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Research and Innovation An overview of the EC’s research initiatives for healthcare Dr Karim Berkouk, Deputy Head of Unit DG for Research and Innovation.

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1 Research and Innovation An overview of the EC’s research initiatives for healthcare Dr Karim Berkouk, Deputy Head of Unit DG for Research and Innovation Health Directorate European Commission

2 Research and Innovation Ageing population Increased disease burden: chronic diseases Health & care sector unsustainable: under pressure to reform Health industry under pressure for innovative solution Health main challenges

3 Research and Innovation Early origins of lung diseases: prenatal nutritional deficiencies or maternal smoking; severe early infections; genetic and epigenetic factors related to the natural and anthropogenic environment Lifestyle and lung health: nutrition, active and passive smoking, physical inactivity, social inequities Environment: ozone and particulate matters, occupational exposure, indoor air quality and nanomaterials Early diagnosis, vaccines and treatments (especially for resistant pathogens) lung infections Ageing population: comorbidities, increased disease and economic burden Respiratory Diseases (RD) main challenges From the European Respiratory roadmap. Recommendations for the future of respiratory medicine. European Respiratory Society. 2011.

4 Research and Innovation EU health Research Collaborative Research Bottom-up research ERC, MC Public- Private Partnerships IMI Bio-Eco Capacity Building Infrastructures (CT, registries, biobank) Legislation Reg. or Direc. (eg CT, data protection, medical devices) International co-operation Global consortia GACD MS Coordination ERA-NET JPIs (JPND), MYBL, AAL, EIP AHA Joint Action The EU means

5 Research and Innovation FP 7 - State of Play Health research Key figures 5,5 b€ invested to date 1053 projects 12 520 participations 3 615 organisations 123 countries First outcomes (on 363 closed projects) 12 269 publications 3,1 average SJR* publication 228 patent applications 31 spin-offs created * SCImago Journal Ranking

6 Research and Innovation basic research translational research  COPD  Pneumonia  Asthma  Tuberculosis Collaborative research: 236 Frontier Research: 32 SME: 9 Training & Mobility: 14 € 290 Million on Respiratory Diseases (in million Euro)

7 Research and Innovation  Large cohort studies in asthma and COPD by studying specific genetic markers and related phenotypes e.g.:  longitudinal, population based studies: MeDALL, COPACETIC, EVA, ESCAPE  birth cohort studies: CHICOS  Drug development, personalised medicine & Technology  Prognostic & PM: AirPROM, U-BIOPRED  Technology for home care (HOMECARE) and bio-artificial lung (Ambulung )  Respiratory infections (e.g. TB ; antimicrobial resistance)  Coordinating research in RD in Europe (EARIP) FP7 Overview 2007-2013

8 Research and Innovation € 16.8 million  Aim: to develop new tools that will enable patients, their doctors and clinical researchers to accurately assess the improvement or deterioration of COPD.  Tools tested on more than 600 COPD patients:  A user friendly electronic tool will help patients to assess on a day-to-day basis the activities in which they engage and the symptoms associated to these activities.  Another tool will be used during hospital visits to assess the patients' physical activity and experience of the disease. Physical Activity as a Crucial Patient Reported Outcome in COPD (PROactive)

9 Research and Innovation Horizon 2020 Perspectives

10 Research and Innovation Three priorities Excellent scienceExcellent science Industrial leadershipIndustrial leadership Societal challengesSocietal challenges European Research Council Future and Emerging Technologies Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions Research infrastructures Leadership in enabling and industrial technologies Access to risk finance Innovation in SMEs Health, demographic change and wellbeing Food security, sustainable agriculture and forestry, marine and maritime and inland water research and the Bioeconomy Secure, clean and efficient energy Smart, green and integrated transport Climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials Inclusive, innovative and reflective societies Secure societies Science with and for society Spreading excellence and widening participation Budget: about €79 Billion

11 Research and Innovation Advancing active and healthy ageing Integrated, sustainable, citizen-centred care Improving health information, data exploitation and providing an evidence base for health policies and regulation Innovative treatments and technologies Improving diagnosis Effective health promotion, disease prevention, preparedness and screening Understanding health, ageing & disease WP 2014/2015: € 1,2 billion Funding: € 7.5 Billion Health, Demographic change and wellbeing

12 Research and Innovation Understanding health, ageing and disease: determinants, risk factors and pathways Comparing the effectiveness of existing healthcare interventions in the elderly New therapies for chronic non-communicable diseases Health promotion and disease prevention: translating ‘omics’ into stratified approaches Evaluating existing screening and prevention programmes Advancing bioinformatics to meet biomedical and clinical needs Topics 2014 relevant for RD

13 Research and Innovation Understanding common mechanisms of diseases and their relevance in co-morbidities Health promotion and disease prevention (environment and health based interventions) Development of new diagnostic tools and technologies: in vivo medical imaging technologies Tools and technologies for advanced therapies Establishing effectiveness of health care interventions in the paediatric population Piloting personalised medicine in health and care systems Topics 2015 relevant for RD

14 Research and Innovation Strategic Initiatives Innovative Medicines Initiative 2 European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP2) Active and Assisted Living 2 European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing

15 Research and Innovation International cooperation: how? Identify and define shared strategic goals Agree to approach jointly and share tasks (and costs) Let each agency use its own funding mechanisms/timing Agree to share data / standards Alignment – Flexibility – Commitment Example: Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases (GACD)

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