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District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority

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1 District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority
George S. Hawkins, General Manager Joint Utility Construction Contractors Outreach Forum A Presentation on DC Water’s Upcoming Water and Sewer Capital Improvement Program Hosted by: DC Water and the DC Chapter of the National Utility Contractors Association (NUCA) Wednesday, April 23, 2014

2 Presentation Agenda Welcome – Dan Buckley, President NUCA DC Chapter
Opening Remarks – Florentino Gregorio, President National NUCA Forum Overview, CIP, & Contracting – Gus Bass, DC Water Blue Plains Construction – Diala Dandach, DC Water Clean Rivers Project – Donal Barron, DC Water Water and Sewer Infrastructure – Jodye Russell, DC Water Construction Management – Deidre Saunders, DC Water Q&A – All panel members Closing Remarks – Dan Buckley Following Q&A, there will be 30 minutes for networking and work discussion. 2

3 Introduction to DC Water and Sewer Authority
Provides drinking water distribution for DC required wastewater collection and treatment stormwater collection and conveyance Treats wastewater for a population of 2.1 million District of Columbia Montgomery & Prince George’s counties, MD Fairfax & Loudoun counties, VA Operates the world’s largest advanced wastewater treatment plant Average daily capacity, 370 mgd Peak daily capacity, 1 billion+ gallons Serves a regional area of approx. 725 Sq Mi Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant.

4 Blue Plains Service Area
Dulles International Airport District of Columbia Fairfax City Falls Church City Fairfax County Prince George’s County Montgomery County Alexandria City Arlington County Loudoun County CSO Sewershed Sewer Blue Plains Wastewater Treatment Plant

5 Past Engineering and Construction Dollars Committed
From 2010 to present, DC Water committed more than $2.8 billion for engineering and construction projects in the areas of: Blue Plains upgrades and improvements Combined sewer overflow (CSO), outfall rehabilitation, and pumping station projects Sanitary pumping facilities and trunk sewer upgrades Water distribution and water facility upgrades Water main and sewer break repair along Spring Place, in Washington, DC. Our Capital Improvement Program (CIP) for the next 10 years is valued at $3.8 billion, and over the next 20 years, $8.4 billion.

6 We Will Work with you! Over the last 3 years (FY 2011 – FY 2013), DC Water has awarded: 71 Design, Construction, and CM contracts with an award value of $2.01 billion Of this total, over 33% (or $674 million) was awarded to: Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs), Women Business Enterprises (WBEs), Local Small Business Enterprises (LSBEs), and Certified Business Enterprises (CBEs) MBEs and WBEs have been awarded $584 million LSBEs and CBEs have been awarded $90 million For Design-Build contracts, the prime firms indicated that they will continue to pursue opportunities to exceed the goals of: MBE = 32% and WBE = 6% for construction contracts MBE = 28% and WBE = 4% for A/E contracts

7 MBE and WBE Requirements
DC Water’s MBE and WBE Fair Share Objectives are: Objectives are based on goals established by EPA Region 3: DC, DE, MD, PA, VA, & WV DC Water’s policy is to meet or exceed EPA objectives for MBE and WBE participation in prominent and leadership roles Services Fair Share Objectives (%) MBE WBE Professional (A/E Agreements) 28 4 Construction 32 6 Note that some of the projects discussed today may or may not have EPA small business goals. DC Water continues to encourage the use of small businesses.

8 Vendor Registration Register online to receive solicitations, amendments, and contract awards via To become a registered vendor: Go to: Click on: “Business Opportunities” Then select: “Vendor Portal” Solicitations are published on DC Water’s website solicitations_overview.cfm ?FilterByType=1 The Washington Post, Afro-American, Washington Hispanic, Engineering News Record

9 Blue Plains Construction by Diala Dandach

10 Wastewater Services at Blue Plains
Planning, design, and construction of projects for rehabilitation, upgrade, or implementation of new facilities 10

11 Wastewater Services at Blue Plains: Major Projects
Facility upgrades as necessary to comply with future regulatory limits for Total Nitrogen (TN) and Wet Weather By January 1, 2015: Reduce plant nitrogen discharge (TN) from 8,467,200 to 4,377,580 pounds per year: Mainly accomplished by the “Enhanced Nitrogen Removal Facility” project Also includes ENR-North (secondary treatment upgrades) Filtrate Treatment Facility (treatment of filtrate from dewatering after new digestion process) By March 23, 2018: Pump and process through an Enhanced Clarification Facility up to 225 MGD of combined sewage captured in the Blue Plains Tunnel

12 Wastewater Services at Blue Plains: Major Projects
Facility upgrades and processes that have a payback Biosolids Management Plan (Digesters, Cambi, Dewatering Facility) reduces sludge volume, produces a Class A product, produces electricity to offset 1/3 of plant’s electrical load Digesters under construction. Fully utilized biosolids site. CambiTM reactors.

