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Connecting people to policy making: the Futurium experiment Symposium "Generation Web 2.0: using new technologies in the public sector in Europe", Tallinn,

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1 Connecting people to policy making: the Futurium experiment Symposium "Generation Web 2.0: using new technologies in the public sector in Europe", Tallinn, 26-27 June 2014 Franco Accordino European Commission - DG CONNECT

2 Energy positive Enhanced-humans Big Big Data “Organic” computing Cloud computing Energy efficient Internet of Things 3D Printing Complex systems Virtualisation 2015-202040-50 Foundations Technologies Challenges/Issues Financial stability Sustainability Healthy ageing Resource efficiency Climate changes Policy Making 2.0 Trust Security privacy Smart cities Resource sharing Policy Making 3.0 Towards immortality Interim/beta status Governance Quantum Internet Citizen empowerment “Conventional” ICT (Silicon based, Packet switching, Boolean, …) ICT-Bio-Nano-Neuro-Cogno- Quantum convergence Big Data “Play & Rewind” Bio-devices Simulated worlds

3 Today's socio-political drivers Data, computing and connectivity everywhere Government's control on people Individual empowerment Inclusion and skills Systemic automation Erosion of human employment Inter-generational tensions Costs/impacts of public services Rise of movements Disaffection of people from public matters

4 Futurium purpose To enable a collective inquiry into the ideas and aspirations of citizens, in order to feed future policy reflections

5 Futures (Visions) Policies Inspire Impact on individuals, society, economy, environment, politics, technologies,… Real world Trends Scientific Evidence Sense & Analyse data, Identify issues and challenges, Elicit knowledge (Re-)shape Inform Envision IMPLEMENTATION / REVIEW DESIGN Stakeholders Policy makers Other factors than evidence Social Networks Rational, scientific, analytical Emotional, intuitive, holistic Rules and Laws Scientific evidence & people‘s opinion

6 6/10 Crowd engagement strategy 1) Host conversations/dialogues with stakeholders Standard format: participatory brainstorming Contributors: scientists, citizens, policy makers,… Virtual (webinar) & in-person meetings Going local: Member States, schools, conferences… Viral process: l oosely coordinated, but with simple, shared rules 2) Capture content into an open, standard online platform (futurium) Based on a fixed meta-model (futures, policies,…) & workflow Enabling co-creation (wiki), voting, forecasting, back casting, mapping,… Automatic semantic annotation, data mining, correlation, fact-finding Agent-based gaming and simulation emergent collective intelligence

7 7/10 Futurium Data Model Trend Every European Digital Future DAEPolicy A1A101 A A BAC Futures (visions) Policy Ideas pillars actions Agents p1p7 2012 2020 2050 Policies: Are expressed as S.M.A.R.T. objectives May be structured (e.g. pillars) Atomic level: timed actions Have a measurable impact Other measurable attributes (e.g. plausibility, innovation, …) Futures: Desirability (emotional view) Likelihood (rational/scientific view) Causality: antecedent->consequent Forecasting vs. back casting Challenges and Opportunities Agents: Stakeholders in broad sense (EC, MS, Regions, Industry, Citizens…) Implementers (those who execute the actions) Verifiers Decision makers Policy AA pp AA Future @?# Discrete Objects of Collective Inquiry

8 Co-Creation Bottom-up Spontaneous Emergent Co-Creation Bottom-up Spontaneous Emergent Sense Making Top-Down Structured Convergent Sense Making Top-Down Structured Convergent Futurium Foresight methodology Reporting to decision makers

9 Sense-making Futurium co-creation Sense-making Asynchronous sense-making steps over a continuous online engagement process

10 Digital Futures Digital Futures Futurium Futurizens Futures 120+ Events, 3000+ co- creators 30+ Webinars ~1800> Futurium members Breaking into new policy making practices Futurium model 20+ Requests for take-up 11 Themes 200+ Futures 1800+ Evidence items Outcomes

11 11/10 Stakeholders Participatory Tools Policy Makers mine & visualise Social Media (Twitter, FB, G+,…) Participate Real world data Participate Data Gathering Data Crawling Open Data Knowledge Harvesting Tools Futurium’s conceptual architecture

12 Gaming, multi-agent simulations,… Foresight tools: workflows, Delphi, back- cast diagrams… Semantic tools: fact-finding, search, text mining, … Data Mining, statistics, visual analytics Basic data types: visions, policies, evidence Communities MessagingEvents Wiki Blogs Desirability Plausibility SMART policy attributes Impact Library Polls

13 More features 1)Futurium is a e-Participation platform to enable grassroots engagement into foresight 2)Content co-created on Futurium is informative rather than deliberative 3)Suitable to support civic society engagement in line with Art 11 of the Treaty

14 More information Paper: "The Futurium - a Foresight Platform for Evidence-Based and Participatory Policymaking" rticle&id=doi:10.1007/s13347-013-0108-9 The futurium platform: Thanks!

15 Background Slides

16 eGovernment Action Plan Empower citizens and businesses Reinforce mobility in the Single Market Enable efficiency and effectiveness Create the necessary key enablers and pre- conditions to make things happen By 2015 50% of citizens and 80% of businesses should use eGovernment services.

17 Case Study: Digital Futures, reflections to prepare for the renewal of the EU policy context in 2014 Se nse Ma king Spring 2014 Autumn 2014 Inspired by long-term advances of digital technologies "Hints"

18 2015-2025 (?) Policy Ideas Visions 2040-2050 EC mandates 2010-20142015-2019 Barroso II Policy Frameworks 2010-2020 (Europe 2020) Trends 2020+ + Anticipation + Evidence + Participation + Agility Open Data Internet Foresight Approach: back- casting + scenario planning

19 Policy choices Futurium timeline Oct 2012 Mar 2012 Nov 2012 EP/EIF (futurium kick-off) ICT2013 Nov 2013 DAA Dublin Jun 2013

20 11 Compelling themes

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