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12/6/20041 TITLE: Basic Multicarrier EVDV operation SOURCE: Srinivasan

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1 12/6/20041 TITLE: Basic Multicarrier EVDV operation SOURCE: Srinivasan David ABSTRACT: This contribution provides stage 2 information for basic multicarrier EVDV operation. RECOMMENDATION: Discuss and Adopt. Ericsson Wireless Communication Incorporated grants a free, irrevocable license to 3GPP2 and its Organizational Partners to incorporate text or other copyrightable material contained in the contribution and any modifications thereof in the creation of 3GPP2 publications; to copyright and sell in Organizational Partner's name any Organizational Partner's standards publication even though it may include all or portions of this contribution; and at the Organizational Partner's sole discretion to permit others to reproduce in whole or in part such contribution or the resulting Organizational Partner's standards publication. Ericsson Wireless Communication Incorporated is also willing to grant licenses under such contributor copyrights to third parties on reasonable, non- discriminatory terms and conditions for purpose of practicing an Organizational Partner’s standard which incorporates this contribution. This document has been prepared by Ericsson Wireless Communication Incorporated to assist the development of specifications by 3GPP2. It is proposed to the Committee as a basis for discussion and is not to be construed as a binding proposal on Ericsson Wireless Communication Incorporated. Ericsson Wireless Communication Incorporated specifically reserves the right to amend or modify the material contained herein and to any intellectual property of Ericsson Wireless Communication Incorporated other than provided in the copyright statement above.

2 12/6/20042 EV-DV Basic Multicarrier Operation (NxEV-DV)

3 12/6/20043 Simple solution with minimal changes to the specifications Specification work done over short time period Equivalent operation to multiple instances of 1xEV-DV Performance of each carrier same as 1xEV-DV Only changes to Layer 3 Signaling Objectives for EV-DV basic multicarrier operation

4 12/6/20044 Physical Layer

5 12/6/20045 MAC Sublayer

6 12/6/20046 RLP and LAC Sublayer

7 12/6/20047 Multiple MAC instances share logical channels

8 12/6/20048 RLP Sequence numbers With segmentation frames can be make the maximum size of 4096 octets. Segmentation can then be used to split it into the 384 size. With 384 bit packet and no segmentation sequence number, frame sequence number used by 384 packet

9 12/6/20049 RLP Sequence numbers

10 12/6/200410 Layer 3 Signaling

11 12/6/200411 Multiple Carrier context records maintained for a call

12 12/6/200412 Call Setup with 1 carrier Subsequent addition of another carrier

13 12/6/200413 Soft Handoff Carrier 2

14 12/6/200414 Logical to Physical Mapping UHDM adds a carrier and includes NNSCR containing the mapping from the logical channels to the newly added PDCHs’ on the new carrier

15 12/6/200415 Mobile Station MAC primitives: R-PDCH Note: RLP primitives are not standardized and are shown only for illustration

16 12/6/200416 Mobile Station MAC primitives : F-PDCH Note: RLP primitives are not standardized and are shown only for illustration

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