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Level F Unit 13 Your TAsk 1.Name two physical encumberances of Piggy. 2.There is a sentence regarding Macbeth. On the lines following the sentence, agree.

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1 Level F Unit 13 Your TAsk 1.Name two physical encumberances of Piggy. 2.There is a sentence regarding Macbeth. On the lines following the sentence, agree or disagree with the statement. 3.Make an antonym context clue and antonym signal word for the slides which are askew.

2 abet To allow a man in his condition behind the wheel of a car is to ____ a potential crime. I will not in any way ____ their plans to play a cruel and humiliating trick on an unoffending person. Well-meaning but misguided friends _____ his plans to run away to Hollywood and “become a movie star”.

3 aver I will ____ your fitness to do the work to any prospective employer who inquires. When they offered to help him, he proudly ____ that he could handle the situation entirely on his own. Although we have had our disagreements, I will ___ now that she was always been scrupulously honest in her dealings with me.

4 blatant Your comments showed a ____ disregard for my feelings. I don’t think you can really accuse the producers of ____ favoritism simply because they chose a friend for the title role. I know that he is wealthy and comes from a ‘prominent’ family, but does that excuse his ____ disregard for good manners?

5 broach Though he did not like scrambled eggs, he opted not the _____ the subject for fear of offending his hosts “When I _________ this topic two years ago”, I observed, “ my ideas were met with a very different reception”

6 buttress He has read so widely and in such depth that he can produce facts to _____ any argument he advances. Dr. Slavin’s original diagnosis, although questioned by several colleagues, was strongly _____ by the results of his lab tests. The towering walls of many medieval cathedrals are prevented from falling down by huge “flying _____”: on the outsides of the buildings.

7 carousal Vikings are notorious for having enjoyed a _______ after each of their battles. The New Year’s Eve party started off quietly enough, but it soon became a full fledged ____. I like a god time as much as anyone, but I don’t think that the celebration of our nation’s birthday should be a full-fledged _______

8 collate We decided to ____ the recipes according to how complicated they are. If the pages aren’t _____ properly, they’ll be out of proper sequence when our class magazine is bound. With tireless patience, the wily detective ____ bits and pieces of evidence until he gained an insight into how the crime had been committed.

9 connisseur She was a _____ of both music and film. (fix this with a better context clue. Use an antonym and antonym signal word) One need not be a ______ of modern dance to recognize that Martha is exceptionally talented in that field. I don’t know anything about quiches or souffles, but I am a true ______ when it comes to pizza.

10 disconsolate Shakespeare’s Macbeth hardly seemed ____ when his wife dies, and bluntly says he has no time to grieve. What could be more _____ than the long drive home on a rainy night after we lost the championship by one point!!! I know you are really disappointed at not getting that job, but don’t allow yourself to feel so _____ that you won’t have the energy to look for another.

11 encumber I feared that joining another club would ______ me with too many obligations. She is so _____ with family obligations that she rarely has a free moment for herself. You will never be able to complete this hike if you _____ yourself with so much ‘essential equipment’.

12 Foment Toward the end of the film, the peasant leader attempts to ____ a storming of the scientist’s castle. Isn’t it ridiculous to say that that the disease was _____ by ‘outsiders’ when we all know that it was caused by filthy conditions inside the institution? It would be impossible to ____ racial discord in a school where students of different backgrounds understand and respect one another.

13 grisly Katherine Ann Porter’s “Pale Horse, Pale Rider” reveals the ____ affects/effects of the influenza virus during the epidemic that followed WWI. The mangled bodies of the victimes told their own ____ story what had happened. I truly felt that reality could never be as _____ as the horrible phantoms that were disturbing my dreams.

14 herculean We carried the desk into the house successfully but saw that getting it up the stairs would be a _____ effort. Cleaning oup the old beach house seemed an almost impossible task, but she attacked it with ______ energy.

15 impassive Since nervous laughter is the sign of an inexperienced actor, I tried to adopt an _____ expression on stage. Although she remained outwardly _____ during the trial, I could sense the emotional turmoil beneath the surface. Psychologists tell us that people who seem to be unusually ____ are often the ones most likely to lose control of their emotions in times of stress.

16 inauspicious Our road trip got off to an _____ start when we ran out of gas within five miles from home. The big game had a truly ____ start for s when our star quarterback fumbled and lost the ball on the first play. The opening of our show took place most _____ in the midst of a transit strike and a record-breaking snowstorm.

17 Incontrovertible The document was remarkable for its tact yet also ______ in its facts. The testimony of three different witnesses, all confirming the same basic facts, made the guilt of the accused _____. What we need is not opinions or “educated guesses” but ____ proof that can stand up under the closest examination.

18 nonplussed Prepared as she thought she was for contingencies, she found herself ____ by the surprising turn of events. I was utterly _____ when I realized that football practice and the rehearsal for class were at the same time. I wasn’t so much surprised at not getting the job as I was _____ by his strange explanation that I was overqualified.

19 opportune If you intend to give the dog a bath, you had better pick an ____ moment, and then pounce! When I saw the worried expression on the face of my employer, I realized that it was not an ___ time to ask for a raise. If you are going to wait for an occasion that seems ____ in every respect, then you may have to wait forever.

20 prolific Haydn was a more ______ composer than Mozart, in part because he lived much longer. He is such a(n) _____ writer that his books occupy almost an entire shelf in the school library. In spite of her long and _____ career, her reputation today rests entirely on one great play.

21 rejoinder When he explained where he had been and what he had done, her ______ was sharp and critical. Now that you mention it, I don’t think that “Sez you” was a particularly effective ______ to her trenchant and insightful criticisms of your proposal.

22 Completing the Sentence 1.Blatant 2.Abet 3.Broached 4.Herculean 5.Collated 6.Grisly 7.Opportune 8.Conniseur 9.Carousal 10.Incontrovertible 11.Prolific 12.Inauspicious 13.Encumbered 14.Aver 15.Impassive 16.Disconsolate 17.Buttresses 18.Nonplussed 19.Foment 20.rejoinder

23 Choosing the Right Word 1.Buttressed 2.Carousal 3.Abetted 4.Encumber 5.Disconsolate 6.Broach 7.Prolific 8.Herculean 9.Impassive 10.Nonplussed 11.Rejoinders 12.Averred 13.Opportune 14.Conniseur 15.Blatant 16.Grisly 17.Inauspiciously 18.Fomented 19.Collated 20.incontrovertible

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