and Computer Engineering market very competitive. Long term trends ? -Significant hiring activities required at time of move »Retirement eligibility and workforce survey results suggest more than 60% of current staff will need to be replaced per BRAC moves. »Engineering Support and Services Contractors will vie for same talent driving demand

8 CERDEC-021.810/21/04 Examples of Possible Business Model Contributors and Contributions Lucent, Telcordia, Cisco, Bell Labs, Akamai Microsoft, INTEL, IBM NG, BAE, Raytheon, ITT (Inherently Non-Commercial) Systems and Services Integration Verizon, Vonage, Ericsson, Comcast Communications Network Command and Control ISR Northrop, USAF War Fighter Integration, Navy CEC, Navy C4ISR CERDEC Core Missions System of Systems Architecture Systems Engineering and Experimentation Research and Development (Technology Development) Engineering Support (Project Leadership and Sustainment Engineering) System and System of Systems Integration and Experimentation Sensing TransportingProcessingPresenting

9 CERDEC-021.910/21/04 Data Collection of Models and Processes Government -US Air Force Warfighting Integration Office -US Navy CEC -US Navy SPAWAR Industry -Akamai - Harris - Lucent -Northrop Grumman - Ericsson - Onstar -IBM (Sept 28) - ATT (Oct 15) - ITT (Oct 15) FFRDC -MITRE

10 CERDEC-021.1010/21/04 What Have We Heard So Far? C4ISR systems are inherently software intensive. Must focus on the software architects early in the development process. Technology Community must feed Requirements Community in the Requirements Definition phase. Critically important in C4ISR due to pace of technology development -Modeling and Simulation -Prototyping -Field Experimentation Links to commercial industry critically important. Must continue and expand. -Influence Standards bodies early on. Robust Systems Engineering must feed entire Acquisition Process. (Science and Technology through Sustainment)

11 CERDEC-021.1110/21/04 Skills Assessment Acoustic Engineers Analog Devices Engineers Discrete Component Engineers Radar Engineers Satellite Engineers Communication Engineers Networking Engineers Chemical Engineers (Battery, Fuel Cells) Sustainment Engineers (Reliability, Maintainability, Producibility) Project Leaders Technicians Intel Specialists Systems Engineers Radar Engineers Satellite Engineers Communication Engineers Networking Engineers Chemical Engineers Sustainment Engineers Project Leaders Technicians Intel Specialists Systems Engineers S/W Architects Test Engineers Industrial Engineers IA Architects &Engineers System Engineers Skill not required in future New/Additional Skills required in future Skills that must be retained

12 CERDEC-021.1210/21/04 Action Plans S/W Architects -Working with CMU Test Engineers -Growing capability at DTC with C4ISR domain knowledge -C4ISR OTM pilot program Industrial Engineers -Increasing focus on Sustainment engineering (quality, reliability, maintenance, production) -Working to increase capability while addressing rate of technology evolution in our domain -Developing in-house training programs (leveraging AMSAA, ALLC, and others) IA Architects &Engineers -Targeted accredited university programs for degreed IA specialists (BS and MS) System Engineers -26 personnel on hand performing Systems of Systems functions. Most SE experienced gained via OJT. -Organizational assessment has identified need for 67 Systems Engineers throughout organizational structure. -Developing plan for identification and formal training of cadre of staff to fill positions

13 CERDEC-021.1310/21/04 Manpower Requirements (Education) Education -Software Engineers -System Engineers -Electrical Engineers -Computer Scientists/Programmers -Information Assurance Specialists -Mathematicians -Other Specialty Engineers (Mechanical, Chemical, etc.)

14 CERDEC-021.1410/21/04 10 Year Recruiting Map (Bachelor of Sciences) 76% from NJ, NY, PA 8.6% from DE, MD, VA

15 CERDEC-021.1510/21/04 Efforts to Assess / Reshape Skills Projection of future technology trends to assess impacts on Required Skills Assessment of Universities that have programs well suited to meet entry level requirements to help focus recruitment efforts Initial contact with MD area universities to convey personnel / skills needs. Critical look at Rebuilding Diversity of staff (key challenge) -Partner / leverage Good work of ARL in HBCU/MI relationships -Working with Economic Council of Harford County. Working with FEI to assess leader development training needs.

