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Flexibility in a Dual Immersion Model Loretta Booker and Jessica Gonzales Salazar Elementary Santa Fe, NM.

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1 Flexibility in a Dual Immersion Model Loretta Booker and Jessica Gonzales Salazar Elementary Santa Fe, NM

2 Our students… 2011-2012 Total Students364 African American2 Caucasian (non-Hispanic)43 Hispanic300 Asian6 Native American13 ELL184 (51%) Economically Disadvantaged364 Special Education (excluding gifted) 50 Attendance Rate94.71% Mobility Index22.3%

3 Salazar Elementary Business/community partnerships Communities in Schools New Mexico United Church of Santa Fe: volunteers work with students (1997 – present) RIF Book Distribution Visual and Performing Arts FACT K-6 Art NDI (4th grade) Band PASS SF Chamber Music Art Works Health programs Part-time Educator from La Familia Health Clinic Counseling – 5 days per week Social worker – 2 days per week Full-time nurse Special programs that extend curriculum LANL /Inquiry Science Education Consortium (ISEC) kits Science Lab Cooking with Kids Science Fair Full time Garden Instructor

4 After school programs 21 st Century, City of Santa Fe, After School Program Girls on the Run Aspen SF Ballet- Baile Folklorico Parent Involvement Monthly parent workshops with La Familia Adult ESL Program in collaboration w/SFCC PTO Family Dialogue Nights w/Parent Advocate

5 Once upon a time there was a school… It was a great school that had children and teachers with good intentions. However, there was an ugly, evil force that was slowly taking over the peace and destroying the children’s chance for a successful future.

6 The face of our previous bilingual program…

7 Salazar “Bilingual” Program Prior to 2006: Previous bilingual program was not consistent among classes or grade levels, poorly regulated. ELL population was high and qualified staff was limited. Only 1 “bilingual” class was available per grade level. Overflow of ELL students placed in English-only classes- Sink or Swim!!!!

8 In order to defeat this evil presence, a very small group of brave teachers and a valiant leader decided they were going to save the children. But they didn’t quite know how. So the journey began…

9 Year One 2006-2007 50/50 Two-Way Dual Immersion program was implemented in Kindergarten to begin satisfying the needs of a growing population. Two classes of 20 children were created in order to double the amount of children being served. Two partner teachers: 1 Bilingual endorsed/1 TESOL endorsed One day-100% of day was taught in English/Spanish; students switched daily. Plan being that the cohort of students would move up in grade-level until they reached 6 th grade. By then, an established DL program would be offered K-6.

10 For two years the new program brought learning and happiness to all that were involved but…

11 Evil was lurking

12 What was the evil? A. No English-only choice for parents. B. Not enough English speaking models. C. Staff was divided- Dual Language vs. Mainstream English Only D. All the ELL students left the school. E. All of the above. Make a prediction and share with a partner.

13 Challenges in our program: First two years did not offer English-only choice for incoming Kindergarten students. When choice was offered in 1 st, parents were opting out of the program therefore depleting English-speaking models. Teachers not involved in DL were resentful due to the following: Not adequately informed Felt left out Responsible for teaching combination classes with “larger” class sizes. SpEd population increased in English-only classes.

14 The third year of our program (2008-2009) brought MANY new changes to Salazar. A new principal and an influx of student enrollment supported a third Kindergarten class that allowed for an English-only option. The program was progressing as planned until…

15 THE NMSBA!!!! NEW CHALLENGES… First year of testing for 1 st cohort. *Did students learn “enough” English/Spanish to pass? * Time: “½ the time, 2x as many” *Gaps in instruction *Newly adopted curriculum *Staffing (new staff members, veteran staff being misinformed) “Will the Dual Language Program at Salazar survive to make it to 6 th grade?

16 What are some possible solutions to these challenges in the Dual Language program?

17 The Salazar team knew at this point things could not stay the same anymore in the program. The teachers were confused, frustrated and scared as to what was about to transpire in regards to testing. The teachers were worried that their feelings would have a negative impact on their students.


19 The Need for Flexibility

20 Schedule: 50/50 program instructional time for language-modified by each grade level Self-contained K/1 2 nd grade switch daily/weekly 3 rd and 4 th grade teams switch weekly 5 th /6 th grade team-currently departmentalized “Specials” schedule-not flexible Common planning time Program Classification: Not classified strictly as a one-way or two-way program. Changes at each grade level due to student enrollment and mobility.

21 Curriculum: Teachers and teams required to teach district adopted materials with FIDELITY. CCSS Implementation Content and Language flexibility. PD in sheltering instruction Example: GLAD; AIM4S3 Planning for transfer Support Systems: Changes in leadership: Different requirements while maintaining DL non-negotiables. PD support *Active involvement with Dual Language Education of New Mexico *Flexible CAP development

22 The Importance of Collaboration

23 Whole school involvement-planning & implementation. Clear expectation and vision for program development and outcomes. Grade-level teams-consistency in following DL non- negotiables. Vertical planning (CAP). Supportive school leadership- PD opportunities; creation of common staff planning time; inclusive meetings, etc. Clear and open communication with all stakeholders, including students and their families.

24 Each new year has brought many new challenges to the school and the program. However, teachers continue to work tirelessly to prevent the evil forces from taking over. They unite together with strength, determination and love for their students so that one day, their futures will be met with success.

25 Loretta Booker Kindergarten Dual Language Teacher Jessica Gonzales 2 nd Grade Dual Language Teacher Salazar Elementary Santa Fe, NM

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