13 Ongoing Projects at Blue Plains

14 Latest Awarded Projects: Design-Build
Tunnel Dewatering Pump Station/Enhanced Clarification Facilities Awarded value: $214 million Pump station to empty contents of newly constructed tunnels Includes 225 MGD ballasted flocculation treatment component Design-Build awarded to PC/CDM Smith JV; currently in design phase Main Process Train Awarded value: $216 million Design-Build awarded to PC/CDM Smith JV; currently in construction phase Combine Heat and Power Awarded value: $88 million Design-Build awarded to PES; currently in construction phase

15 Latest Awarded Projects: Low Bid
Enhanced Nitrogen Removal Facilities (ENRF) $69/$97 million Single largest expansion of liquid train since the 1970s Project provides over 40 million gallons of additional reactor capacity Required for new 2015 NPDES permit Final Dewatering Facilities $78 million Belt filter press facility for dewatering sludge from new digesters Enhanced Nitrogen Removal Facilities. Final Dewatering Facilities.

16 Latest Awarded Projects: Low Bid
ENR-North – Secondary Upgrades $57 million Rehabilitation of existing facilities to improve effluent reliability for new ENRF process Major mechanical upgrades Filtrate Treatment Facilities $60 million Greenfield construction to treat high-strength ammonia stream DEMON-based process Filtrate Treatment Facilities.

17 Smaller Projects DC Water is working through one of the most ambitious capital upgrade programs in the history of the utility Now moving into a phase of rehabilitating and upgrading its existing facilities No new greenfield projects Upgrades consist of smaller projects to existing process areas within Blue Plains Focus is on systems (primary treatment, odor control, fiber optics, flood wall)

18 Upcoming Projects at Blue Plains

19 Filtration/Disinfection Phase III
Objective: Provide electrical power distribution improvement to enhance reliability by: Replacing all aged/outdated 5kV equipment Replacing motor control centers, 480V and 5kV switchgears Components: Heavy mechanical, electrical, HVAC, power, and I&C process control installation and connection Design: Completed Cost: Engineer’s estimate: $7 million Schedule: Construction start: August 2014 19

20 Gravity Thickener Upgrades Phase II
Objective: Provide overall reliability improvements to rehabilitate and upgrade: Primary Sludge Screening and Degritting Building (PSSDB) Rehabilitate GT5 & 6 Replace equipment in GT 7–10 Components: Mechanically complex project involves mechanical, electrical, structural, and HVAC work in addition to I&C work Design: Near completion Cost: Engineer’s estimate: $20 million Schedule: Advertise in February 2015

21 Raw Wastewater Pumping Station 2
Objective: Upgrade and replace aging electrical and mechanical equipment: From continuous exposure and damage from corrosive H2S environment Replace and relocate sensitive electrical equipment Components: Heavy mechanical, buried utility relocation – power, process water, and stormwater Design: Underway; Value Engineering completed Cost: Engineer’s estimate: $34 million Schedule: Construction start: April 2016

22 Headworks HVAC Rehab Objective: Upgrade existing HVAC system at Blue Plains headworks: Internal and external HVAC and odor control systems Instrumentation and control Components: Mechanical, electrical, HVAC, and I&C process control, system commissioning Design: To be procured in May 2015 Cost: Engineer’s construction estimate: $11 million Schedule: 2015–2018

23 Primary Treatment and Grit Chamber Facilities
Objective: Upgrade existing preliminary treatment system by: Repairing concrete with prolonged exposure to corrosive hydrogen sulfide Replacing outdated mechanical equipment and drive mechanisms Upgrades to HVAC and odor control systems Instrumentation and control upgrades Components: Mechanical, electrical, HVAC, power, and I&C process control automation and start-up Design: To be procured in Sept 2014 Cost: Engineer’s construction estimate: $16 million Schedule: 2017–2018

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