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A DISASTER Used to be one of the most beautiful places in China.

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3 Used to be one of the most beautiful places in China

4 Before After

5 BeforeAfter

6 As of May 31, 2008 68,977 died, 367,854 injured, and 17,974 still missing…

7 Many of them are children…

8 More than 15,000,000 people lost their homes…

9 45,500,000 people are affected…


11 Help - coming from all over the country and the world

12 Firefighters

13 Soldiers

14 Generous donations from ordinary people

15 a long line waiting for blood donation

16 Help came from Japan,

17 from Russia,

18 And from the USA…


20 German children draw their wishes on a tent to be sent to Sichuan.

21 International volunteers play with kids from the affected area.

22 President Bush pays condolence

23 Peking University community holds condolence ceremony on campus Thousands of students and faculty members of Peking University pay a moment of silence on campus. They all stand facing southwest, the direction of Sichuan province. 北大师生在三角地举 行悼念仪式,面向西 南,为地震遇难同胞 默哀。

24 Students write letters to children in the disaster affected area

25 PKU Students donate blood on campus

26 PUAA in Northern California

27 PUAA-DC PUAA-DC board sent donations to Chinese Ambassador Zhou Wenzhong.

28 PUAA-DC China Earthquake Relief Fund

29 As of May 28, 2008, we have received from 71 donors a total contribution of $ 28,071 (pre-paypal fee) The fund will be forwarded to China Red Cross PUAA-DC is a 501(c) tax-exempt organization

30 Special thanks for…

31 Great appreciations to … Peter Li, Yue Wang, and Chou-Chi Li/Chih-Shiang Li for their generous donation of $5,000 each. Angela Cheung/David CheungMin Qiu/Qun LanJiaming Gu/Ling LiuLisa Haynes Stephen Yeh/Parianne YehEric Lam/Bell Press Inc.Pac ChanFeila Zhang Woan-Yi Byles/Ernest BylesMin LiuHazina SharpeHong Hao Yajun ChengJun Yin/Xinli WangJessie ShuHong Sun Gay CampanellaYeqing LiXiaohua QianSaurabh Parakh Frederick W. SchwankeChongzhi ZangYuechen ChiLang Lin Lisa WuYirui MuJian ChenJianjun Zhou Connie ZhongRen ChenShirley JaoCehui Li Debi SchenkXiao-Pei YangRobert W. Tobin/Mrs. TobinMarie Heaton Elsie GomesYan ZhangShirley ChanBrenda Purvis Xinchao ZhangMing YanQiyun WangChiming Wei Susan Roosevelt WeldQinhui Wu Chi Ming Lau/Margaret Shue-ying Lau Yiqun Guo Ziaoqing Zhou/Bing ZhangJianhua Yuanyi-lun dingGuisen Jiang Yuechen ChiZhitong ZhangDoug GrossYingjie Shu Mei LuConnie ZhongLingfei HeWenying Jiangli Qin WangLei WangLei ZhangWei Cao Xiaoying HuangBangyi Zhao & Xiuru LiQingwen MiaoZhiwei Xu Ying ZhangZhenya Jiang/Ying JinJie FengJing Bai

32 Zhang Guanrong cleans the body of her husband Tan Qianqiu, a teacher from a Middle School of Deyang City. Tan sacrificed his life to save four of his students, sheltering them with his body underneath the teaching platform. Tan’s elder daughter, a sophomore at Peking University, lost her dearest father. Those Who Sacrifice – the teacher who scarified his own life to protect students

33 Those Who Appreciate - the boy who saluted the soldiers when being rescued

34 An 80-year-old survivor holds a big banner reading "Thank you"


36 Best of all, we have – The Hope of Life


38 Surviving students read outside at night


40 Life is going on…


42 And, let’s remember forever… (A lighting ceremony in a dorm building of Peking University)

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