16 CERDEC-021.1610/21/04 Associate Director Operations Cynthia Bulman Director – Gary Martin (SES) Associate Technical Director (A) – Henry Muller Military Deputy – LTC(P) Dave Moore Chief Scientist – Dr. Arthur Ballato Director – Gary Martin (SES) Associate Technical Director (A) – Henry Muller Military Deputy – LTC(P) Dave Moore Chief Scientist – Dr. Arthur Ballato OFFICE OF THE DIRECTOR Homeland Security Special Projects Office (HLS SPO) Anthony Anania Director Associate Director Systems Engineering Robert Zanzalari Associate Director Technology & Strategic Planning Mari Kovach GTS CERDEC Organization CERDEC-HQ-TracyAnania-CERDECOrg-090105.01.ppt Battle Command Army Power Battle Command Appl Quick Reaction & Battle Command Support Joint Concepts Dev Command& Control (C2D) Gerardo Melendez (SES) Director Science and Technology Countermine Modeling and Simulation Aviation and Netted Sensors Ground Combat Systems Special Products & Prototyping Night Vision & Electronic Sensors (NV&ESD) A. Fenner Milton (SES) Director Information Operations Electronic Combat Coalition Combat ID SIGINT & Payload Integration Battlefield Awareness & Targeting Intelligence & Information Warfare (I2WD) Anthony Lisuzzo (SES) Director Information Assurance Comms Systems Integration Wireless Systems Space & SATCOM Systems Soldier/Sensor Comms Space & Terrestrial Communications (S&TCD) Gary Blohm (SES) Director Manufacturing systems & production engineering Maintenance & reliability engineering Systems engineering Manufacturing assessments Supply network analysis Product Realization (PRD) David Jimenez Director IEW Support Avionics Support Tactical Communications Satellite & Management Sys Information Technology Engr Advanced Battlespace Fire Support Software Engineering (SED) Mike Lombardi Director Is This the Right Structure for APG?

17 CERDEC-021.1710/21/04 CY FY2006200720082009201020112012 Charrette Corps Design and RFP DB/Design Construction Occupancy BRAC Timeline (Current Estimates) 2006200720082009201020112012

18 CERDEC-021.1810/21/04 I2 Early Moves By Core Mission FY07FY08FY09FY10FY11FY12 Combat ID – $32MMoveSurvivability -$57MMoveSIGINT – $15MMove Electronic Attack – $29MMoveRADAR – $32MMoveCISR – $14M E&S Personnel Summary FY08: 23-29 Employees FY09 25-31 Employees Lab Summary Radar: 2,000 ft 2

19 CERDEC-021.1910/21/04 I2 Assessment

20 CERDEC-021.2010/21/04 C2 Early Moves By Core Mission FY07FY08FY09FY10FY11FY12 Power – $42MMovePosition/Navigation -$11MMoveLinguistics – $7MMoveUnmanned System C2 – $20MMoveAgent Technologies – $13MMoveNet Centric BC – $35MMove E&S Personnel Summary FY08: 41-51 Employees FY09 5-7 Employees Lab Summary Adv. BC: 18,000 ft 2 Linguistics: 2,000 ft 2

21 CERDEC-021.2110/21/04 C2 Assessment

22 CERDEC-021.2210/21/04 S&TC Early Moves By Core Mission FY07FY08FY09FY10FY11FY12 Commercial Wireless – $31MMoveAntenna Technologies -$33MMoveSoldier Comms – $18MMoveWireless IA – $29MMoveNet Management – $17MMove ACIN – $9MMove E&S Personnel Summary FY07 8-10 Employees FY08: 25-31 Employees FY09 14-16 Employees Lab Summary Antenna: 2,000 ft 2 Soldier Comms: 5,800 ft 2 Networking: 4,316 ft 2 SE: 10,000 ft 2 PCS: 2,600 ft 2 Systems Engineering – $17MMove

23 CERDEC-021.2310/21/04 S&TC Assessment

24 CERDEC-021.2410/21/04 Core Mission Areas Considered for Early Moves Radar Survivability SIGINT Combat Identification Electronic Attack/Counter ISR Linguistics Pos/Nav Power Unmanned Systems C2 Net Centric Battle Command Agent Technology Soldier Communications System Engineering Information Assurance Antenna Technologies Network Management Commercial Wireless

25 CERDEC-021.2510/21/04 Way Forward We have developed Courses of Action which consider using available / existing facilities and Leasing Space. Completed first cut assessment of critical skills assessment to guide hiring plan. Developing Communication plan to keep workforce appraised of actions / status. -CE LCMC BRAC update Town Hall meetings. -CERDEC quarterly all hands meetings Objective is to move as many as 500 FTE positions to APG by 2010. Working to get 50 folks at APG in FY07. First employee PCS’d in Jan 07.

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